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county of Chester.-Righthon. Struther, bart, sworn of his majes. Archibald earl of Cassilis, created ty's most honourable privy council. baron Ailsa, of Ailsa, county of 25th. Dugald Stewart, esq. apAyr.–Right hon. John earl of pointed his majesty's writer, printer, Breadalbane, created baron Brea. and publisher, of the Edinburgh dalbane, of Taymouth-castle, coun- Gazette. ty of Perth.

Dec. 13th. Right rev. John Ran. 7th. Right hon, and rev. Wilc dolph, D. D, bishop of Oxford, re. liam Nelson, D. D. baron Nelson coinmended by conge d'elire, to be of the Nile, and of Hilborough, elected bishop of Bangor, rice Dr. county of Norfolk, viscount Mer. Cleaver, translated to the see of St. ton, and earl Velson of Trafalgar, Asaph. and of Merton, county of Surrey, James Kempthorn, esq. Samson permitted to succeed to the title of Edwards, esq. George Campbell, duke of Bronte, in the kingdom of esq. Henry Frankland, esq. Arthur Farther Sicily, granted by his Sici. Phillip, esq. sir William George Jian majesty to his late brother Ho. Fairfax, knight, and sir James ratio viscount and baron Nelson, Saumarez, bart, and K. B. rear ad. duke of Bronte, &c. &c. deceased. mirals of the red, to be vice-admi.

11th. William Frazer, csq. of rals of the blue. Leadclune, county of Inverness, 20th. Rev. llenry Fitzroy, com. created a baronet ; also George monly called lord Henry Fitzroy, Nugent, esq.of Waddesdon, county M. A. to be a prebendary of the of Backs, lieutenant general of his colegiate church of St. Peter West. majesty's forces; sir Thomas Boul. minster, rice the rev. sir · Richard den Thompson, knight, of Harts- Cope, bart. D. D. deceased.--Rev. bourne, manor-place, county of llenry William Champneys, M.A. Herts, captain in the royal navy, presented to the vicarage of Wel. and comptroller of the pavy; sir ton, county of York, vice rev. Ni. Edward Berry, knight, of Catton, cholas Sinon, resigned. county of Norfoik, captain in the Rev. Mr. Ramsden, fellow of royal pavy; James Sibbald, osa. Trinity college, Cambridge, apof sittwood-park, county of Berks, pointed, by the bishop of Landaif, with remainder to his nephew, Da. his deputy professor of divinity in vid Scott, esq. of Dannivald, county that university, rive Dr. Barlow of Forfar; and Hugh Bateinan, Seale, resigned. esq. of klartington hall, county of Rev. James Landon, B. D. of Derby, with remainders severally to Oriel college, Oxford, appointed the first of every other son and keeper of the statutes, &c. belongsons successively, of Catherine Jue ing to that university. . liana Bateman, eldest daughter of Rey. Il. Ilarfey Baber, vice prile the said Hugh Bateman, esq. and of cipal of St. Mary. hall, Oxford, ap. Anne Amelia Bateman, another of pointed extra assistant librarian of his daughters..

the British Museum. 15th. Right hon. Alan lord Mr. G. C. Grojan, elected clerk Gardner, created baron Gardner, of the court of requests for the city of Uttoxeter, county of Stafford. of Westminster, rice his father de. 19th. Right hon. sir Jobn An. ceased.

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George Cox, B. A. appointed Rev. Mr. Boycatt, rector of master of New College school, Ox. Wheatacre-Burgh, Becston St. Anford, vice the rev. John Slatter re. drew R. in the diocese of Norwich. signed.

Rev. C. H. Wollaston, M. A. William Elias Taunton, esq. de. East Dereham V. Norfolk. puty recorder of Oxford, elected Rev. John Luxmoore, D. D. dean recorder thereof, vice the right hon. of Gloucester, rector of St. George Charles Abbot, speaker of the the Martyr, Queen-square, &c. St. house of commons, resigned. Andrew R. on Holborn-hill, rice

Rer. Mr. Hume, canon-residen. Barton, deceased. tiary of Salisbury cathedral, ap. - Rev. John Leigh Bennet, M. A. pointed treasurer thercof, vice Dods. Lechlade V. county of Gloucester. worth, deceased.

