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15th. At Rolleston-hall, co. Staf- csq. of Edmonthorpe-hall, co, Leiford, the lady of sir Oswald Mosley, cester, a son. bart, a daughter.

25th. In Russell-square, the wife Lately, at the house of sir Edward of William Everett, esq. a daughter. Baker Littlehales, bart, in the 26th. At Marske-hall, co. York, Phænix park, near Dublin, lady the lady of the hon. Lawrence Dun. Elizabeth Littlehales a son and heir. das, M. P. a son.

In Merrion-square, Dublin, the 27th. The wise of William Forbes, Jady of the right hon. George Knox, esq. of Callendar, Scotland, a son M. P. for the university of Dublin, and heir. On the following day, a a son.

number of the inhabitants of Fal. At Loftus-hall, near Publin, lady kirk caused a bonfire to be kindled Emily Henry, a son.

in the market place of that town, At Chichester, the wife of Wm. the bells to be rung, and in the even. Tuffnell, esq. M. P. for Colchester, ing assembled, and drank with much a sen.

pleasure the healths appropriate to At Barham court, near Maid- such an occasion, which were the stone, Kent, the wife of the rev. more strikingly interesting, as there Gerard Noel, a daughter.

has not been an heir born to the In Hertford.street, May-fair, estate of Callendar fe nearly 180 the wife of John Dent, esq. M. P. years, that estate having been for. a son.

feited 1745. At Kingston, near Canterbury, 27th. In Fitzroy-square, the wife the wife of the rev. Cooper Willyams, of William Haslewood, esq. a daugha son.

ter. 18th. At Lincoln, the wife The wife of the rev. John Owen, of the rer. Henry-John Wollaston, of Fulham, Middlesex, a son and a son.

daughter. The wife of Farnworth, Lately, at St. Petersburgh, the esq. and daughter of the late sir empress of Russia, a princess. Richard Perrott, bart. a son and The wife of John Rowe, jun. of heir.

Cawsand, shipwright, three daugh19th. In the City-road, the wife ters; one since dead. On the same of Thomas-James, Riley, esq. of the day, her husband's apprenticeship general post-office, a daughter. expired.

20th. The wife of Charles Stuart, 29th. At Hadham, Herts, the wife esq. of Stow, co. Gloucester, a son. of William Hamilton, esq. a son.

23d. The wife of Archdale Wil- 30th. The wife of the rev. John son Tayler, esq. of Barham-wood, Rush, of Chelsea, a son. Hertsz a son, being her eighteenth Nov. 2d. At Gloucester, the wife child.

of Jas. Weller, esq. a daughter. In Gloucester-place, the wife of 4th. The lady of sir Hungerford James Hewett Massy Dawson, esq. lIoskyns, bart. of Harewood, co. a daughter.

llereford, a daughter. 24th. In Cumberland-place, the 5th At the rectory-house at Ross, Jady of sir William Blackett, bart, a co. Hereford, the wife of the rev. daughter.

Canon Underwood, a son. The wife of Charles Manners, 6th. In Lansdown crescent, Bath,

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the wife of Duncan Campbell, esq. ter, lady Henry Somerset, a son a daughter.

and heir. • In Hind-street, Manchester-sq. 26th. At Brompton, the wife of

the wife of lieut.-col. Hughes, M.P. the rev. Clement Cottrell, of north a son.

Waltham, co. Hants, a son. 7th. The wife of the rer. John In Harley - street, CavendishBramstone Stane, 'of Forest-hall, square, the wife of Henry Hughs, Essex, a daughter.

esq. a daughter. At Rolles, Essex, the seat of her 27th. In Hatton-street, the wife father, admiral Harvey, M. P. for of Mr. Charles Rivington, a son. Essex, the wife of William Lloyd, Dec. 2nd. At Walthamstow house, esq, of Aston, co. Salop, a son and Essex, the lady of sir Robert Wigram, beir.

bart. M. P. for Wexford, a son, 9th. The wife of Henry Brown, being her twentieth child, and esq. of North Mimms place, Herts, a fifteenth son now living. daughter.

