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-Contersation in the House of Commons arising out of a Question par
to Mr. Windham by Mr. Lmg-Conversation in a Committee of the Ha
on the Army EstimatesMr. Windham Refuses to fir a Day for bringas
forward his Military Plans-Debate on the Ordnance Estimates- Desca
on the Motion for Leade to bring in a Bill for the Repeal of the Additions
Force Bill-Debate on the Production of Military Opinions or Exlisteet
for a Term of Years - Additional Force Repeal Bill-Debate on the For
Reading-On the Second Reading-On the Motion for going into a Cor-
mittee in the Committee on the Third Reading-in the House of Lorde
on the Second Reading-Mutiny Bill-Debate in the House of Coma;
on the Clause introducing limited Service-On bringing up the Clouse-
filling up the Blanks in the Clause-On the Third Reading of the Bili-
Debate in the House of Lords on the Production of Military Opinions-
On the Clause of the Mutiny Bill introducing limited Service-On the Thr:
Reading of the Mutiny BillDebates in the House of Commons of te
Chelsea Hospital BillThe Training BillThe Volunteer Officers B.
and Militia Officers' Bill Increase of Pay to Infantry Officers, and
Officers and petty Officers of the Navy-Greenwich Hospital Bul-
Foreign Troops Enlistment Bill., . . .


Finance, Budget.Lomn.War Taxes.--Taresto provide for tke Interestof

the Loan.-Irregularity of bringing forward the Ways and Means befors
the Army Estimates.- Property Tax.Exemption of His Majesty's funded
Property from the Operation of this Tar.-Pig Iron Tar.Private Brea.
cry Tar.-Increase of Assessed Tares.- Assessed Taxes Allowance Bill.-
Irish Budget.-Regulation Bills.-Of the Office of Treasurer of the Orde
nance. Of the Ercise.Customs.Stamp Office.- Post Office. - Ofice
Surveyor General of Woods and Forests.-Custom-House Officer's Bill.-
Inaudited Public Accounts.-West India Accounts Bill.- Auditors of Pubie
Accounts Bill.-Abuses in the Barrack Department.-Grants to the Family
of Lord Nelson.To Lord Collingwood.--Sir Richard Strachan, en
Sir John Duckworth.Royal Family Annuities Bill.-Corn Intercourse
Bill.-- American Intercourse Bill. Tortola Free Port Bill.-Iloddles
Manufacture Committee.

. 66


Slave Trade.- Sir Arthur Pigott's Bill.-Bill for preventing the Increase of

the British Slave Trade.-Resolutions against the Slave Trade is bala
Houses of Parliament. Act to amend the Laws relating to Bankrupts.-
Insolvent Bill.--Bill to prevent ex parte Publications in Criminal Pro-
ceedings.--Witness Declaratory Bill.- Reform of the Court of Session of
Scotland.- Bill to explain and render more effectual the Treeting Act.-


- Stipendiari Curate's Bill.- Motion on Vaccination.-Charges against Earl

St. Vincent.-Vote of Thanks to Earl St. Vincent.-Conclusion of the Af.
fair of Judge Fox-Charges against Marquis Wellesley by Mr. Paullo -

Motions for Papers.First Charge against Marquis Wellesley-Second, or

Oude Charge-Supplementary Qude Charge--Furruckabad Charge-

India Budget, and Debates thereon.-Prorogation of Parliament. . 90


Trial of Henry Viscount Melville.Managers ordered to proceed in the Im.
- peachment.-- Answer of Lord Melville to the Articles of Impeachment.--

Additional Article.-Trotter. Answer to the Additional Article.-he-
plication of the Commons.-Commons resolve to attend the Trial as a
Committee of the whole House. - Measures taken by the Lords to prevent
unnecessary Delay in the Trial.--Order to prohibit any Publication of the
Proceedings during the pendency of the Trial.-Summary of the Proceed.
ings on the Trial.- Analysis of the Articles of Impeachment.-Chargęs
reducible in Substance to three.-Analysis of the Evidence on the first,
second, and third. --Legal Defence on the first Charge.-- Answer to
it.-Legal Defence on the second Charge.-Answer to it.--Defence on
the third Charge:-Lords adjourn for some Days the Considera.
tion of the Charges.-Vote of Thanks to the Managers by the Com.

