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among the classes of pupils, that the deaf and dumb children (Les Sourds-Muets) recited by signs a poetical piece ; and the blind children, instructed in labours suited to their condition, assisted at this exhibition. The mind, sickened and disgusted with the daily recitals of carnage and destruction, reposes with momentary tranquillity on details like these but how little interest do they excite with the greater part of the world, com. pared with the charms of an Extraordinary Gazette

The name of the compiler is EnmunD CORDIER.

Art. XXI. Restes d'Architecture Egyptienné, &c. i. e. Remains of

Egyptian Architecture. By JOHN GODFREY GROHMANN, Pro

fessor of Philosophy. 4to. Pp4: and 10 Plates. Leipsic. 1799. In consequence of late events, which have made Egypt a more

frequent topic of conversátion, we are presented with this collection of plates, relative to the architecture of that antient people."

consists of ten, which are neatly engraved. Among them, we have specimens of different modes of building and embellishment, from the obelisk charged with hieroglyphics, to the modern Egyptian dwelling house. The style of these edifices sets all Grecian beauty and propriety at defiance, and is much too void of proportion and grace to be imitated by the more polished nations of Europe, who have applied the classic models with success. These engravings, therefore, arc merely curious, and we must observe that they would have worn à better appearance of verisimilitude, if the places where these specimens exist, or the accounts of Egypę from which they were taken, had been duly pointed out.

ART. XXII.' Briefe, &c. i. e. Letters of a Physician, written at

Paris, and with the French Armies, between May 1795, and November 1797 : designed for Physicians and Statesmen: Dy G. WARDEN BURG. Numbers I and II. , Small 8vo.

Pp. 592. 1798, 1799 T

"HESE two numbers contain twenty-three Letters te

„specting the character of the French, and its influence on surgery and medicine ;-general objects of French surgery and medicine ;-the history of Brunonianism in Paris ;--the .constituted authorities, and administrative powers of the Republic ;- the history of medical instruction before, during, and since che revolution gathe present Ecole de Santé ; and the Salperriere, before, during, and since the revolution.

Many of the observations are highly curious and charac teristic; and they shew that the author has well availed himself of His opportunities. The state of medicine and surgery, in


the capital and in the armies, is strikingly pourtrayed. Among other things, the seeming contradiction between the versatility of the French character, and the blind adherence of the medical student to the doctrines of his professor, is ably illustrated and explained.

from among other anecdotes, We select the following:

• The French (says the author) very properly learn their anatomy from the human subject; not, as the Germans often do, from plates. An çxcellent custom, too, has been introduced, for every one is die monstrate the muscles and nerves which they prepare ; fience each in. structs the other. This serves always as an occasion for the exercise of eloquence, and the talent is crowned with much applause - Mart, it is said, how he describes his muscle! As soon as a student has finished the preparation, ab! he exclaims, what a beautiful muscle ! At this signal, the rest flock round him, and he now begins the demonstration. If any student disregards the summons, and remains by his own subject, he is called away ;-Why don't you come to see this great pectoral -Come and hear the demonstration.

It is I - wobo is going give it. During the exhibition, tokens of applause are commonly manifested; and, at the end, a general acclamation (if the orator has acquitted himself ably) breaks out ;-a), quelle deseripriou il diarit sont muscle comme Cicéron.

of the grossly barbarous and mechanical ideas, and absurd practice, of the French in one important department of surgery, the following will serve as a sufficient indication :

• To every swelling, they attach the idea of hardiess, 'with which that of the necessity of softening naturally associates itself. In a fracture of the fore-arm, attended with violent contusion, extravasation, and swelling, I once saw one of Desault's most reputable scholars apply a poultice so hot as' to raise a blister, which appeared next day under the dressing. The patient complained terribly of the burning, when the poultice was laid on :-" Tranquillise toi, mon camerade, (said the surgeon,) il faut que ça soit chaud ; il faut que ça s'omollite

The author, however, føretells a vast alteration for the better in pedical surgery and medicine, from the Kedde ik Sané, which he describes at length,

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Art. XXIII. Voyage Pittoresque de la Syrie, &c. i. . A Picturesque

Tour through Syria, Palestine, Phænicia, and the Lower Egypt,

&c. Folio. Paris. 1799. WE

E announced this splendid work in our last Appendix, p.567.

and since then Mr. Taylor, bookseller, in Holbord, has received five additional numbers of in No letter-press accompanies these numbers, but each contains six plates, as before; and they continue to be very beautifully engraved, and to represent interesting and picturesque objects.


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To the REMARKABLE' PASSAGES in this Volume.


N. B. To find any particular Book, 'or Pamphlet, see the

Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

Baume, M. his hydrometer, 308. ABBOT, Ms. some account of that in. Besujolin, M. his publication of the genious Botanist, and of his Flora

travels of ewo Freneb gentlemen, 533. Bedfordiensis, 68.

Account of the court of Dresden, is. Abilgaard, Prof. his testimony to the Of Berlin, 534, of Hamburgh, $3$.

efficacy of the Perkinian tractors, 562, of the king of Denmark and his Agriculture, observations on, by an Exco family, ib. Sweden, 536. Of coure perienced Farmer, 373.

