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20th. At Dublin, by special li. 29th. C. Magnay, esq. of Clapcence, by the bishop of Kildare, ham, Surrey, to Miss Harriet Bur. Dugald Campbell, esq. private se. don. cretary to his excellency the earl of Lieut..col. Thomas Powell, of Hardwicke, to Miss Kingsley, Clifford, co. Hereford, to Mrs. Dew,

William Dyke, eso. of Wood- of Whitney - court, in the same borough, Wilts, to llannah, youngest county. daughter of J. Richards, esq. of April 1st. John Sympson Jessopp Newbury, Berks.

. esq. of the Inner Temple, and of Lately, at Ratisbon, M. de Waltham Abbey, Essex, barrister at Fenelon, a descendant of the cele. law, to Miss Eliza Bridger Goodbrated archbishop of Cambray, to rick, daughter of the late Bridger Miss Von Reinach, canoness of the G. esģ. ot Bermuda. former temporal abbey of Heider. 2d. Capt. Thomas Prowse, R. N. munster.

to Miss Mudge, of Deronshire. At Chiswick, Henry Hobhouse, 5th. At Westbury, the Rev. Jas. esq. of Hadspen-house, co.Somerset, Eyre, son of the late Dr. E. of to Harriet, sixth daughter of John Whyly, to Penelope, third daugh.

Turton, esq. of Turnham-green, ter of the late Thomas Hele Phipps, · Middlesex.

esq. of Leighton-house, Wilts. Peter Daly, esq. of Lime.park, in 7th. In Harley-street, Cavendish. Ireland, to Miss MacEvoy, of Baker- square, by special licence, Samuel street, Portman-square.

Peach, esq. of Wadden, co. Glou26th. At Bath, Walter Wilkins, cester, to Amelia, second daughter jun. esq. of Marslough, co. Radnor, of the late James Baillie, esq. of only son of W. W. esq. M. P. for Ealing-grove, Middlesex, M. P. for that county, to the hon. Catherine Horsham, Sussex. Eliza-Marianna Devereux, fourth Rev. B. F. Fowler, rector of Asdaughter of the late, and sister of terby, co, Linc. to Miss Mary Alli. the present, viscount Hereford. son, of Louth.

Rev. Dr. Clarke, of Jesus col- At Cambridge, Mr. John Marlege, Cambridge, to Angelica, second shall, university library-keeper, to daughter of sir William Rush, of Pall Miss Baldrey. Mall.

8th. George Henry Crutchley, 27th. By special licence, Stephen esq. of Sunning-hill-park, Berks, to Tottenham Cassan, esq. of Wexford, Miss Burrell, daughter of the late to lady Lucy-Anna-Maria Hall, re- sir William B. bart. lict of the late Clotworthy H. csq. At Fulford, near York, William of the same place.

Wotton Abney, esq. captain in the At Liverpool, the rev. Jos. M. royal horse-guards, blue, to Miss Dickyn, B. A. of Dodleston, co. Richardson. Chester, to Miss Haliday, daughter 9th. Charles Watkin Williams of J. H. esq. of Rose-place. Wyun, esq. M. P. to the eldest

Rev. Herbert Randolph, rector daughter of sir Foster Canliffe, of Lercomb-Basset, Berks, and vicar bart. of Adon-park, co. Denbigh. of Chute, Wilts, to Jane, youngest Lately, at York, capt. Samson, daughter of the late Benj. Wilson, son of the late Dr. S. of Beverley, esq. of Great Russel-street. i and captain in the 3d West York

militia, militia, to Miss Anne Story, of Bi. Loosia Beresford, youngest daughter shop-Wearmouth.

of his grace. At Pontefract, the rev. J. Pym At Lincoln, John Plomer Clarke, Williamson, of Guisborough, to Miss' esq. of Welton-place, co. NorF. Taylor.

thampton, to Anna-Maria-CharAt Brunton, near Scarborough, lotte, eldest daughter of the late Richard Smailes, esq. of Troutsdale, sir John, and sister to sir Henry captain in the Pickering Lythe vo- Nelthorpe, barts. of Scawby, co. lunteers, to Miss Elizabeth Beal, of Lincoln. Birdsall.

