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3. That a negotiation shall be of Benevento, the assurances of his immediately opened, to decide, in a high consideration. permanent manner, on all the points (Signed)

Knobelsdorf. in dispute, and that for Prussia its Park, Oct. 1, 1806. preliminary basis shall be, the se. paration of Wesel from the French The senate referred the commu. empire, and the re-occupation of the nication to a special commission. three Abbies by the Prussian troops.

The instant that his majesty is assured that this basis is accepted, Act of Confederation of the Rhenish he will resume that attitude which League, done at Paris, July 12, he has quitted with regret, and will 1806. become to France that frank and peaceable neighbour, who for so'. Whereas his majesty the emperor many years has seen without jea- of the French, and their majesties lousy, the glory of a brave people, the kings of Bavaria and Wirtemfor whose prosperity he has been berg; their electoral highnesses the anxious. But the instant intelli. arch.chancellor and the elector of gence of the march of the French Baden; his imperial highness the troops compels bis majesty to ascer. duke of Berg ; and their royal hightain immediately what he is to do. Desses the Landgrave of HesseThe undersigned is charged to insist Darmstadt, the princes of Nassauon an immediate answer, which at Weilburg, and Nassau-Usingen, of all events must reach his majesty's Hohenzollern-Hechingen, and Ho. head-quarters by the 8th of Octo- henzollern-Siegmaringen, Salmber; his majesty still hoping that it Salm, and Salm Kyrburg, Isenburg, will arrive there time enough, that Birstein, and Lichtenstein ; the the unexpected and rapid progress duke of Ahremberg, and the count of events, and the presence of the of Leyen ; being desirous to secure, troops, should not put either party through proper stipulations, the in. under the necessity of providing for ternal and external peace of southhis safety.

ern Germany, which, as experience The undersigned is particularly for a long period and recently has instructed to declare, in the most shewn, can derive no kind of gua. solemn manner, that peace is the rantee from the existing German sincere wish of his majesty, and constitution ; have appointed to be that he only requires that which can their plenipotentiaries to this effect, contribute to make it permanent. namely, his majesty the emperor of The causes of his apprehensions, the the French, Charles Maurice Talclaims which he had for ano. leyrand, duke of Benevento, ministher connection, from France, are ter of his foreign affairs ; his majesunfolded in the letter of his majesty ty the king of Bavaria, his minister to the emperor, and are calculated plenipotentiary, A. Von Cetto ; his to obtain from that monarch the last majesty the king of Wirtemberg, his permanent pledge of a new order state-ininister the count of Wintz inof things.

gerode; the elector arch-chancellor, The undersigned embraces this his ambassader extraordinary, the opportunity to renew to the prince count of Boust; the elector of 2


Baden, his cabinet minister the Art. V. The elector of Baden, baron of Reitzenstein ; his imperial the duke of Berg, and the landgrave highness the duke of Berg, baron of Hesse-Darmstadt shall take the Von Schele ; the landgrave of title of grand dukes, and enjoy the Hesse-Darmstadt, his ambassador rights, honours, and prerogatives extraordinary, baron Von Pappen. belonging to the kingly dignity. heim; the princes of Nassau-Weil. Their rank and precedence shall be burg, and Usingen, baron Von Ga. in the same order as they are mengern; the princes of Hohenzollern. tioned in Art. I. The chief of the Hechingen, and Siegmaringen, Ida- Houses of Nassau shall take the title jor Von Fischer; the prince of of duke, and the count of Leyen Isenburg, Birstein, his privy coun. that of prince. sellor, M. Von Grentze ; the duke of Art. VI. The affairs of the con. Ahremberg, and the count of Leyen, federation shall be discussed in a Mr. Durand St. André; who have congress of the union (Diéte) whose agreed upon the following articles. place of sitting shall be in Frank

Art. I. The states of the contract. fort, and the congress shall be diing princes (enumerated as in the vided into two colleges, the kings preamble,) shall be for ever sepa. and the princes. rated from the Germanic body, and Art. VII. The members of the united, by a particular confedera- league must be independent of every tion, under the designation of the foreign power. They cannot, in confederated states of the empire." any wise, enter into any other ser

Art. II. All the laws of the em. vice, but that of the states of the pire, by which they have been confederation and its allies. Those hitherto bound, shall be in future who have been hitherto in the sernull and without force, with the vice of a foreign power, and chuse exception of the statutes relative to to adhere to it, shall abdicate their debts determined in the recess of the principality in favour of one of deputation of 1803, and in the pa. their children. ragraph upon the navigation, to be Art. VIII. Should any of the funded upon the shipping tolls, said princes be disposed to alienate which statutes shall remain in full the whole or any part of his sove. vigour and execution.

reignty, he can only do it in favour Art. III. Each of the contract of the confederates. ing princes renounces such of his Art. IX. All disputes which titles as refer to his connection with may arise ainong the members of the German empire, and they will, the league shall be settled in the on the first of August, declare their assembly at Frankfort. entire separation from it.

