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Samuel Martin, esq. of Englefield. maston, co. Derby, to Miss Nancy green, near Egham, Surrey,

Daniell, of Hassall-hall, co. Chester. 10th, At Woodford, Essex, Wil. 20th, At Beddington, Surrey, the liam-Henry. Ashurst, esq, eldest son rev. Philip Laycock Story, second of sir W, H. A. of Waterstock, co. son of the rev. Philip S. of LockingOxford, to the eldest daughter of the ton-hal), co. Leicester, to Miss Lydia late Oswald Mosley, esq., of Boles. Baring, daughter of sir Francis B. worth castle, in Cheshire, and sister bart, of Stratton park, Hants. of sir Oswald M. bart. M. P: 21st. Hon, and rev. Mr. Bagot,

11th. At Liverpool, John Clay, to lady Harriet Villiers, youngest ton, esq. of Enfield Old park, to, daughter of the dowager countess of Jane, youngest daughter of the late Jersey.. Charles Buchanan, esq. of Burton, 23d. Rev. H. Dawson, of Ba. upon-Trent.

bergh-place, Suffolk, to Frances, At Painswick, co, Gloucester, daughter of the late rev.Jas. Powell, the rev.J.Williams,curate of Stroud, rector, of., Church Lawford and to Miss Eliza Cooke.

Newnham, co. Warwick... At Taunton, lieut..col. Prevost, 25th. Harry Ashby,, esq. of St. to Henrietta, second daughter of C. Andrew's-court, Holborn, to Miss Hamilton, esq. of Hainwood, in Ire. Bell, of Colebrook terrace, Islingland.

13th. At Enfield, William Bond, At Dublin, Nicholas Kirwan, esq. esq. of Elm cottage, Whetstone, of Tavistock-place, London, to Middlesex, to the only daughter of Miss Kelly, of Dublin Cbistopher Pottinger, esq. late of 27th. In Dublin, William Darley Thurston, Suffolk.

esq. of York-street, to the eldest Edward Man, esq. of Harp-lane, daughter of Joseph Farran, esq. Tower, street, to Georgiana, young- of the exchequer-office in that city. est daughter of Henry Desborough, At Worcester, the rev. J. Stafesq. of the post office.

ford, rector of St. John's, to Eliza, 14th. Mr. Pix, of the bank of only daughter of William ThompMessieurs Bellairs and son, at son, esq. of Henwick-hall, co. Wor, Stamford, co. Lincolo, to Miss cester. Sisson.

At Mary-la-Bonne, T. A. Har. 15th. Lieut..col. the hon. S. II. vey, esq. to Miss E. Dodd, daughter Lumley, to Miss M. H. Tabourdin, of R. D. esq. Marine painter, Par. daughter of H. T. esq. of Sydenham, liament-street. Kent.

George Bramwell, esq. of the 16. George Caunten, esq. late of Inner Temple, to the eldest daughPrince of Wales's Island, to Miss ter of Thomas Bidwell, esq. chief L'acy Ellicot, of Collumpton, Devon, clerk in the office of the secretary of sister of capt. E. of the royal navy, state for foreign affairs.

At Grantham, co. Lincoln, Mr. 29th, At Cork, the rev. Richard Beaumont Leeson, to Miss Easton, Dickson, rector of Kilkeedy, in the daughter of the rev. Thomas E. vicar diocese of Limerick, to the eldest of that place.

daughter of the late sir James ChatAt Sandbach, co. Chester, Henry terton, bart. of Cork.. Watkinson Whatton, esq. of Os. 30th. At Camberwell, Mr. Tho.


Payne, of Upper Thames-street, to chancellor of the exchequer, vide
Henrietta, second daughter of Wil Pitt, deceased.
Jiam Orme, esq. of Dulwich common, 28th. Rev. Hugh Cholmondeley,

M. A. to be dean of the cathedral At Bolder church, in the New church of Chester, vice Cotton, Forest, Hants, Johu Wilson, esq. of deceased. the island of St. Christopher, to the Right hon. Robert Banks, lord eldest daughter of the late James Hawkesbury, appointed constable Irwin, esq. of. Hascleigh-hall, Essex, of Dover castle, warden and keeper a director of the East India com- of the Cinque ports, &c. &c. vice pany.