17th. Capt. Henry Digby, R. N. Joseph Cornthwaite, esq. of Sion first cousin to the earl of Digby, to college, to Agnes, secoód daughter viscountess Andover, widow of the of the rev. Edward Wollaston, rector late lord viscount A. and daughter of Balsham, Cambridgeshire. of Thomas Coke, esq. M. P. for the

9th. Rev. Thomas Newcome, rector county of Norfolk. of Shenley, Herts, to Miss Charlotte At Clifton, near Bristol, Louis. Winter, third daughter of Thomas Charles-Peter Bonaventure, Comte Bradbury, W. esq. of Shenley-hill. de Mesnard, knight of the order of

10th. Ralph Bernal, esq. of Fitz. Malta, and of New Quebec-street, roy-square, ' to Anne-Elizabeth, Portman-square, to Miss Blundelt, only daughter of Richard-Samuel of Clifton. White, esq. of New Ormond.street, 18th. Claude-George Thornton, Queen-square.

esq. of Austin-friers, to Francesa At Sherborne castle, Dorset, Anne, second daughter of Samuel prinee Bariatinsky to the hon. Miss Smith, esq.of Wood-hall-park Herts, Dutton, daughter of lord Sher. M. P. for Leicester.

19th. At Portsmouth, lieut. Wil. Thomas Amyot, esq. private sc. son, town adjutant of Portsmouth cretary to the right hon. William garrison, to the only daughter of Windham, to Miss Colman, daugh capt. Hebburn, of the royal veteran ter of Mr. C. surgeon, of Norwich. battalion.

11th. At St. George's, Hanover 20th. Sir Arthur Wellesley, K.B. square, sir Stephen-Richard Glynne, to Miss Pakenham, niece of admi. bart. of Hawarden castle, in Flint- ral P. shire, to the hon. Miss Mary 22d. At Hatfield Broad Oak, Neville, second daughter of lord James Hamerton, esq. eldest son of Braybrook,

James II. esq. of Hellifield Peel, co. 14th. By special licence, at Laura York, to Miss Chamberlayne, chapel, Bath, Wm. Fauquier, esq. daughter of Stanes of Ryes, of Keath-hall, co. York, to Mar. Essex. garet, seventh daughter of the late At Scopswick, co. Lincoln, Mr. Jn. Fisher, esq. of Malshanger, H. Whyers, of Wigtoft, grocer, to Hants.

Miss Anne Nelson, of Scopswick, 16th. By special licenee, by the niece of lord N. bishop of Cork, at the house of the 23d. At Harnford, Hants, the archbishop of Taam, Thomas Hope, seat of the earl of Clanricarde, esq. of Duchess-street, to Miss Henry-Joseph Tichborne, esq. eldest



son of sir Henry T. bart, to Miss Gower-street, Bedford-square, the Burke, daughter of sir Thomas B. celebrated comedian. bart, of the county of Galway in May 1st. At Bath, Benjamin Line Ireland, and sister to the countess of thorne, esq. to lady Lester, relict of Clanricarde.

sir John L. 24th. At St. George's Hanover. At Mount Juliet, the seat of the square, George Browne, esq. to earl of Carrick, by special licence, Jane, youngest danghter of the late Francis Savage, esq. M.P. for the colonel Cony, of Walpole, co. Nor. county of Down, to lady Harriet folk.

Butler, third daughter of the earl of At Guilsfield, co. Montgomery, Carrick. Richard Hill, esq. son of the rev. 2d. At Mary-la-Bonne church, Robert H. of Hough, in Cheshire, lord Robert Seymour, to the hon. to the eldest daughter of the late Miss Chetwynd, sister to lord visRichard Mytton, esq. barrister at count C. law, of Chester.

6th. George Green, esq. of BlackWilliam Whiston, esq. of Pishtoff- wall, to Miss Unwin, of Bromley. hall, co. Lincoln, to the youngest 8th. At the house of lord Henry daughter of the late major Hart, of Fitzgerald, in Stratford - place, Woodstone, Hunts.

