Nugĉ Antiquĉ: Being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers, in Prose and Verse; Written During the Reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary, Elizabeth, and King James, Volume 2

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Page 1 - A Catalogue of the Bishops of England, Since the first Planting of Christian Religion in this Island, TOGETHER WITH A BRIEFE HISTORY OF THEIR LIVES and Memorable Actions, so neere as can be gathered out of Antiquity.
Page 73 - Hay any worke for Cooper: Or a briefe Pistle directed by waye of an hublication to the reverende Byshopps, counselling them, if they will needs be barrelled vp, for feare of smelling in the nostrels of her Maiestie and the State, that they would vse the aduise of reuerend Martin, for the prouiding of their Cooper.
Page 135 - On the subject of Johnson I may adopt the words of Sir John Harrington, concerning his venerable Tutor and Diocesan, Dr. John Still, Bishop of Bath and Wells ; ' who hath given me some helps, more hopes, all encouragements in my best studies : to whom I never came but I grew more religious ; from whom I never went, but I parted better instructed. Of him therefore, my acquaintance, my friend, my instructor, if I speak much, it were not to be marvelled ; if I speak frankly, it is not to be blamed ;...
Page 73 - England'] to bee an vnskilfull and a beceytfull tubtrimmer. Wherein worthy Martin quits himselfe like a man I warrant you, in the modest defence of his selfe and his learned Pistles, and makes the Coopers hoopes to flye off, and the Bishops Tubs to leake out of all crye.
Page 198 - ... that I hear him out of the pulpit thundering this text ; ' The kingdoms of the earth are mine, and I do give them to whom I will, and I have given them to...
Page 105 - ... with less money than he bestowed since in Sherborne (in building, and buying out leases, and in drawing the river through rocks into his garden), he might, very justly, and without offence of either church or state, have compassed a much better purchase.
Page 49 - I will not wish unto you the ass's ears of Midas, nor to be driven by a poet's verses, as Bubonax was, to hang himself; nor to be rhymed to death, as is said to be done in Ireland; yet thus much curse I must send you in the behalf of all poets; that while you live, you live in love, and never get favor, for lacking skill of a sonnet; and when you die, your memory die from the earth, for want of an epitaph.
Page 292 - Thow wert my guyd, and gaue me grace to comfort me therin. And when my withered skyn vnto my bones did cleue, And fleshe did wast, thy grace did then my simple sprits releue. In other succour then, Oh Lord, why should I trust, But onely thyn, whom I haue found in thy behight so iust. 60 And suche for drede or gayne, as shall thy name refuse, Shall perishe with their golden godds that did their harts seduce.
Page 329 - Where of bliss is greatest dearth. From below thy mind remove, And affect the things above ; Set thy heart and fix thy love Where thou truest joyes shall prove. To me grace, O Father, send, On thee wholly to depend, That all may to thy glory tend ; So let me live, so let me end.
Page 273 - But proud people that dread no fall, Clothed with falsehood and unright, Bred in the closures of thy wall; But wrested to wrath in fervent zeal, Thou haste to strife, my secret call.

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