Pitt, deceased. At Fowey, in Cornwall, capt. 29th. Right hon. William earl of Graham Eden Hamond, of the royal' Northesk, rear-admiral of the Red, navy, only son of sir Andrew and sir Richard-John Strachan, bart. Snape II. bart. to the eldest daugh.' rear-admiral of the Blac, created ter of John Kimber, esq. of Fowey. knights of the Bath ; Thomas Mas.

At Cork, sir Thomas Roberts, terman Hardy, esq. captain in the bart. to Miss Walton, daughter of royal navy, created a baronet of the Thomas W. esg. of Walton court. · United Kingdom.

31st. At Edinburgh, Thomas Feb. 1st. Henry Bentinck, esq. Hodgson, esq. in the East India to be lieutenant governor of the company's service, to Isabella, settlements of Demerara and Esse. youngest daughter of the late Dr. quibo. : Hamilton, physician in Edinburgh. 4th. Sir Henry Russell, knt. to

be chief justice, and sir William Bus.

roughs, bart. to be one of the poisne PROMOTIONS in the Year 1806. judges, of the supreme court of

judicature at Fort William, in Jan. 21st. Thomas Hislop, esq. Bengal. brigadier.general of his majesty's 5th. Henry viscount Sidmouth, forces serving in the Leeward and sworn keeper of the privy seal, vice Windward Charibbee islands, ap. earl of Westmoreland ; right' hon. pointed governor and commander in Francis earl of Moira ; right hon. chief of the island of Trinidad. - Richard Chandos Earl Temple;

24th. Rev. John Kearney, D. D. right hon. Henry Petty, commonly provost of Trinity college, Dub. called lord Henry Petty, chancellor lin, promoted to the bishoprick of and under-treasurer of his majesty's Ossory, vice Hamilton, deceased; exchequer; righthon. Charles Grey; rev. George Hall, D. D. to be pro- and right hon. Charles James Fox; vost of Trinity college, Dublin, rice sworn of his majesty's most honKearney.

ourable privy council; right hon. 25th. Hon. Lyndsay Burrell, ap. George-John earl Spencer, K. G. pointed his majesty's secretary of and right hon. William Windham, legation at the court of Dresden. sworn two of his majesty's princi.

27th. Right hon. Edward lord pal secretaries of state, vice lords Ellenborough, chief justice of the llawkesbury and Castlereagh; right court of King's Bench, appointed hon. William lord Auckland (and, in his absence, the right hon. Richard jesty's ordnance of the United Kings Chandos, earl Temple,) appointed don, vice earl of Chatham ; right president of the committee of coun. hon. gen. Richard Fitzpatrick, to cil appointed for the consideration be his majesty's secretary at war, of all matters relating to trade and vice Mr. W. Dundas. foreign plantations, vice duke of 11th. Right hon. Williain Wynd. Montrose and Mr. Rose.

ham baron Grenville vice Mr. Pitt ; 7th. Right hon. Thomas Erskine, right hon. Henry Petty, commonly created baroa Erskine, of Restor. called lord Henry Petty vice lord mel, castle, co. Cornwall. ; Louvaine; Joho-Charles "pencer,

Right hon. George viscount Mor. esq. commonly called viscount Alpeth ; right hon. John Townshend, thorpe vice lord Fitzharris ; right commonly called lord John Town, hon. William Wickam 'vice Mr. shend; right hon, Thoinas lord Long ; and John Courtenay, esq. Erskine; and right hon. Richard vice marquis of Blandford ; to be Briusley Sheridan; sworo of his ma commissioners for executing the jesty's most honourable prisy coun. office of treasurer of his majesty's cil ; right hon. Thomas lord Erskinc, exchequer; right hon.llenry Petty, sworn lord high chancellor of Great commonly called lord Henry Petty, Britain, vice lord Eldon ; right hon. appointed chancellor and under. Charles.James Fox, sworn one of treasurer of his majesty's exchc. his majesty's principal secretaries of quer, vice Jir. Pitt; right hon. state, vice lord Mulgrave.