Jare king Gustavus, 538. of Russian: Air-pump. See Little

540. Of the graodees of Russia, and Alexandria described, 580.

Their great luxury and state, 343., Allman, Mr. on the application of Characier of the oldiery, 545. As-"?

converging eeriet to the construction of tonishing instance of the force of disa logarithms, 11.!!

cipline on the minds of the Russian Ammoniac, M. Fourcroy's memoir on the troops, 546.

phenomena produced by the precipita. Bee-root, value of, in the production of tion of mercury by ammoniac from sugar, 555. the sulphuric acid, 514.

Berlin, described, 534. Unpleasant to Anderson, Mr, his observations relative 22 foot-passengers, 535.

to the yellow fçrer of the West Bernis, Cardinal, his character of Case Indies, 454

dinal Braschi, 564. Arabian Faler, s'complele translation of Blair, Ds. on achromatic telescopes, 305. recommended, 4750

Plecb, Prof. his testimony concerning they

eficacy of the Perkinian tractos, 561. Bramab, Mr. description of a new press

operating by wate', 307.

Brydonc, Mr. accused of missepresentaBabington, Dr. his tocount of a yound,

by a bayonet, through the heart of a Buggy, a French province, remarks on, man, who lived dine bours after the

575 accident, 167.

Burrows, Mr. his memoir on the pier Two cases of Rabies Conina tical character of Goldsmith, 27. in opium had no success, 169. Burier-free, of Africa, Ma Park's ico Bang. Prof. nis evidence respecting the count and commendation ol, 154.

cfficacy of the practice of Perkinism,

561. Bork. See Willoco. Burlone, Mr. case of the Cæsarean opera.

ciun performed with sately to the Casarean operation, performed with woman, 369

safety to the life of the woman, 169.


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tion, 579

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: 307.

Cesaresu operation, inquiry into the true. man's Vis,' 119.


and spurious perition, 570.

spondents, 120, 240, 480.
Cambridge, university ut, plan of a new Cow.pox, observa'juns nn, 411. R-pors

mode of academical examination for concerning, 414,

the degree of bachelor or 1r's, 355. Crimfe, Dr. Case of uncommon works
Candles, probability of substituting iallow discharged from ebe stomach, 389.

for wax, 308.
Cope of Good Hope, uncommon disease
Frequent among the catile there, 130,

Corbarine il. Empress of Russia, her re.

markable generosity to Diderot with D'Alembert, M. writes the anecdotes of

respect to the sale of his library, 512. his own life, 508. His pstrast of
Cbapta!, M. observacions on the means himself, 509.

Letter to, from toe
by which the mountains in the Ceven. king of trussia, 511. His retosal of
nes are fertilized, 557.

the offer of president of the Berlin
Cbrieront, Earl of, hisingenious HINTS academy, 512: His high regard for

on a passge in Dante, respecting the Voltaire, 531.
revival of Iciters, 23.

Darwin, Dr, his Zoonomia attacked sed
Cheston, Dr. singular case of lithotomy, criticised by Mr. Brown, 151, 264.

Daubenton, M. his observations on the
Cisalpine repablic, extent and population 'growth of trees, 516.
ot, 72.

Denmark, accouni of the present kiz
Clarke, Dr, remarks on the causes and ol, 355.

Of the prince royal, ie.
cure of some diseases of infancy, 389, Amiable Princesses, ib.
Cliwe, Mr. on the use of the tinerari ferri Desniend, Mr. new method of råtning,

mariari in suppressions of urine, &c.

Diamond, curious chemical experiments
Cok", Sir Edward, brief history of, 1950 relative to, 558.
Calins compared with Tasso in paibelic Diderot, M. bis letter to D'Alembert,
"simplicity, 283.

giving an account of the sale of his
Colnets, Captain, undertakes à vogne to library to the empress of Russia, 512.

the South Ailantic, round Cape Horn, Drake, Dr. his critical remarks on rari.
into the Pacific Ocean, with commer- ous branches of poetry, 202. His ods
cal views, 27. His qualifications for to Content, 290.
the undertaking, ih. Account of his Dutcb, unfavorable accounts of tbeir
silccess, 19. Occurrences in the establisbments and conduct in the East
voyage, 30.

Indies, &c. 113. 137.
Comcis, perturbation of the elliptical mo: Dycr's Fleece, unjustly censured by Juha.

tions of, 504. Protable effects of the son, 2856

shock of a comet, ib.
Consumption, pulmonary, early signs and
prevention of, 273. Dr. Beddoes's

method of treatment of, 274. Cales,

275. Fox.glows ord as a reme'y, 281. Edgwortb, Mr. his essay on the art of
Com agcn, me hod of preventing, in ships conveying secret and swift intelligeber,
and hospitals, 345.


His ingenicus aliusion to the
Cesk, Mr. his chice schemes for convers Delphic Oracle, on this subject, 20.
ing intellige. ce ar gical distances, 18.

his supplement to his essay,
Co); er, Mr. Atley, his account of a case
of strangulated herri., 16.

