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ngis2 Niebelson, Mh his invention of a set

electrical instrument, 306,
Labadie, M. bis miem. concerning de, on printing books, &c. by the
Grapes and wine of Bourdeauxy 554.

action of cylinden, ib,
Lamps and candies, obrervations on the Nisbelson's methods of obviating the ele
e'ns suction and light of, and the pro. fecia of best and cold on time-pieceh
dability of subsiituring collow for was, 308.

-, on the magnetic polarity of a
Larimer, Bp. brief biographical account mountain of serpentine, 309.
ot, 174,

JA, on the faca mergandy 330.
Lavoisier, M. his mem, on the integ. Nike, batele of, publicacions relative te,

sible perspiration of animals, 515 99, 335I try 'n 1,6,
Lennon, Mr. his descriprion of an image

Nitric acid. See Fourtray.
taken froro ao lodian pagoda, 388.)
Leopoid, late emperor of Germany, aniec.
doces relativ: to, 547–548.

Lettsom, Dre his country seat (Grove Hilly Ost, sweet.acord queries ballets) me.

poetically described, 419.
Ligbe, remarkable inflection of, passing Orestes of Euripides. Seç Perisa, See

*moir on, by M. Bes Fontaines, 576.
through wire-cloch, 306.
Lisboromy, singular case of, 169.

Little, Mr. his description of an air-pump Orlof, Count, remarkable anecdote af,

of a new construction, 22.
Lendon, the name of a river in France, Ousley, Mr, bis account of four citala

plates of gold found in Ireland, 329.
Longitude. See Hamilton.
Lucretius, obs. on the writings and genius

of, with specirnens of Mr. Good's new
pociic version of, 282.

Palm-tree, growth of, different from thos
Lynn, Mr. account of a rupture of the at other srees, 516.
aorta, near the heart, 167.

Paradox, hydrostatis; the principle of,

applied to a new mechanical iarza.

lion. See Bramab.

Park, Mr. his instructions for exploring

the interior of Africa, 243. His 2-
M'Lean, Dr. his inquiry into the more count of King Almami, and of his

sality among the troops a St. Do- reception at Fatieconda, 245. Of the
mingo, 455

Foulahs of Bondou, 240. Progress
Marcard, Dr. his experiments relative
to pulmonary consumptioas, 278.

through several other nations, 248.

Plundered of his property, ib. As.
Marlin, Henry, anecdotes of, 297.

rives at the capital of Bambarra, and
Mercury, M. Foutcroy's memoirs on the the banks of the Niger, 353. Pre-
sariety of sulphat of, 514.

pares to cross the river, but is probi-
Messina, Fara of, wonderful appear. bited, and in distress, ib. Husnanicy
ances in, bolh on the sea and in the

of a negroe woman, with the Docbest
air, described, and explained, 3.10. of Devonshire's pretty lines on the
Microscopical discoveries of Leeuwenhoek, occasion, ib. Proceed, eastward
republicatiuo of, 408."

along the banks of the Niger, 254.
Mooney, Mr. on the method of taking Crosses the river, to Silla ; continues
sadicals out of equations, 211

his journey along the river, and is re-
Mural obligarion discussed, 383..

duced to depend for subsistence on che
Moscow described, 540. Splendid style charity of the negroes, 255. The mea

in which the Russian nobility live often unkind, but the women ani.
There, ib.

versally benevolentj 257. Cresses
Mess, colours for dyeing extracted from, the Jalouka wilderness, in company
in Sweden, 537. Great benefit of, ib. with a slave carayan, 258. His return

to England, 259..

Perkins, Dr. cerificates of the efficacy of

his metallic instrumtats, 559.- Re.

marks on, 560, &c.
Nezami, his Arabian poem, entitled Pervuse, M. de ta, general character of

Mejamun and Leild, abstract of the that lamented sca officer, 63.
story ofy 123.