Charles Grey vice lord Barham ; sir · William Adamu, esq. one of his Philip Stephens, bart. rice admiral majesty's counsel, and attorney-ge. Gambier; Jn. Markham, esq. rear. Deral to the prince of Wales, ap- admiral of the white vice sir Philip pointed chancellor and keeper of his Stephens ; sir Charles Morice Pole, royal highness's great seal, vice lord bari, admiral of the blue vice admin Erskine ; and William Garrow, esq.' ral Patten ; sir Harry Neale, bart. one of his majesty's counsel, to be vise sir E. Nepeau; William Rus. his royal highness's attorney-gene, sell, osq. commonly called lord Wil. ral, vice Adain.

liam Kussell vice Mr. Dickenson, Arthur viscount Gosford, created jun.; and right hoo. Williain lord earl Gosford, of Market-hill, co. Kensington, of that part of the Armagh ; Laurence Parsons Har- united kingdom called Ireland vice man, viscount Oxmantown, earl of lord Garlies; to be his majesty's Ross, with remainder to his nephew, commissioners for executing ine of. the right hou, sir Laurence Parsons, fice of high admiral of the united bart. ; Charles viscount Somerton, kingdom of Great Britain and Irearchbishop of Dublin, earl of Nor. land, and the domiuions, islands, manton, co. Kilkenny; and Charles. and territories thereunto belonging; William viscount Charleville, carl right hon. Gilbert baron Vinto rice of Charleville, of Charleville-forest, lord Castlereagh; right hop. GecogeKing's county ; Peter-Isaac Thel. John earl Spencer, K, G. tice lord Jusson, esq. created baroa Rendle. Hawkesbury ; right hon. William sham, of Rendlesham.

Windham vice lord Mulgrave; nght 8th. (en. Francis carl of Moira, hon, Charles-James Fox, rice Mr. appointed master-general of his ina. Pitt ; right hon. William Wyndham

baron Grenville 'vice lord Glenber- John-Joshua earl of Caryssort, K.P. vie ; right hon. Henry Petty, com.' to be postmaster-general vice duke monly called lord Henry Petty vice of Montrose and lord C. Spencer, Mr. Wallace; right hon. George right hon. Richard Chandos earl Howard, commonly called viscount Temple, and right hon. John TownMorpeth vice lord Dunlo; right hon. shend, commouly called lord John Johnlfiley Addington and right hon. Townshend, to be paymaster-geneJohn Sullivan; to be his majesty's ral of his majesty's forces, vice Mr. commissioners for the management Rose and lord C. Somerset; right of the affairs of India ; right hon: hon. Charles Spencer, commonly Henry earl of Caernaryon, appoint. called lord Charles Spencer, to be ed master of the horse to his ma- master and worker of the mint, vice jesty, vice the marquis of Hertford. earl Bathurst ; Alexander Davison,

James Green, esq. to be his ma esq. to be treasurer of the ordnance jesty's consul-general in all the dom of the united kingdom; Thomas minions of the emperor of Morocco. Anson, csq. created baron Soberton,

12th. Arthur Piggott, esq. his of Soberton, co. Southampton, and majesty's attorney-general vice Mr. viscount Anson, of Shrugborough Percival, and Samuel Romillry, esq. and Orgrave, co. Stafford; John his majesty's solicitor-general vice Dennis, marquis of Sligo, K. P. sir Vicary Gibbs, knighted. created baron Monteagle, of West

His grace John duke of Bedford, port, co. Mayo ; right họn. Hugh right hon. Henry earl of Caernarvon earl of Eglinton, created baron right hon John Joshua earl of Ardrossan, of Ardrossan, co. Ayr; Carysfort, right hon. Charles-Au. right hon. James earl of Lauderdale gustus lord Ossulston, right hon. St. created baron Lauderdale,, of Thir. Andrew lord St. John, of Bletsoe, lestane, co. Berwick; right hon. and right hon. William Elliott, George earl of Granard, created sworn of his majesty's most hon. baron Gravard, of Castle Doningourable 'privy counsil; John duke ton, co. Leicester, John Crewe, of Bedford, declared lieutenant-ge. esq. created baron Crewc, of Crewe, neral and general governor of Ire. co. Chester ; William Lýgon, esq. land vice earl of Hardwicke; right created baron Beauchamp, of hon. Edward earl of Derby, sworn Powyke, co. Worcester; right hon. ehancellor of the duchy and county- and rev. William Nelson, D. D. palatine of Lancaster, dice lord baron Nelson of the Nile, and of Harrowby; right hon. Francis earl Hilborough, co. Norfolk, viscount of Moira, sworn constable of his Merton and earl Nelson' of Trafal. majesty's tower of London, and gar and of Merton, co. Surrey, and lord lieutenan: of the tower Ham. his issue, permitted and authorised lets, vice marquis Cornwallis, dec. to hear the honourable augmenta.