3d. In Lincoln', the Toth. At St. Alban's, tirt wife of wife of J. A. Park, esq. a son. F. Todd, esq. of Bury-street, St. In old Burlington-street, the James's, a i aughter.

. countess of Clonmell, a daughter. At Lutts worth, co. Leicester, 5th. At Enfield, the wife of W. the lady of the hon. and rev. Henry A. Gregory, a daughter. Ryder, a son.

In Russell-square, the wife of At Tregenpa castle, co. Cornwall, Claude-George Thornton, esq. a the wife of Samuel Stephens, esq. daughter. M. P. a son. .

8th. At Ochtertyre, in Scotland, The wife of Fred. Neby, a jour. lady Mary Murray, a daughter. neyran glass-cutter, living at No. 9th. At his house in Piccadilly, 73, Red Lion-street, Holborn, three the lady of sir Francis Burdett, bart. daughters, all likely to live.

a daughter. 16th. In Gloucester place, the At Mrs. Chester's, at Hampton wife of E. Fletcher, esq. a daughter. court, the wife of Anthony B. St.

17th. The wire of Edward Austin, Leger, esq. a son and heir. 'esq. of Godmersham park, Kent, a The wife of Valentine Kitchingdaughter.

man, esq. of Carltonhustwaite, co. 19th. In Upper Charlotte-street, York, a daughter. Fitzroy-square, the wife of Thoinas 10th. At Melton Mowbray, co. Cadell, esg. a son.

Leicester, lady Elizabeth J. Nor. 24th. The wife of George Lac- man, a daughter. kington, esq. of Finsbury-place, a 11th. At Mamhead, Devon, the daughter.

lady of the hon. Robert Dundas, In Upper Seymour-street, lady S. M. P. a son, M. Stanley, wife of sir Thomas S. The wife of William Jones, esq. bart, of Houghton, in Cheshire, a marshall of the king's bench prison, son and heir.

a daughter. In Portman-square, the marchio. In Wimpole-street, the wife of ness of Winchester, a daughter. William Corbett, esg, a daughter. 24th. In North.street, Chiches At Taplow-house, Bucks, the hor. Mrs. Grenfell, wife of Pascoe Tyrone, to Miss Montgomery, G. esq. M. P. a daughter. ' daughter of Hugh M. esq. of Bela


18th. At the vicarage-house, fast. Wakefield, the wife of the rev. Dr. D. Henry Smith, esq. of Croom's. Munkhouse, a daughter.

hill, Greenwich, Kent, to the eldest 20th. At Edinburgh, the wife of daughter of John Voase, esq. mer. eolonel Robert Anstruther, adju. chant. tant-general of Ireland, a son. 2nd. Mr. Morris, surgeon, of Lein

At Redbouro-hall, co. Lincoln, cester, to Miss Fox. lady William Beauclerc, a daughter. Capt. Oliver, of the royal navy,

25th. At Dover, the wife of Wil. to Miss Lane of Southtown cottage, liam Bagster, esq. assistant-commis- near Yarmouth. sary, a son.

4th. At Chelsea, Mr. William. 27th. The wife of D. Jennings, George Thompson, son of Thomas esq, of Fenchurch-street, a son. T. esq. of Castle-street, Leicester.

28th. At Maxton, near Dover, square, to Miss Eliza-Cathariaa Kent, lady Forbes, a son.

Barker, daughter, of Francis B. esq. At St. Faith's near Norwich, the of Hans-place. wife of Thomas Twining, esq. of the 9th. Brigadier-general Clephane, Bengal civil establishment, a son and M. P. for Kinrossshire, to Miss heir.

Letitia Bold, daughter of John B. At Chelsea, co. Middlesex, lady esq. of Brunswick-square. Emily Wellesley, a daughter.

uith. At Rostherne church, in 30th. The wife of Wilbraham Cheshire, Wilbraham Egerton, esq. Egerton, esq. of Tatton park, Che- oldest son of William E. esq. of Patshire, a son and heir.

ton park, M.P. for that county, to . 31st. The wife of St. A. Warde, the yo;ingest daughter of the late, esq. of Hatfield, near Doncaster, co. sir Christopher Sykes, 'bart. Fork, a soi.