Epipbany, whence derived, 98.
L., iistinces of notrucach of the

thoracic duct, 168.
Cose, Dr. his histo y' of England disa

Linguished by the goquense and mo.
deration of the auction, this jus: Fabroni, M. his letter to M, Van Mons,
aciunt of Lord Bule's 28 - in stration to prove that alcohol is dit the pic
ant characier, 59. General commend-

. dt vinous fermentation, but of distuia.
aion or his work, 02.
CORRESPONDENCE with the Reri wers,

Fim, curious account of a very prest
F. Bady, relative to General • Dutel farm at the Cape of Good Hope
Wishington's "):1775, 118.". Dr. 129.) U B com non discase among the
Busor, relasy? toy Picmene Plomu. Caile there, 130.


rion 555:


the cure

Farr, Dr. observations on the cure of Highlanders of Scotlend, their so persti-
the hydrocele by injection, 170.

tion, 290.
Fata Morgana, describe', 110.

Hinckes, Mr, his account of MS. paper
Fever, putrid, . See Lipscomb.

of Sir Ph, Hoby, 389.
-, yellow, 'See Pbiladelphia,

History, new method of studying, 513..
of the West Indies. See llogarib, anecdotes of, 397. His us-

tovirable opinion of the institutiva
pats at St. Domingo. See M Lean. of the Roja! Acodemy, ib. Cummences
Field-p.eaching defended, 480.!

au:hor, and publishes his famous
Figbis of wild beasts, public exhibitions Analy:i6, 399: History of his picture
of ac Java, 134.

of Sigismun-2, 400., Humorous story
Flooring of land, improved methods of,

about Ms. Hridgger, 401..

Bope, the pleasures wt, poetically displaye
Fontenelle, M. interesting anócdote rela-

ed, 422
tive to the characteristic turn of his Horse, observations on the foot of chat
liberality and bedeficence, 511.

useful animal, and on errors in the
Foxcoy, M. philosophical papors by,

prac:ice of shoeing, 393. Improves
in the memoirs of the Paris Academy,

rents in the art, proposed, 335.
513! On the combustion of hydro- Hydle, Edward, Earl of Clarendon, shore
genbus gas in close vessels, $15. On biography vf, 1?5
the formation of nitric acid,' il. Diş Hydraulic architecture, discussion relative
review of Ventenat’s' Pictures of ibe to, 485--1994

Vegetable Kingdem, $55. His analysis Hydroceri, cbservations on
of urine, in conjunciion with M. Vau. by injection, 170.

quelin. 557-158.
Fowler, Dr. his ariention to the digitais,

I and f
as a remedy in phobisis, 281.
Frogs, curious arcount of some found in Java, fondres of the inhabitants of,

for shews 0: the comba's of wild beasts,
de state of Vermont, seemingly but
not inecoverably perrified, 263.

134. Description of a battle betweea
Furnace, cupelling, of the astayises, ab.

a iiger and a buffet, ib.
ser rasions on the defects of, 536,

Imposture, literary, curious instance of,

Intelligence, improved methods of con.

yiriny, with celerity and secrecy. See
Ganganelli, Pope, his death said to have


See Edgwerth.
been violent, 563

Foseph II lae Emperor of Germany,
God, our knowlege of, discheser, 38!. anecdoies relative t9, 547, 55!..

Omnipresence of, 393: Justice of, ib. Ireland, political altercations relative to
Not less amiable and adorabla when he an union of ihat kingdom with Great
exercises his justice than in the disilay Britain, 83, 91, 92, 215221.

of his goodness, ib.
Goldsmirb, Dr. character of, 27.

Gorkić superstition, observations on, 284.
Gustavus IIf. king of Sweden, his gieat

Karfa, a negro slave-merchant, his
character, 536.

kindness i0 Mir. Park quring his
Gyron, M. on the colour and matter of

African jouroty, 255, 259:
vegetable juices, with a method of Kaunisz, Prince, Jale prime minister so
making lake, &c. 554. Experiments the emperor of Germany, anecdores
on the combustion of the diamond, 558. Kigour, Mr. his letter to Dr. Beudoes

relative to, 548, 551.

on the pbibisis pulmonalis, 276.

Kiiwan, Dr. on the composition of carr
Haighoon, Dr. his account of a painful bon in bitumens and coal, 390. View
Hection of the face, 165.

of the state of the weather an Dublin,
inquiry into the true and ib Thoughts on magnetism, ib.
spurious Cæsasean operation, 170. Primitive state of the globe, 391...
Hamburgb described, 535. Its fine estab- Klenburg. Prot. his evidence relocive to
lishment of an orphan-house, ib.

The perkinian practice, 561.
Hamilton, Prof. on the longitude, 21. Koskiusko, the unfortunate Patriot of
Hart, singular case of a wound in, Sce Puland, puetically lamented, 424.

Hecuba of Euripides. See Parson, Ses

kleidegger, anecdote of, 40},


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