mons.--Discussions in the Lords on the Form of Proceeding ---On dividing

the first Article.-On the first Article. --Questions to the Judges, and

their Answers.--Discussion of the remaining Articles.-Further Question

to the Judges, and their Answer.- Proceedings, during the last Day of

the Trial, in Westminster Hall.-Viscount Melville declared not guilty

by & Majority of Lords.-Numbers for and against him on each Article. 109

persed-Joseph Bonaparte declared King of Napla by his Brother
Eforts of the Court of Palermo to excite Disturbances against him-ha
Abruzzo-In Calabria Expedition of Sir Sidney Smith to the coast of
Naples—Sir James Craig succeeded in the Command of the British Army
in Sicily, by Sir John Stuart - Expedition of Sir John Stuart to Calo-
bria-Batle of Maida-Consequences of that Victory-French crpeld
from the two Calabrias Return of the English Army to Sicily-Opera-
tions along the Coast-Surrender of Gaeta Progress and Cruelties of the
French in Calabria Account of the Massé, or Calabrian Insurgents and
their Leaders-Sir John Stuart succeeded in the Command of the English
Army by General For-Reasons for not acceding to the Wishes of te
Court of Palermo, and making another Expedition to Calabria-State
Sicily-Occupation of Cattaro by the Russians Of Ragusa, by the French
-Siege of Ragusa, by the Russians and Montenegrins Battle of Castel.


The German Empire the natural Barrier of Europe against France.-Com

quences of the Elevation of the House of Brandenburg.--Prussia the te
tural Ally of France.---Policy pursued by Prussia since the French Reto.
lution. Consequences of that Policy.-- Conduct of her Cabinet in 1805.-,
Her Determination to remain neutral in the impending War. -Violation of
Anspach.- Convention of Potzdam.-Marks of the Displeasure of Pratru
at the Conduct of France. Mission of Haugwitz to the French Heed.
Quarters.-Treaty of Vienna between France and Prussia.-Occupationat
Hanover by the Prussians.--France refuses to confirm the Modificaties
inserted by Prussia in the Treaty of Vienna.--Mission of Haugwitz to Paris.
-- Treaty of Paris--Surrender of Anspach, Bayreuth, and Cleves. - As.
neration of Hanover to Prussia. - Exclusion of the English Flag fres
Ports of the German Ocean, under the controul of Prussia.-Rose
strances of the English Ministry.- Embaryo on Prussian Vessels - Bloct.
ade of the Prussian Ports.His Majesty's Message on the War with
Prussia.Hanorerian Declaration.-Leiters of Marque issued against
Prussian Vessels.-War between Prussia and Sweden. - Causes that led to
u Rupture between France and Prussia.-The Investiture of Murat in the
Duchies of Berg and Cleves. The Offer to restore Hanover to the King of
Englund.-The Continuance of the French Army in Germany. -The Indigo
nation universally felt aud expressed at the Conduct of Prussia.-Confede
rution of the Rhine. Dissolution of the German Empire, and Abdication
of the Emperor.--Resistance of the French to the Formation of
Confederacy in the North of Germany. - Recall of Lucchesere,
and Mission of Knobelsdorf to Paris.-Prussian Ultimatum.Delay of

Prussia in announcing to Russia and England her Intention of going,"
Wur with France.- Mission of Lord Aforpeth to Prussia.- His Reception
by the Prussian Alinisters.--Blockade of the Prussian Ports and Rorers
discontinued. . . .


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'gotiations for Peace between England and France-Circumstancos which
led to the first Overture from France-Mr. Fox proposes that Russia

should be a Party to the Negotiation--Ohjections of M. Talleyrand to the

Intervention of Russia- Discussions on this Subject, and Failure of the

Negotiation- Second Overture from the French Government through Lord

Yarmouth-Favourable Nature of the Terms proposed Minute of Lord

Yarmouth, containing the Particulars of his Conversation with M. Tal.

