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Labadie, M. bisa mem. concerning the
Grapes and wine of Bourdeaux, 554-
Lamps and candles, observations on the
ens ruction and light of, and the pro-
bability of substituting tallow for wax,

Latimer, Bp. brief biographical account
of, 174-5

Lavoisier, M. his mem, on the insen-
sible perspiration of animals, 515. 2
Lennon, Mr. his description of an image
taken from an Indian pagoda, 388.
Leopold, late emperor of Germany, anec-
dotes relative to, 547-548.
Lettiem, Dre his country seat (Grove-Hill)
poetically described, 419.
Light, remarkable inflection of, passing
through wire-cloth, 306.
Lithotomy, singular case of, 169.
Little, Mr. his description of an air pump


of a new construction, 22.

Lendon, the name of a river in France,

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2 Nicholson, Me, his invention of a new
electrical instrument, 306,



McLean, Dr. his inquiry into the mor
sality among the troops at St. Do-
mingo, 455.
Marcard, Dr. his experiments relative
to pulmonary consumptions, 278.
Martis, Henry, anecdotes of, 297.
Mercury, M. Foutcroy's memoirs on the
variety of sulphat of, 514.
Messina, Face of, wonderful appear.
asances in, both on the sea and in the
air, described, and explained, 310.
Microscopical discoveries of Leeuwenhoek,

republication of, 408.
Mooney, Mr. on the method of taking
radicals out of equations, 21.
Meral obligation discussed, 383.
Moscow described, 540. Splendid style
in which the Russian nobility live
there, ib.
Mess, colours for dyeing extracted from,
in Sweden, 537. Great benefit of, ib.


Nezami, his Arabian poem, entitled
Mejnoun and Leila, abstract of the
story of 123.

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Park, Mr. his instructions for exploring
the interior of Africa, 242. His ac-
count of King Almams, and of his
reception at Fatteconda, 245. Of the
Foulahs of Bondou, 240. Progress
Plundered of his her nations, 248.
property, ib. Ar-
rives at the capital of Bambarra, and
the banks of the Niger, 253. Pre-
pares to cross the river, but is prohi-
bited, and in distress, ib. Humanity
of a negroe woman, with the Duchess
of Devonshire's pretty lines on the
occasion, ib. Proceeds eastward
along the banks of the Niger, 254.
Crosses the river, to Silla; continues
his journey along the river, and is re-
duced to depend for subsistence on the
charity of the negroes, 255. The mea
- often unkind, but the women «ni»
versally benevolent, 257. Crosses
the Jalouka wilderness, in company
with a slave caravan, 258. His return
to England, 259.

Perkins, Dr. certificates of the efficacy of
his metallic instruments, 559. Re-
marks on, 560, &
Pérouse, M. de la, general character of

that lamented sea officer, 63.
Perspiration, insensible, of animals, me-

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moir on, by M. M. Seguin and Las
voisier, gry. "'3" 18" 495
Peter Ill emperor of Russia, panegyri

cal history of, 491. 11
Petersburgh described, 540. eplusdali
Philadelphia, facts and observations rela-
tive to the pestilential fever there,
published by the College of Physi-
cians, 432 anlamul
Pigeons, the proper management of the
dove cor, recommended, 375.
Plague, account of that which raged at

Moscow a few years ago, 78.
Pope Pius VI. his character, 563. His-
rory, 565. His visit to the Emperor
Joseph II. 571. Death of, 573.
Porson's Hecuba&Grastes criticised, 311,
426. Mr. P. requested not to le. his
other pursuits cause bim to forget his
MS. lexicon of PHOTIUS, 444
Potemkin, Prince, curious particular, re-
specting the character and fortune of
that great court favourite, 544.
Preston, Mr. his reflection on the choice
of subjects for tragedy, 23.
Prussia, king of, his letter to D'Alem-
bert, on the death of Madame Geoffiin,


Pye, Mr. [the Lauréat,] his elegant
Fair Devon's

verses addressed to
halcyon Vales," &c. 468.


Quicksilver. See Mercury.
Quinquina. See Bark. See Willow,


Relpb, Mr. advantageous character of his
poetry, 448. His epigrammatic cou-
plet on Swift's endowing an hospital
for idiots, 449.
Rittenhouse, Mr. on the remarkable effect

of the inflection of light, &c, 306.
Romances, Oriental observations on, 122.
Rosetta described, 582.
Rousseau, his Emile criticised by D'Alem-
bert, 510.

Russia, curious account of, 540-544.



Sage, M. his observations on the defects
of the cupelling furnace, 516.
the rhomboidal calcareous spar found
in the sandstone quarries at Fontaine-
bleau, ib. On the terreous ose of
zine, 517. * £*
Sanguine [bloodstone, hæmatites] used

in drawing, memoir on. See Zonet.
Saurin, the merit of that eminent divine
appreciated, 392.
Scherer, M. his note on the extraction of
sugar from the Buta-Cicle, 555-

Scherer, M. extract from his journal of
chemistry, 557.

Schuhmacher, Prof. his evidence on the
-4 Perkinian medièal pra tice, 561.
Seguin, M. his method of tanning, 307.
- His memoir on the insensible perspira-
*tion of animals, 515.


Selden, John, his character of his coun-
trymen, 298.