Perspiration, iasensible, of animals, me-


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moir on, by M. M. Seguin 'and Lis Scherer, M. extrace from his journal of
voisier, sts

chemistry, 517
Peter illo emperor of Russia, panegyri. Sdbubmarber, Prof. his evidence on the
cal history of, a

- Perkinian medical pra tice, 561.
Petersburgb describe, 540.

Segwia, M. his methad of tonning, gori
Pbiladelphia, facts and observations rela. - His memoir on the insensible perspira•
tive to the pestilential fever there,

xtion of animals, 5550"!
published by the College of Physi. Selden, John, his character of his coun.
cians, 4326 drivi

trymen, 298.
Pigeons, the proper management of the Serpentine, account of the magnetic pola.

dove com, recoinmended, 375. piry of a mountain of, 309.
Plague, account of that which raged at Seward, the late Mr. Wilkam, his ex-
Moscow a few years ago, 78.

sicellent private character, 294. Ac.
Pope Pius VI. his character, 563. His. count of his last anecdotal publication,

rory, 565. His visit to the Emperor the Biograpbiana, ib. His poetical
Joseph il. 575. Death of, $73.

epistle to his nieces, 296.
Porsen's Hecuba Orostas criticised, 315, Sbea-tree, Mr. Park's account of, and of
426. Mr.Pequested not to le his

the butter made from it; 254.
other pursuiis cause bim to forget hio Şbee, Sir G. bis memoir on the coasttuce
MS: lexicon of PHOTICS, 444.

tion of ships, 15:
Paremkin, Prince, curious particulars re,

Sberwen, Dr. case of an imperforated
specting the character and fortune of hymca, 10.
that great court favourire, 544.

Sbips, improvements in the coostruction
Preston, Mr. his reflection on the choice ot, suggested, 15.
of subjects for tragedy, 23.

Smith, Richard, his account of a liga.
Prussia, king of, his letrer 10 D'Alem- menta: y union of the tibia, after the
bert, on the death of Madame Geoffrin,

removal of a carious portion of that

+ bone, 167.
Pye, Mr. [the Lauréat,} his elegant Soda. See Vauquelin,

verses addressedioFair Devon's Solids, resistance of, observations and
balcyon Vales,” &c. 468.

experimcats relative to, 517. Gali-

leo's theory concerning, 518. Opis

nions of succeeding philosophers, 519.

M. Girard's experiments and analy.
Quicksilver. See Meriury.

dical researches on this subject, 522.
Ruinquing. " Sec Børk. See Willemu,

Sonnels, and Sonnef-writing, considered,

282. Those written by Miss Seward

criticised, 362.

Stavorinus, Admiral, his account of his
Relpb, Mr. advantageous character of his

voyages to the East Indies, 128. De-
poetry, 448. His epigrammatic cou.

scripcion of a Dotch farm at the Cape,
plec on Swift's endowing an hospital
for idiots, 449.

129. Of the combats of wild beatus

at Java, 134. Establisment at Celem
Rirronhouse, Mr. on the remarkable effect

bes, 135. At Amboyna, 11376 Ac.
of the inflection of light, &c. 306.

count of the Alfeers, 138. State of
Romances, Oriental observations on, 122.

European factories at Surat, 139.
Rosetta described, 582.
Rousseau, his Emile criticised by D'Alem- Surgions, French, anecdotes of, 586.

Sun, affirmed to be a body of ice, 1go.

Swedes, their national character, 356.
Russja, curious account of, 540-544. Their extraordinary commercial use of

miss, $37. Their use of the trun-

cheon, iba
Sage, M. his observations on the defects

of she cupelling furnac, 516. On
the rhomboidal calcareous spar found Tanning, new merhod of. See Desmond.
in the sandstone quarries at Fontaine. Teegraph. See Edgtlottv.
bleau, ib. On the terreous 0.6 of Telescopes, achromatic, new method of
zinc, 517. in

constructing, 305.
Sanguine" (bloodstone, hæmatites] used Tic Douleureux, account of a case of that

in drawing, memoir on. See Zonet. painful disorder, 165:
Saurin, the merit of that eminent divine Time-fiice, observations on the methods
app.eciated, 392.

of osviating the effects of heat and
Scberet, M, bie trate on the extraction of cold on those machines, 308.
sugar from the Buta-Cicia, 535. Tragedy, Italian, historical memoirs of.