Charles Lord Kinnaird, to the lady John Drummond, esq. banker, Cecilia-Olivia Fitzgerald, fifth daughCharing-cross, to Miss Barbara · ter of the late duke of Leinster. Chester, daughter of the late Charles At Mary-la-Bonne church, Wil. C. esq. of Chicheley, Bucks, one loughby Cotton, esq. captain in the of her majesty's maids of ho. 3d regiment of foot-goards, to the

hon. Augusta-Margaret Coventry, 25th. John Abernethie, esq. of daughter of lord viscount DeerCumberland street, to Miss Susan hurst. Harris, daughter of the late Richard At Chesterfield, the French gene. H. esq. of Sandown-house, Esher, ral D'Henin, to Miss Eleanor-Jana Surrey.

Dickson. 26th. John Coke, esq. of Wood. 11th. At Stockport, Mr. James house villa, Notts, to Miss Wilmot, Lomax, printer and bookseller, to of Spondon, co. Derby. . Miss Clarke, of Gatley-hall, near

28th. At Huddersfield, co. York. Stockport. Mr. Godfrey Macklethwaite, aged 12th. Francis Witham, esq. of 81, to Mrs. Anne Booth, aged 80. Gray’s-inn, to Mrs. Hatton, of East.

29th. At, in Scot. street, Red Lion-square. land, Jas. Moray, jun. csq. to Miss At Canterbury, the rev. William Erskinc, daughter of the late and Payler, to Miss Maria Highmore, sister of the present sir William E. daughter of the late John H. esq. bart. of Torrie.

and grand-daughter of the late At Beaminster, the rev. George Anthony H. csq. of Wincheap, near Feaver, to Miss Adney, of Brimnley, Canterbury. co. Dorset.

Rev. Samuel Hart, vicar of Al30th. Stephen Morgan, esq. mer- ternon, Cornwall, to Miss A. Cory, chant, of Archangel, to Miss Ban. of Holsworthy. wister, daughter of John B. esq. of At Wandsworth, co, Surrey,


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Siegmund Rucher, esq. of Hunter- port, in the Isle of Wight, and felstreet, Brunswick square, to Lucy, low of Trinity college, Oxford, to youngest daughter of Henry Gard- Miss Judd, daughter of the late Saper, esq. of Downe-lodge, Wands. muel J. esq. of St. Martin's, Stam. worth,

ford. 13th. At Camberwell, Surrey, 20th. At the earl of Chatham's, War. Curteis, jun. esq. to Miss in Dover-street, Piccadilly, by speHains, of Blackheath.

cial licence, by the archbishop of * 11th. William Colville, esq. of Cashel, lieutenant-colonel Pringle, Dublin, to Miss Eliza Farren, youn- to Miss Eliot. gest daughter of Charles F. esq. of 21st. At Great Dalby, county of the same city.

Leicester, Robert Hall, esq. of the 15th. Charles Vardon, esq. of 45th foot, to the only daughter of Battersea-rise, Surrey, to Marian, Samuel Maltby, esq. of Shelton, eldest daughter of the late Wm. Pat county of Nottingham. terson, esq. of Jamaica.

22d. At Pancras church, the rer. At Chester, Robert Foulkes William Belton Champneys, son of Carrie, M. D. to Miss Ravenscorft, the vicar of that parish, to Miss daughter of the late Thomas High- Martha Stable, of the Terrace, Kenlord R, esq. of Davenham, in Che. tish Towe. shire.

James Caulfield, esq. of the county 17th. The hon. William Herbert, of Tyrone, in Ireland, to the hon. son of the earl of Caernarvon, to Harriet Crofton, daughter of baro. the hon. Letitia-Emily-Dorothea ness Crofton. Allen, youngest daughter of lord At Mersham, Kent, the reverend viscount A.

Charles Hughes, of Barham, to the By special licence, the honourable eldest daughter of sir Edward and rev. Pierce Butler, third son of Knatchbull, bart. the earl of Carrick, to Miss Maria 24th. Ralph Bigland, esq. NorSophia Vernon, third daughter of roy King of Arms, to Miss Lorimer, John V. esq. of Clontarf castle, eldest daughter of Mr. L. of Eye, county of Dublin.