Art. X. In this the prince priArt. IV. The elector arch-chan. mate shail preside, and when it shall cellor shall take the title of prince happen that the two colleges have primate and most eminent highness to deliberate upon any subject, he (given in French, altesse eminentise' shall then preside in the college of sime) which title shall convey no kings, and the duke of Nassau in prerogative derogatory to the entire that of the princes. sovereignty which every one of the Art. XI. The time when the con. contracting princes shall enjoy. gress of the league, or either of the

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colleges, shall have particularly to Art. XVIII. His majesty the essemble, the manner of the convo. king of Wirtemberg, shall receive cation, the subjects upon which they the lordship of Wiesensteig, the city may have to deliberate, the manner and territory of Bleberach, with of forming their conclusions, and their dependencies, the cities of putting them in execution, shall be Waldsee and Schettingen, the comi. determined in a fundamental statute, tial lands of Karpfenburg, Lauwhich the prince primate shall give cheim and Alschhausen, with the in proposition, within a month after exception of the lordship of Hohen. the notification presented at Ratis. feld and the abbey of Weiblingen. bon. This statute shall be approved Art. XIX. The grand duke of of by the confederated states ; this · Baden shall receive the lordship of statute shall also regulate the re. Bonndorff, the cities of Vreulingen, spective rank of the members of the Villingen, and Tuttlingen, the college of princes.

parts of their territory which are Art. XII. The emperor shall be given to him in Art. XIV. and along proclaimed protector of the confe. with these the comitials of Bolken deration. On the demise of the and Freyburg. primate he shall, in such quality, Art. XX. The grand duke of as often name the successor.

Berg shall receive the city and terriArt. XIII. His majesty the king tory of Deutz, the city and manor of Bavaria cedes to the king of of Koeningswinter and the manor of Wirtemberg the lordship of Wie. Wistich, as ceded by the duke of sensteig, and renounces the rights Nassau. which he might have upon Weiblio. Art. XXI. The grand duke of gen, on account of Burgau.

Darmstadt shall unite to his states Art. XIV. His majesty the king the burgraviat of Friedberg, taking of Wirtemberg makes over to the to himself the sovereignty only durgrand duke of Berg the county of ing the lifetime of the present posBonndorff, Breunlingen, and Villin. sessor, and the whole at his death. gen, the part of the territory of the Art. XXII. The prince primate latter city, which lies on the right shall take possession of the city of bank of the Brigoetz, and the city Frankfort on the Maine and its terof Tuttlingen, with the manor of ritory, as his sovereign property. the same name belonging to it, on Art. XXIII. The prince of Hothe right bank of the Danube. henzollern-Siegmaringen shall re

Art. XV. The grand duke of ceive as his sovereign property the Baden cedes to the king of Wirtem. lordships of Aschberg and Hohenberg the city and territory of Bie. sels depending on the comitial of brach, with their dependencies. Aschhaufen, the convents of Klos.

Art. XVI. The duke of Nassau terwald and Haltzthal, and the sotecedes to the grand duke of Berg the reignty over the imperial equestrian city of Deutz and its territory. estates that lie in his dominions, and

Art. XVII. His majesty the king in the territory to the north of the of Bavaria shall unite to his states Danube, wherever his sovereignty the city and territory of Nurem- extends, namely, the lordships of berg, and the Teatonic comitials of Gamerdingen and Hottingen. Rohr and Waldstettem.