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bert, 510.

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See Walker, Reflexions on the choice Urige, human, curious chemical asalysis
of subjecis for tragedy, 23.,

of, 558.
Turks, their characes, 552. Their mi-,
litary spirit, 553.


Wakefield, Mr, his Diatriče, &c. criticise in
U and V

311,426. The critic's bow to M..

at parking, 443,
Vallancey, General, his hypothesis of the Walker, Mr. J. C. his cri'ical mem sirs

Oriental emigration of the antient on Italian (raged«, 1, His accouat of
Tobabitants of Britain and Ireland, Luigi Groto, 4. Of Palladio's Olympc

theatre, 5. Of Speron Sporuni, and
Van Braam, M. his account of his cm his extr ordinary drama of Cor14, &c.

bassy to China contioned, 33. His ibe Of Giraldo Cinthio, and his pro-
arrival at the emperis's court, 34. ductions, 6. Of Aretino, 5. of
Manner of his recepsion, ib. Miscale Dolce, 7. Of Tasso's Terrismod, ib.
laneous details :ebacive to the manners of other celebrared Italian uagis
and customs of the Chinese, 37.

poets, and their wo ks, 8.
Van Marum, M. his account of new apa, Wallace, Mr. his essay on the variations

paratus belonging to Teyler's founda. of Erglish prose, from the Revolution
ijon, 556.

to the prerent time, 24.
d'apour, nitrous, effects of, in preventing Wavel, Ds. two cases of rabits carina, ia

and destroying contagion in hospitals which opium was given without suce
and ships, 345

cers, 169.
Variole Vaccine, Dr. Jenner's farther Willow-lark,(the broad-leav'd,) proposed

observations on, 411. Dr. Woodville's as a subrriture for the Peruvias bark,
reports concerning, 414.

85. M. Bartholdi's analysis of the
Hauquelin, M. his work.-" The Assay- white willow bark, $ 55.

er's Manual," sec«mnended by M.La H'irds, colo, issuing out or the earth, Tem
Grange, 556. Of the decomposition marks on, 311.
of muriat of :oca by oxyd of lead, 556. Wittering, Dr. his use of the digital's, as
On the sap of vegeiables, 557 Ana. a remedy in cases of pulmonary con-
lysis of urine, ib.

sumption, 274-277.
Vinival,M. his Tableau du Regn: Vigetal, World, system of, 500. Motion of the
' reviewed by M. Fourcroy, 555..

planets about the sun, tol. Of the
Ver mcrit, sta e of, iis very promising si. ear h, ihe Analogy of ibe places, i.

tuation and importance in the Anie. Arguments in confirmatiun of the
rican scale, 262.

Copernican system, 502. Comment on
Vienna, state of society, in genteel life, in the laws of motion, soz. Perturba.
that capital, $49.

tions of the elliptical motion of the
Unin between Great Britain and Ireland, planels explained, 504.

See Ireland,
Voitaire, M. his life, by a profe:sed and

intimate friend, 525. His for sighs of
ibe French Revolution, 527: Style Zimmermann, M. his oks, on the dangere
and manner of his private life, 528. .. ous infle, ce of solitude on the beman
His great wealth, ib. , His liberality mind, 176.
and charity, 52).

His treatment of Zinc, obs. on the terreous ore of, from
his visito'!, 510.

Message to Pope Siberia, $17
Ganganelli,ib. Amiahle iniendship be- 20!, M. his mem. on the fabrication
tween him anu Mademoiselle de Varia

of crayons of paste of Sanguire, used in
cruri, 532.

drawing, 555.
Tursigim, a la'e dramatic performanceso 2cm wid, the celebrated work of Du

enütled, a gross'imposition on the Darwin, criticised, 151, 264.

public, 445. Specin en f, 446. Z cucb, Mr. His account of the Rev.Joka
Upsal, in Sweden, describcd, 537.

Clark, 476.

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