Suffolk. 19th. At Lambeth palace, by spe- . Lately, at Gibraltar, lieutenant cial licence, the hon. Hugh Percy, Buchanan, of the Royal Engineers, third son of the earl of Beverley, to son of the reverend Dr. B. of WoodNiss Manners Sutton, eldest daugh. mansterne, Surrey, to Miss Harriet ter of the archbishop of Canterbury. Smith, daughter of general Smith,

Atkins Edwin Martin Atkins, esq. commanding the Royal Artillery of Kingston-Lisle, Berks, to Miss there. Anne Cook, of Upper Wimpole- 24th. By special license, at Clonstreet.

tarf church, Bertram Mitford, esq. At St. Bride's church, London, youngest son of William Mitford, Robert Rashdall, esq. of Boston, esq. of Exbury, county of Southcounty of Lincoln, to Miss Bonner, ampton, and nephew to lord Redes. of the same place.

dale, to Frances, second daughter At Stamford, county of Lin of John Vernon, esq. of Clontarfthe rer. Peter Geary, B. D. of New castle, county of Dublin.

27th. George Armstrong, esq. of lady Mary Thynpe, sister of the the 50th foot, to Miss Maria Swym- marquis of Bath. nier, daughter of the late W. S. esq. At Mary.le-bonne church, Charles of Row, county of Cunningham, esq. son of sir WilSomerset.

liam C. bart. of Robertland, to 29th. At Gloucester, Mr. Jabet, Frances, youngest daughter of the banker, of Birmingham, to Miss late sir John Call, bart, of White Bridgens.

ford. June -, At Chelsea, the reverend Rev. John Headlam, rector of Thomas Pearson, B. D. vicar of Wycliffe, to Maria, youngest daughSparsbolt, county of Berks, to Mrs. ter of the rev. Thomas Wilson, Hlyde, of Sloane-street.

Morley, of Eastby house, county 20. Henry Mitturne, esq. of St. of Lincoln. James's street, to Miss Honora 11th. At Streatham, Surrey, W. Calmady Richardson, daughter of S. Burnett, esq. merchant, to Miss John R. esg. of Bridge-end, county Hickling, daughter of Thomas H. of Glamorgan,

esq. of the island of St. Michael. Mr. Kirkby, of Horncastle, coun- At Edinburgh, Lord Rollo, to ty of Lincoln, druggist, to Miss Miss Agnes Grieg, daughter of Thomasin Beaumont, daughter of G. esq. of Gayfield-place. the late rer. Thomas B. rector of 12th. Major Thomas Weston, of Raithby, near Spilsby, and one of the late 14th garrison battalion, to three sisters born at one birth. Miss Cooksedge, of Downing-street,

3d. Lieutenant-colonel Birch, as. Westminster, sistant quarter-master general, to 14th. At Long Melford, Suffolk, Ethelred Anne, eldest daughter of Joha Middletoni, esq. nephew to J. Reynardson esq. of Holywell, sir W. M, bart. of Crowfield, to county of Lincoln.

Miss Mary Burroughs, of Elmore, 5th. At Hackney, John Dun. house, county of Ilerts. ston, esq. of Old Broad-street, to 16th. William Fisher Hulse, esq. the eldest daughter of Thomas War- of Cossington, major of the Leices. burton, esq.

tershire militia, to Miss Dora AlexRev. Thomas Jones, of Peter. ander Cricket, one of the daughters house, Cambridge, to Miss Tennant, of the late Charles Alexander C. daughter of the reverend C. T. of esq. of Smith's-hall, Essex, - M. P. Samson's-hall, Suffolk.

At Aston, Shirley Perkins, esq. Henry Harford, of Cavendish- of Sutton Coldfield, county of War. street, to Miss Esther Rycroft, sis- wick, barrister at law, to Mrs. Walter of sir Nelson R. bart. of Farn. ker, 'widow of the late capt. W. bam, Surrey.

and eldest daughter of Charles At Mary-le-bone church, lieut. Sharpe, esq. of Hoddam-castle, colonel Rudsdell, lieutenant-gover. Dumfrieshire. nor of Sheerness, to Mrs. Biscoe, of Rev. W. C. Cruttenden, of Bury, Limpsfield, Surrey.

to Theophila, second daughter of 10th. At St. George's Hanover, the rev. Edward Mills, lecturer, of square, Osborne Markham, esq. St. James's, Bury, and prebendary son of the archbishop of York, to of Lincoln. 3


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