Art. XXIV. The members of the exception of the lordships of the confederation shall exercise all Gundelsingen and Neussen); also the rights of sovereignty hencefer- over Trochtelfingen, Jungenau, and ward as follow:-His majesty the the part of the manor of Moes king of Bavaria, over the principa- kirch, which lies on the left bank of lity of Schwartzenberg, the county the Danube, over the lordship of of Castell, the lordships of Spein. Hagenau, county of Thuingen, feld and Wiesenheid, the dependen. Landgraviat Klettgau, manors Neicies of the principality of Hohen. denau and Billigheim, principality lohe, which are included in the mar. of Liningen, the possessions of graviate of Anspach, and the terri- Lowenstein Wertheim, upon the tory of Rothanburg, namely, the left bank of the Maine (with the exgreat manors of Schillingsfurst and ception of the county of Lowen." Kirchberg, the county of Sternstein, stein,) and the lordships of Aaibach, the principality of Oettingen, the Brennherg, and Habitzheim ; and possessions of the prince of La Tour lastly over the possessions of the to the north of the principality of princes of Salm-Reiferscheid-Krau. Neuburg, the county of Edelstetten, theim, to the north of the Jaxt. the possessions of the prince and of The grand duke of Berg, over the the count of Fugger, the burgraviat lordships of Limburg Styrum, Brugg, of Winterreiden ; lastly, the lord- Hardenberg, Gimborn, and Neu. ships of Buxheim and Tannhausen, stadt, Wildenberg; the counties of and over the entire of the highway Homburg, Bentheim, Steinfort, and from Memmingen to Lindau.-His Horstman, the possessions of the majesty the king of Wirtemberg, duke of Looz, the counties of Sie. over the possessions of the prince gen, Dillenburg (the manors of and count of Truchess Waldeburg, Werheim and Burgoch excepted,) the counties of Baindt, Egloff Gut- over Stadamar, the lordships Wes. tenzell, Hechbach, Ysuy, Koenig. terburg, Schadeek, and Beilstein, seek, Aulendorff, Ochsenhausen, and the property so called, part of Roth, Schussenried and Wiessenau, Runkelt on the right bank of the the lordships of Mietingen and Sun- Lahn. In order to establish a com. ningen, New Ravensburg Thamn. munication between Cleves and the heim, Warthausen and Weingarten, abovenamed possessions, the grand with exception of the lordship of duke shall have a free passage Hagenau ; the possessions of the through the states of the prince of prince of Thurn, with the exception Salm.-His highness the grand duke of those not mentioned above; the of Darmstadt, over the lordships of lordship of Strassberg and manor of Brenberg, Haibach, the manor of Oztraitz, the lordship of Gundel. Habizhein, county of Erbach, lord. singen which his majesty does not ship of Illenstadt, a part of the possess, all the unalienated posses. county of Konigsheim, which is possions of the princess of Hohenlohe, sessed by the prince of Stolberb and over a part of the manor for. Gederu ; over the possessions of the merly belonging to Mentz, Kraut- baron of Redesel, that are included heim on the left bank of the Jaxt. in, or lie contiguous to, his states, The grand duke of Baden over the namely, the jurisdictions of Lauserprincipality of Feurstenberg, (with hach, Stockhausen, Mort, and

3 G 3


Truenstern, the possessions of the Art. XXV. The member sof the princes and counts of Solms, in confederation shall take the soteWetterau, exclusive of the manors reignty of the imperial equestrian of Hohen-Solms, Braunsels, and lands included within their boundaGreifenstein ; lastly, the counties ries. Such of these lands as lie Wittgenstein and Berleburg, and between the states of two of the the manor of Hessen-Homburg, confederates, shall be with respect which is in possession of the line of to the sovereignty partitioned as that name.--His most serene emi. exactly as possible between them, nence (Durchlauchtige eminez) the that no misunderstanding with re. prince primate, over the possessions spect to the sovereignty may arise. of the princes and counts of Lowen. Art. XXVI. The rights of sore. stein-Wertheim, on the right bank reignty consist in exercising the of the Maine, and over the county legislation, superior jurisdiction, of Rheineck. --Nassau Usingen and administration of justice, military Nassau Weilburg, over the manors conscription, or recruiting, and lery. of Diersdorf, Altenweid, Neurs. ing taxes. burg, and the part of the county of Art. XXVII. The present reignBassenburg, which belongs to the ing princes or counts shall enjoy, as prince of Wied Runkel, over the patrimonial or private property, all counties of Nouwied and Holzapsel, the domains they at present occupy, the lordship of Schomburg, the as well as all the rights of manor county of Diez and its dependen. and entail that do not essentially cies, over that part of the village appertain to the sovereignty, viz. of Metzfelden, which appertains to right of superior and inferior ad. the prince of Nassau Fulda, the ministration of justice in common manors of Werhem and Balbach, and criminal cases, tenths, patronthat part of the lordship of Runkel, age, and other rights, with the reve. situate on the left bank of the nues, therefrom accruing. Their Dalur, over the equestrian posses. domains and chattels, as far as re. sions of Kransberg, and, lastly, over lates to the taxes, shall be annexed the manors of Solms Braunfels, Ho- to the prince of that house nader hen Solms, and Greifenstein.— The whose sovereignty they come, or if prince of Hohenzollern-Siegmarin. no prince of the house be in possesgen over Trochtelfingen, Jungenau, sion of immoveable property, in Strasberg, manor Ostrach, and the that case they shall be put upon an part of the lordship of Moeskirch equality with the domains of princes which lays on the left bank of the of the most privileged class. These Danube. --Salm Kyrburg over the domains cannot be sold or given to lordship of Genmen.--Isenburg- any prince out of the confederation, Burstein, over the possessions of without being first offered to the the count of Isenburgh Budingen, prince under whose sovereignty they Wechtersbatch, and Mohrholz, are placed, withoạt any pretensions on the part

Art. XXVIII. In penal cases, of the branch in present possession the now reigning princes and counts, being urged against him.--Ahrem- and their heirs, shall preserve their berg over the county of Dulmen. present privileges of trial. They

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