13th. At Wanlip, co. Leicester, sir Charles Grave Iludson, bart, to

the eldest daughter of the late Peter MARRIAGES for 1806. Holford, esq. one of the masters in

Chancery, with 50,000). Jan. 1st. At Chevening, in Kent, At Wolverhampton, the rev.W'ilMr. James Ferguson, printer to liam Leigh, of Solihull, to Miss earl Stanhope, to Miss Varley, of Proud, daughter of Samuel P. esq. Chevening.

of Bilston, John Martin Cripps, esq. of Stan. At Bristol, the rev. A. Lendon, to tons, Sussex, to Miss Rush, daughter Miss Seyer, daughter of the rev. S. of sir William Beaumarice R. of S. of the fort. Wimbledon, Surrey.

16th, At Plumstead, in Kent, Richard Shawe, esq. of Dulwich- Kyrle Erle Money, esq. captain in hill, Surrey, to the eldest daughter the Herefordshire militia, and son of of Nathaniel Bogle French, esq. of Wm. M. esq. of Hornhouse, co. the same placc.

Hereford, to the only daughter of Richard Staples esq. son of the Dominick French, esq. right hon. John S. of Lisson, co. At Lambeth, Henry Pilleau, esq.

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of Upper Kennington-green, Surrey, professor of music, to Miss Monday, to Miss Franklin, of Essex place, a young lady of great promise as an Lambeth.

oratorio singer. Robert Buswell, esq. of Arthing At St. Andrew's, Holborn, Jas, worth, co. Northampton, to Mrs. Hume, esq. to Miss Grant, of Bath. Wright, of Lubbenham, co. Lei 2nd, Rey. John Dryden Pigott, cester.

rector of Habberley, to Fanny, se. 18th. At Dublin, Brigadier-ge. cond daughter of llenry Bevan, esq. neral Dyott, aid-du-camp to his of Shrewsbury. majesty, to Eleanor, second daugh. 3rd. At Cheswick, W. Devayncs, ter of the late Sam. Thompson, esq. esq. M. P. for Barnstaple, to Miss of Green Mount, co. Antrim. Wiseman.

20th. At Weston - Underwood, At Cardington, co. Bedford, the Bucks, Frederick Hall, esq. of rev. Jn. Foster, M. A. vicar of West Eskelith-house, co. York, to Mrs. Thurrock, co. Essex, to the hon. Barclay, of Weston.

Miss St. John, eldest daughter of the 22d. Rev. Manley Wood, M. A. Jate lord St. J. to the daughter of the late Joseph At Liverpool, the rev: R. K. Mil. Boone, esq. of Aldgate.

ner, M. A. to Miss Richmond. 23d. By special licence, at the 4th. Rev. James Leopard Jack. house of James Ramsay Cuthbert, son, to Miss Lousia Hyde Wollaston, esq. in Berkeley-square, George daughter of the rev. Frances W. of Frcke Evans, esq. of Bulgaden. Chislehurst, Kent. hall, co, Limerick, brother of sir J. 6th. At Lynn, Wm. Wheatley F. bart, to the right hon. lady Car- Walker, esq. lieutenant of the 2d bery.

dragoons, or royal Scots greys, to At Clifton, near Bristol, Clement Miss Melvin, of Norwich. Debbieg, esq. to' lady Charlotte 7th, At Edinburgh, sir Thomas Butler, sister to the earl of Lanes- Gibson Carmichael, bart. of Stirling, borough,

- to Janct, second daughter of major24th. At Storrington, W. Cham- ' general Thomas Dundas, of Carron. berleyne, esq. of Rolvenden, co. hall. Kent, to Miss F. Bisshopp, daughter 8th. At Dublin, by special licence, of col. H. B. and grand-daughter William Annesley, esq. son of the of sir Cecil B. of Parham park, hon, and rev. the dean of Down, to Sussex,

Miss E. F. Reynoll, of Balnalack, 28th. Capt. John Hayes, R. N. co. Westmeath. 'to Miss Pye, of Walworth, Surrey. 10th. At Ide, near Exeter, John

30th. Richard Charles Head Charles Fanshawe, esq. of Franklyn, Graves, esq. of the West Suffolk to Frances-Delia, second daughter militia, to the hon. Cassandra Twis- of the rev. W. H. Carrington, of Jeton, youngest daughter of the late Ide. lord Say and Sele.