Rev. W. Hocken, jun. M. A. Rev. John Wooll, master of Mid. rector of St. Mewan, county of hurst school, elected head master of Cornwall, Lantagloss by Fowey V. Rugby school.

in the same county.' Rev. B. Lumley, Dalby R. coun. Rev. George Birch, curate of ty of York, vice Thomas Lumley, Wybunbury, near Nantwich, in deceased.

Cheshire, Great Woolstonc. R. Rev. W. Gilpin, Church-Pulver. Bucks. bach R. county of Salop.

Rev. John Dymoke, rector of Rev. Robert Porten Beachcroft, Scrivelsby, county of Lincoln, M. A. Blunham R. county of Bed. Sancte Crucis prebend, in Lincoln ford, vice Lawry, deceased.

cathedral, vice Craster, deceased.. Rev. George Swayne, vicar of Rev. B. Pope, B. Á. appointed Pucklechurch, county of Glouces- chaplain of Christ Church, Oxford. ter, Dirham R. in the same county. Rev. J. Vye, B. D. fellow of

Rev. W. Mlavor, LL.D. vicar of Exeter college, Oxford, Wotton V." - Hurley, Berks, Stovesfield R. Notts, pro tempore, until the conGounty of Oxford.

test between him and the rev. John Rev. James Thomas Hand, rector Lea Heyes, another fellow of that of Cheveley, Ousden R. county of college, in regard to their respective Suffolk, vice Adams, deceased. right to the living, is determined by

Rev. Benjamin Richardson, Eg. the lord chancellor. ton and Glaisdale perpetual cura. Rev. John Lea Heyes, B. D. cies, county of York, vice Robin. Merton V. county of Oxford, vice son deceased.

Hart, resigned. Rev. J. 11. George Lefroy, Rev. Thomas Henry Cave Orme, Compton R. Surrey, with Ashe R. S.C. L, of Trinity-hail, Cambridge, Hants.

South Scarle V. near Newark, Rev. Whitfield Curties, M. A. Notts. Burwash R. county of Sussex. Rev. Thomas Jee, lecturer of

Rev. Thomas Marshall, M. A. Wethersfield, Essex, Thaxted V. in Osmotherley V. in the diocese of the same county, rice Maynard, York.

deceased. Rev. Edward Hulton, vicar of Rev. Archdeacon Young, of Nether Wallop, Hants, Mundesley Swaffham, Norfolk, brother to the - and Gaywood RR. Norfolk. countess Nelson, presented by earl


Nelson, to Hilborough R. Norfolk, Stourmouth R. both co. 'Kent; the in the gift of the Nelson family. former in the patronage of Samuel

Rev. John Manby, M. A. Lan. Egerton Bridges, esq. of Denton caster V. vice White, dec.

court; and the latter in that of the Rev. James Stuart, Mackenzie, bishop of Rochester ; in exchange M. A. Quiddenham R. Norfolk. for the living of Hardress, to which

Rev. Evelyn Levett Sutton, Hal- he had been previously presented by den R. in Kent. and St. Alphage and lord chancellor Eldon. St. Mary Northgate R. in Canter. Rev. Wm. Hett, M. A. preben. bury.

dary of Lincoln, to hold Mavis. Rev. J. Constantine, Cooke, Enderby R. with Thorpe-on-theSwilland V. co. Suffolk.

Hill R. both co. Lincoln. Rev. David Jones, Kilgerran R. Rev. W. Scott, to hold Broughco. Pembroke.

ton R. co. Oxford, with Willersley Rev, Charles-Robert Marshall, R. co. Gloucester. B. D. Esning V. near Newmarket. Rev. T. Welles, D. D. to hold

Rev. Henry Bate Dudley, chan. Badgworth living (and the chapel of cellor of the cathedral of Ferns, &c. Shurdington annexed,) with Presta Killglass R. vice Warburton, re. bury V. co. Gloucester. signed.