15th. Right hon. Richard Brin. tions to their armorial ensigns which sley Sheridan, appointed treasurer were granted to his brother, Horatio of his majesty's navy, vice Mr. Can. late viscount and baron Nelson, ning ; John Calcraft, esq. to be with the crest, motto,supporters,&c. clerk of the ordnance of the united 18th. John M'Mahon, ésq. ap. kingdom ; right hon. Robert earl of pointed keeper of the stores, ordBuckinghamshire, and right hon. nance, and ammunition of war, of

the the united kingdom ; right hon. marshal of bis majesty's forces, vice Robert Spencer, commonly called right hon. sir Charles Morgan, bart. lord Robert Spencer, to be sur- resigned ; Charles Hay, esq. to be a veyor-general of his majesty's lord of session in Scotland, viee woods, parks, forests, and chaces, David Smyth, esq. deceased; hon. tice lord Glenbervie.,

Henry Erskine, advocate, to be his 19th. William Wentworth earl majesty's advocate in Scotlaod ; Fitzwilliam, declared lord president John Clark, esq. advocate, to be of his majesty's most honourable bis majesty's solicitor in Scotland ; priry council, vice earl Camden ; right hon. William Brabazon PonThomas Stevens, esq. of Kinnerton, sonby, created baron Ponsonby, of to be sheriff of the county of Rad. Imokilly, co. Cork ; sir Francis nor, vice John Whittaker, esq. of Milman, bart. appointed physician Cascob.

in ordinary to his majesty, vice Dr. Right hon. William-Charles earl Thomas Gisborne, deceased. of Albemarle, appointed master of 12th. Right hon. sir John Newport, his majesty's buck-hounds, vice earl bart. chancellor of the exchequor in of Sandwich; right hon. St. Andrew Ireland, sworn of his majesty's most lord St. John, appointed captain of honourably privy council. . . his majesty's band of pensioners, 15th. George Spencer, esq. com. vice viscount Falmouth.

monly called marquis of Blandford, 25th. Charles Hastings, esq. of summoned to the house of peers, Willesley-ball, co. Leicester, lieu. by the style and title of baron tenant-general of his majesty's Spencer, of Wormleighton, co. War. forces; Montague Cholmeley, esq. wick. of Easton, co. Lincoln ; Thomas Edward Smith Godfrey, esq, of Sutton, esq. of Molesey, co. Surrey; Newark, appointed clerk of the and Bysshe Shelley, esq. of Castle peace for the county of Nottingham; Goring, Sussex, created baronets. and D'Ewes Coke, esq. elected re

March 1st. Francis Gore, esq. corder of the borough of Newark; appointed lieutenant-governor of both vice Brough, deceased. the provioce of Upper Canada ; and Mr. Richard Townend, elected John Hodgson, esq. brigadier-gem , town.clerk of York, vice bis brother neral of his majesty's forces, go- resigned. vernor of the Bermuda or Somers Rev. Michael Dupré, B. D. ap- · islands.

pointed second master of the royal 5th. Right hon, George Pon. free-school at Berkhamstead, Herts, sonby, sworn of his majesty's most vice Thomas Dupré B. A. appointed honourable privy council; William head master thereof. Wentworth earl Fitzwilliam, sworn Rev, John Richardson, of Hems. custos rotuloram of the soke of worth, appointed master of the free Peterborough ; Thomas Jones, esq. grammar-school at Old Malton, co. of Dolgelly, to be sheriff of the York, vice Jobnson, deceased. county of Merioneth, rice Hugh Right hon. James Shaw, lord Jones, sen. esq. of Dolgelly. mayor, elected president of St. Bar

8th. Right hon. Nathaniel Bond, tholomew's hospital, London, vice appointed advocate-general or judge. Perchard, deceased.


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