Serpentine, account of the magnetic pola.
rity of a mountain of 39.
Seward, the late Mr. Wilham, his ex-
52cellent private character, 294. Ac
count of his last anecdotal publication,
the Biographiana, ib. His poetical
epistle to his nieces, 296.
Shea-tree, Mr. Park's account of, and of
the butter made from it, 254.



Shee, Sir G. his memoir on the construc-
tion of ships, 15.
Sheraven, Dr. case of an imperforated
chymen, 170.
Ships, improvements in the construction
of, suggested, 15.
Smith, Richard, his account of a liga-
menta: y union of the tibia, after the
removal of a carious portion of that
+bone, 167.

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Soda. See Vauquelin,


Solids, resistance of, observations and
experiments relative to; 517. Gali-
leo's theory concerning, 518. Opi
nions of succeeding philosophers, 519.
M. Girard's experiments and analy
tical researches on this subject, 522.
Sennets, and Sonnet-writing, considered,
282. Those written by Miss Seward
criticised, 362.
Stavorinus, Admiral, his account of his
voyages to the East Indies, ra8. De-
scription of a Dutch farm at the Cape,
129. Of the combats of wild beasts
at Java, 134. Establisment at Cele-
bes, 135. At Amboyna, 137% Ac.
count of the Alfeers, 138. State of
European factories at Surat, 139.
Surgeons, French, anecdotes of, 586,
Sun, affirmed to be a body of ice, 180.
Swedes, their national character, 356.


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Their extraordinary commercial use of
mss, $37.Their use of the trun
cheon, ib 24. Pratitet pra) 11's
Tanning, new method of. See Desmond.
Telegraph. See Edgworth.
Telescopes, achromatic, new method of
constructing, 305.



Tic Douleureux, account of a case of that
painful disorder, 165,
Time-pice, observations on the methods
of ocviating the effects of heat and
cold on those machines, 308%
Tragedy, Italian, historical memoirs of.

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See Walker, Reflexions on the choice
of subjects for tragedy, 23.,
Turks, their charact r, 552. Their mi-
litary spirit, 553-

U and V

Vallancey, General, his hypothesis of the
Oriental emigration of the antient
inhabitants of Britain and Ireland,

Van Braam, M. his account of his cm-
bassy to China continued, 33. His
arrival at the emperor's court, 34.
Manner of his reception, ib. Miscel-
laneous details relative to the manners
and customs of the Chinese, 37.
Van Marum, M. his account of new ap-
paratus belonging to Teyler's founda-
tion, 556.
Vapour, nitrous, effects of, in preventing
and destroying contagion in hospitals
and ships, 345-
Variole Vaccine, Dr. Jenner's farther
observations on, 411. Dr. Woodville's
1. reports concerning, 414.
Fauquelin, M. his work." The Assay-
er's Manual," recommended by M.La
Grange, 556. Of the decomposition
of muriat of soda by oxyd of lead, 556.
On the sap of vegetables, 557. Ana-
lysis of urine, ib.


Venterar, M. his Tableau du Regne Vegetal,
reviewed by M. Fourcroy, 555.
Vermont, stare of, its very promising si-
⚫tuation and importance in the Ame-
rican scale, 262.

Vienna, state of society, in genteel life, in
that capital, 549.

Uniin Between Great Britain and Ireland.
See Ireland.

Voltaire, M. his life, by a professed and
intimate friend, 525. His foresight of
the French Revolution, 527. Style
and manner of his private life, 528.
His great wealth, ib.. His liberality
and charity, 529. His treatment of
his visitors, 550. Message to Pope
Ganganelli, ib. Amiable friendship be-
tween him and Mademoiselle de Vari-
court, 532.

Tortigern, a late dramatic performance so
entitled, a grass imposition on the
public, 445. Sprcinienf, 446.
Upal, in Sweden, described, 537.

Urine, human, curious chemical analysis
of, 558.


Wakefield, Mr. his Diatribe, &c. criticise
311,426. The critic's bow to M.w.
at parting, 4431
Walker, Mr. J. C. his critical memoirs

on Italian tragedv, 1. His account of
Luigi Grote, 4. Of Palladio's Olympic
theatre, 5. Of Speron Speroni, and
his extr. ordinary drama of Camace, &c.
ib. Of Giraldo Cinthio, and his pro-
ductions, 6. Of Aretino, . Of
Dolce, 7. Of Tasso's Terrismorde,ib.
Of other celebrated Italian tragic
poets, and their wo ks, 8.
Wallace, Mr. his essay on the variations
of English prose, from the Revolution
to the prevent time, 24-
Wavel, Dr. two cases of rabies canina, in
which opium was given without suc-
cess, 169.
Willow-bark, (the broad-leav'd,) proposed
as a substitute for the Peruvian bark,
M. Bartholdi's analysis of the
white willow bark, 555.

Winds, cold, issuing out of the earth, res
marks on, 311.

Withering, Dr. his use of the digitalis, as
a remedy in cases of pulmonary con
sumption, 274-277.
World, system of, 500. Motion of the
planets about the sun, to1 of the
earth, ib. Analogy of the planets, ib,
Arguments in confirmation of the
Copernican system, 502. Comment on
the laws of motion, 503. Perturba
tions of the elliptical motion of the
planets explained, 504.

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