Leyrand- Return of Lord Yarmouth to Paris--French retract their former

Offers-Impression which their shuffling Conduct makes on the English Mi.

nistry, and particularly on Mr. Fox~His Unwillingness to give up Sicily

Instructions to Lord Yarmouth-M. D'Oubril signs a separate Peace for

RussiaLord Yarmouth produces his full Powers-Resolution to send

Lord Lauderdale to Paris - Joint Representation to the French Negotia.

tors from Lord Lauderdale and Lord Yarmouth-Delays created by the

French NegociutorsEmperor of Russia refuses to ratify D'Oubril's

Treaty-Whereupon the French are ready to give more favourable Terms

to EnglandBut the English Minister refuses to sign any but a provision.

al Treaty without the Concurrence of Russia-Violence and Impatience of

Bonaparte moderated by his Ministersfinal Conference of Lord Lau.

derdale with M. Champagny-Mistake of supposing that the Negotiation

broke off on Account of the Refusal of the French to cede Dalmatia to the

Russians-Review and justification of the Conduct of the English Cabinet

throughout the Negotiation-Reception of the News of the Failure of the

Negotiation in England - Account of D'Oubril's Treaty-Favourable

Disposition of the new Russian Cabinet towards England.

. 172

burg-Incasion of Westphalia from Holland-Occupation of Hesse C
and Expulsion of the Elector --Occupation of Hanover, Brunswick, a
Mecklenburg--Peace between France and Sarony-Title of King cafe
on the Elector of Saxony--The Princes of the House of Saxe admitted er
the Confederation of the Rhine-Occupation of Hamburgh, and Corrfeste
of all English Produce and Manufactures found in that City-En
Decrce-- Armistice between France and Prussia signed by Luccheria, a
refused to be ratified by the King of Prussia French cross the Older
Progress of their Arms in Silesia-in Poland - Arrival of the Russzi
Warsaw- Their subsequent Retreat behind the Narew- Military Prom
tions of the French--Passage of the French over the Nareu-Actie!
the Narew and Wkra-Defeat and Retreat of the Russians Esagers
Accounts of the Sickness prevailing in the French Army.

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Rupture between Russia and Turkey. -Causes that led to it.-Incasion

Molduria and Wallachia by the Russians.-State of the Turkish Empire-
Continuance of War between the Russians and Persians.--Interco
between France and Persia.--Austria displeased with the Russians
invading T'urkey.-- Internal Affairs of Austria.-Courts of Inquiry-
Military Reforms.-Conduct of the King of Sweden.-Anneration !
Holstein to Denmark.--Holland erected into a Kingdom in favou i
Lewis Bonaparte.--Internal Affairs of Holland.-Speech of his Bata
Majesty at the opening of the Dutch Legislature.-Dumestic Affaini
France. Strains of Flattery addressed to Bonaparteat Munich
Paris.-Meeting of the French Legislature.-Opening Speeck of 3
Emperor.- Report of the State of the Empire by Champagny.-Impeu
Decrees.--Venice annered to the Kingdom of Italy.-- Naples gites.
Joseph Bonaparte.-Berg and Cleves to Murat.-Guastalla lo Price
Borghese-Neufchatel to Berthier.-Revital of Feudal Benefices in Item

Benevento assigned to Talleyrandand Ponte Corvo to Bernadotte-
Order of the Iron Crown,-Message to the French Senate, communicat
the Berlin Decree.- Report on the French Finances.-Retival of the
Tax on Salt.-Convocation of the Jewish Sanhedrim at Paris.-Co-esta
blishment of the Jewish with the Catholic, Luthcran, and reformed Religro

Ideas of Religious Toleration cntertained in France.- Prohibition
Commerce in English Goods throughout Switzerland. - Proclamation of the
Papal Government against harbouring Malcontents in the States of te
Church. -Warlike Preparations in Spain--suddenly Countermanded.-
Danger of Portugal during the Negotiation between France and England
Threats of invading that Kingdom by the French.Earl St. l'incent key
with a Fleet to the Tagus with offers of Assistance to the Portugues
Government.-army assembled at Plymouth.-General Simcue and Earl.
Rosslyn sent to Portugal.-- Instructions of the English Commissioners.-
Result of the Expedition equally useful and honourable to England. 9


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