Rev. John Hughes, M. A. to hold Hon. and Rev. Thomas De Grey, North Tidworth R. co. Wilts, with second son of lord Walsingham, Fifield R. co. Southampton. Fawley R. Hants, vice Drummond, Rev. H. Quartley, M. A, to hold deceased.

Wicken R. co. Northampton, with Rev. John Martin Butt, M. A. Woolverton V. co, Bucks. Oddingley R. co. Worcester, vice Parker, deceased.

Rev. Montague Pennington, M. DEATHS in the Year 1806. A. Northborne cum Shoulden V. co.' Kent, vice Barker deceased.

Jan. 1st. This morning a meet. Rev. Frederick Valentine Le ing took place, in a piece of ground Grice, Penzance, perpetual curacy, in the parish of Basford, between Cornwall, vice Corryngton, re- ensign Browne, of the 36th foot, signed.

and lieut. Butler, of the 83d, on the Rev. John Norcross, M. A. Sax. recruiting service at Nottingham. thorpe V. co. Norfolk.

The parties fired together, by signal, Rev. G. Boldero, B. A. Ixworth when, unfortunately, ensign Browne euracy, co. Norfolk

was shot through the heart, and inRev. J. Watson, M. A. rector of stantly expired, without uttering a Mistley, Radwinter V. Essex. word. Lieut. Butler and the sea

Rev. William Preston, jun, Bula conds immediately withdrew. The mer R, and Whenby V. co. York. body of the deceased was taken to

Rev. Wm. Ralfe, Maulden R. Basford church, by some persons co. Bedford.

who were attracted to the spot by Rev. H. Franklin, B. A. Barford the report of the pistols; and a ver. R. Norfolk.

dict of wilful murder was returned Rev. Cooper Willyams, M. A. of by the coroner's jury who sat upon Exning, to hold Kingston R. with it. Ensigo Browne was a promising

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young oficer, of a very respectable 3d. In Stanhope - street, May. family in Ireland, and had only just fair, after a short illness, lady Vanattained his 17th year. He and deput, widow of sir George V. who lieut. Butler belonged lately to the died in 1784, and who was famous same regiment; but, from a serious for his contest for Westminster in disagreement which took place be. 1748. tween them, the commander in chief At a farm-house in the parish of ordered them to be placed in dif. St Dogmell, co. Pembroke, Joshua ferent corps. On their meeting at Lewis, farmer. A quarrel arose be. Nottingham, however, the embers tween him and John Owens, master of animosity rekindled, and the un. of a trading vessel from Cardigan, happy result has proved the loss to respecting a young woman ; blows society of a valuable and much-re. followed ; and Lewis was wounded spected young member.

with a knife in six different parts of Burnt to death, Mrs. Gooch, of his body, which shortly occasioned Sloane square, mother to the lady his death. of the bishop of Bath and Wells. 4th. At Clifton, near Bristol,

2d. At Cawthorne, near Barn- Mrs. Barbara 'Turvile, wife of sley, in her 18th year, Martha Mel- Francis Fortescue T. esq. of Hus. lor, who was shot by Samuel Ibbot. band Bosworth-ball, co. Leicester. son, a boy 12 years old. Having She was daughter of Charles Talbot gone into the house where the girl (brother to George the last earl of was, he took up a gun, but was de- Shaftesbury,) and was married April sired to lay it down immediately, 9, 1780. which he did ; but shortly afterwards Rev. Matthew Thompson, rector took it up again, and, seeing the girl of Bradfield and Mistley, Essex, and in another room, said he would in the commission of the peace for shoot her, which, shocking to relate! that county. lie was invited, with he immediately did. Verdict, man. a party, to dine with col. Rigby, at slaughter. He was committed to Mistley; when the company were York castle.

