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it selfe deceives. B] shield of fond.

1. 31. A and B] not North. 1. 34. C] repenrance. A Last line. A and B] Chymicks.

p. 296, 1. 2. p. 297, l. 1. and B] of things.

A and B] strange witchcraft.

A full stop has been taken away after Crashaws.
11. 8, 9. A, B and G read thus]
Faire cloud of fire, both shade, and light,
Our life in death, our day in night.

Moone at the.
twelfth below.
Of Faith the
lands lye above.
downe. 1. 22.
The generous.
omit] growing.

1. 12. A, B and G] thinne dilemma. 1. 13. A, B and G] like the A full stop has been added at the end of this line and 1. 14. A, B and G] Thou art Loves. 1. 15. A, B an steward of our growing stocke. 1. 16. A, B and G] Cro 1. 20. C] ckeek. 1. 21. A, B and G] Thou thus ste A, B and G] Chaste kisse wrongs no. 1. 26. A, B an 1. 27. A, B and G] Nor need wee kill. 1. 28. A, B an Last line. A and B] subtile essence.

1. 5

p. 298, l. 1. 1. 3. A, B and

A, B and G] law warres. 1. 2. A, B and G omit] walks
G] where our winds. A comma has been added after
A, B and G] And Fate's whole. A and B add]
Her shafts, and shee fly farre above,



1. 11. A, B an

And forrage in the fields of light, and love. 1. 6. A and B] where, or what. 1. 10. C] antitode. Temper'd 'twixt cold despaire. 1. 15. A, B and G] And loves. G] fierc fruitlesse. 1. 16. G omits] all. 1. 17. A and B] Huntresse. A and B] field.


EPIGRAMMATA SACRA, 2nd Edn., 1670. Only those poen in the 1st edition are here printed. I do not know what authority there be for these additions, so long after Crawshaw's death, but they are pro genuine as two are in the Sancroft MS. (Improba turba tace and Ő u pp. 304 and 305). As the first of these differs somewhat from the Sa copy I have given the MS. form in its place on p. 318 (Tu mala turba ta 1. 14. "Hn in text.

p. 303, 1. 2. σeds in text. p. 305, 1. 4. E] ego ut. 1. 8. E] error abegit. 1. 13. E] Ex me.

1. 12. E] Ex his

p. 339, 1. 18. Mr F. G. Plaistowe, M.A., Librarian of Queens' C who has very kindly allowed me to refer to him in a few cases of diffic the reading of Abp Sancroft's transcript, suggests that ȧvalkŋy in the an error for ἀνάγκην.

p. 345, l. 13. E] forbid the.

p. 346. D gives the following variations in this poem. 1. I. Petronius. 1. 8. And dayntyest drake. The two following lines T' are not in D. 1. 13. pretious Scarus. 1. 17. The Barbill


1. 18. And cloying. p. 349, l. 6. E] from of.

p. 351, 1. 9.
p. 356, l. 11.
p. 359, 1. 6.

A full stop has been supplied after villanie.
E] From of. 1. 16. E] throwes of.

E] smile.

for Chloe that.

p. 364, 11. 20 and 24. A colon has been supplied at the end of ea and also at the end of 1. 19, p. 366.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

lior 39

Christus Vitis ad Vinitorem Patrem

Coepit lacrymis rigare pedes ejus, &
capillis extergebat 38

Congestis omnibus peregrè profectus
est 16

Constituerunt ut si quis confiteretur
eum esse Christum, synagogâ move-
retur 45

Councel concerning her choise, To the
same Party 282

Crashawe, The Anagramme He was
Car 187

Crowne of thornes taken downe from
the head of our B. Lord bloody,
Upon the 83, 243

Crucifix, Upon the Bleeding 241
Cùm horum aliqua dedicaram...R.
Brooke 325

Cum tot signa edidisset, non crede-
bant 315

Cùm tot signa edidisset, non crede-
bant in eum 20

Cupid's Cryer. Out of the Greeke 128
Damno affici saepe fit lucrum 182
Darknesse rather than light, But men
loved 83

Date Caesari 34

Death's Lecture and the Funeral of a
young Gentleman, 292

De Christi contra mundum pugna 46

[blocks in formation]
[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

Hymn of the Church, in Meditation

of the Day of Judgment, The 251
Hymnus Veneri. dum in illius tutelam
transeunt virgines 326

I am not worthy that thou should'st
come under my roofe 77

I am readie not onely to be bound,
but to die 84

I am the doore 78

Ille et nefasto... Horatii Ode (In
Greek) 339

In amorem divinum (Hermannus
Hugo) 344

In Apollinem depereuntem Daphnen


In aquam baptismi Dominici 30
In ascensionem Dominicam 43
In Asinum Christi vectorem 13
In Atheniensem merum 312
In Baptistam Vocem 314
In beatae Virginis verecundiam 25,

In caecos Christum confitentes, Phari-
saeos abnegantes 47

In caeterorum Operum difficili Par-
turitione Gemitus 109

In Christum Vitem 39

In cicatrices Domini adhuc superstites

In cicatrices Domini Jesu 344
In cicatrices quas Christus habet in
se adhuc superstites 27

In coetum coelestem omnium Sanc-
torum 49

In Cygnaeam Di Jesû cantionem 317
In descensum Spiritûs sancti (Latin) 43
In descensum Spiritûs sancti (Greek)

In die Ascensionis Dominicae (Latin)

In die Ascensionis Dominicae (Greek)

In die Conjurationis sulphureae 21
Indignatur Caiphas Christo se confi-
tenti 20

In D. Joannem, quem Domitianus
ferventi oleo (illaesum) indidit 51
In descensum Spiritûs Sancti 313
In die Passionis Dominicae 57
In die Resurrectionis Dominicae.
Venit ad sepulchrum Magdalena
ferens aromata 57

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Joh. 1. 23 311
Joh. 3. 314

Joh. 6. 14. 26 309
Juga boum emi 44

King's Coronation, Upon the 355,

Lauda Sion Salvatorem. The H

for the Bl. Sacrament 248
Lazarus his teares, Upon 76
Lectori 9

Legatio Baptistae ad Christum
Leprosi ingrati 18, 27
Leprosus Dominum implorans 5
Licétne Caesari censum dare?
Lord in his Circumcision to his Fa
Our B. 84

Lord, naked and bloody, On
crucified 85

Lord's last comfortable discourse
his Disciples, Upon our 82

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