11th. Mr. Henry Townshend, Feb. 1st. At Dublin, John jun. of the manor-honse at AstonCrampton, esq. M, D. to Miss Char. Flamvile, to Mrs. Hill, only surlotte White, sister to sir John Jervis, viviug daughter of the late Mr. bart.

Lovett, of Sapcote, co. Leicester. At Liverpool, Mr. James Salmon, 12th. At Peterborough, Johu



Webb Cole, esq. to Miss Collier, of Mr. John Buck, an eminent grazier, the Minister close.

and father of the bridegroom, died 13th. At Norwich, Mr. Henry. suddenly, while the marriage was Robert Bowles, acting manager of celebrating at his house. the theatre royal there, to Mrs. 6th. Thomas Halliday, esq. of Aickin, of that theatre.

Wim pole.street, to Maria Margaret, 15th. Mr. Samuel Cotterell, sur second daughter of the rev. James geon, at Hinckley, co. Leicester, to Morrice, of Flower, co. NorthampMrs. Lee.

ton, and of Betshanger, Kent. 20th. Anthony Peacock, esq. of Rev. William Castell, vicar of South Carlton, to Miss Willson. Brook, and rector of Threxton,

224. Horatio Gilchrist, csq. of Norfolk, to Miss Dennis, of Cola Stamford, to the eldest daughter of chester. Edward Theed, esq. of Hilton, co, 8th. Geo. Gordon, esq. to Miss Cambridge.

Elmslie, daughter of John E. esq. of Lately, at Lincoln cathedral, Berirers-street. Hamelyn Trelawny, esq. son of sir Mr. Kennet Dixon, of Angel. Henry T. bart. of Trelawny-house, court, Throgmorton-street, to Jane, London, to Miss Rogers, daughter eldest daughter of Dr. Dennison, of of Jos, R. esq. of Seaview. - Broad street-buildings.

Rev. Mr. Jones, late pastor of 11th. At Wakefield, co. York, the Unitarian congregation at Hali- Daniel Gaskell, esq, to Miss Iley. fax, to Miss Rees, daughter of Dr. R. wood, daughter of Benjamin II. esq.

Mr. John Stanton, manager of of Stanley-hall, near Wakefield. the Huddersfield, &c. theatres, to At Bristol, rear-admiral Sotheby, Mrs. Francis.

to lady Mary-Anne Bourke, daugh. Samuel Denton, esq. of Gray's. ter of the late carl of Mayo. inn, to Miss Helena-Cornelia Paas, At Kirkby-Fleatham, co. York, daughter of the late Mr. Cornelius Thomas Robson, esq. of llolibyP. of Holborn, engraver to his ma. house, in the parish of Hornby, to jesty.

Catherine, second daughter of sir 26th. Rev. Clement Cottrell, rec. William Young, bart, . tor of Waltham, Hants, to Georgiana 13th. At Rothwell, near Leeds, daughter of John Adams, esq. of Jn. Newbery, esq. lieut. col. of the Brompton.

Sussex militia, to Miss Cleaver, 27th. At Exeter, Montague Par daughter of the rev. Dr. C. rector ker, esq. captain in the north Deron of Malton, co. York. militia, to Miss Newcomb, af Teigg. 15th. At St. Mary-la-Bonne, capt. mouth.

Bates, of the 2d regiment of lifeMarch 4th. At Mary-la-Bonne guards, to Harriet, youngest daugh. church, John Gilbert Francklyn, ter of the late William-Edward Smith, esq. to Mrs. Stevenson, widow of esq. of the treasary, the late major-general S. of the Ben- 17th. John St. Barbe, esq. to gal cavalry.

Miss Thomas, both of Winchmore. At Leeds, Mr. William Buck, of bill. Bank Newton, near Gargrave, to Frederick Beyan, esq. to Miss Miss Hardacre, of Long Preston.- Buxton, eldest daughter of sirRobert In the evening of the same day, B. bart,

20th. At

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