informed that dinner was ready, Mr. At Drogheda, in Ireland, Miss Thompson, in the act of rising to go Brunton, of Dublin, a handsome into the dining-room, fell down, and young lady, who was on a visit to expired immediately, leaving a wife capt. Gooden, of the Sligo militia and cleven children. She got up in her sleep, went to the Drowned, alongside the Victory, window of her bed. room, which was at Chatham, while endeavouring to two stories high, threw up the sash, get hold of a lighter, a serjeant of fell into the street, and was almost marines, belonging to that ship, and immediately taken up lifeless. Be a waterman, named Jn. Eldon. The fore she reached the ground. she fell serieant missed his hold, and caught on the top of a shop-window under the waterman by the collar ; but the her room, and then screamed so vio. tide running very strong, they both lently as to awaken capt. Guoden. disappeared before assistance could It is conjectured that at that moment arrive... she awoke, and recovered her senses Aged 65, Mr. Samuel Patch, foronly to know that she was then merly judge-advocate at Jamaica, about to lose her life.

but who had for some time resided


at Stamford, co. Lincolu, under the manner, the procession being very pressure of the most indigent cire numerous and grand, in the church cumstances. He has left an unpro of Speen, near Newbury. The Mar. tected ideot daughter, whose only gravine, so well known, acquires a inheritance is the poor-house and personal property of near 150,0001. the beneficence of her fellow.crea. sterling by the death of the martures.

grave. At his seat at Benham, near New 7th. At his chambers in Litabury, Berks, after an illness of only coln's-inn, aged 68, Bennet Combe, three days, his serene highness Chris. esq. This singular man, though tian-Frederick. Charles - Alexander, possessed of large property, led a Margrave of Brandenburgh Ans. single life at his chambers in Linpach, and Bayreuth, duke of coln's inn, with two servants, and Prussia, count of Sagn, &c. &c. born was a constant frequenter of Will's February 24th 1736. He was nearly coffee-house, Lincoln's-inn fields. allied to our present royal family, Sth. At his house at Canonbury, his highness's grandmother, by his Islington, Robert Wilkinson, esq. mother's side, having been a princess formerly partner in the house of of England, and his great aunt was Garsed, Meyrick, and Garsed, of queen Caroline, wife to Gcorge the Goldsmith - street, Wood - street, second. His mother was sister to Cheapside, ribbon weavers. He Frederick 11. of Prussia. Ilis high. married the only surviving daughter ness was married, first, to a princess of the elder (John) Garsed, who died of the house of Saxe-Cobourg, and at Canonbury in 1786, leaving the secondly, in 1791, to Elizabeth, wi- bulk of his considerable fortune bedow of the late lord Craven, and tween her and her mother, an ample daughter of the late, and sister of share of which Mr. W. acquired by the present, earl of Berkeley, who this marriage. On the death of survives him, and by neither of both the Garseds, he took into partwhom had he any issue. He chose nership Mr. Dowell, who married rather to live like a private gentle. the eldest daughter of the late Mr. man in England than to rule as an Longman, bookseller, of Paterniosabsolute prince in Germany. Shortly ter-row, to whom he has left the after his marriage with lady Craven stock and a handsome legacy. To he sold his principality, with all its the Foundling-hospital, of which he territory, revenue, and inhabitants, was a governor, 5001, to the humane to the king of Prussia. Ilaving, society 1001.; to the philanthropic thus relinquished all his power, im- society 1001.; to the charity-schools portance, and rank, he came and of Islington 501.; to the widow of a spent the rest of his life in a country brother who died in the East Indies where he could have but a mere no. 2001. per annum ; to two pieces of minal title, without any one civil or Mir, Garsed 10001. cach ; and lcgapolitical privilege. His goodness of cies to the same or half the amount heart and extreme affability endeared to sundry persons; and the residue him to all ranks of people who knew to James Garsed and Joseph Green, him, cither as a sovereign or an in- youngest son of his partner, Mr. dividgal. His remains were inter- Green, of Guildford-street, who red, in a sumptuous and splendid agreeably to, his will, has taken


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