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Home is Woman's own kingdom. To rule in her and earnest traveller, the late Mr. Robert Fortune, husband's heart and home is, or ought to be, every thus describes the process of producing that wife's desire. If she can succeed in making his " beautiful bloom," which is pretty to the eye, home happy, she need not fear losing her husband's but deadly to the taste: "There is now heart; and in her own domain the mistress of a doubt that all these faced teas are dyed with well regulated home realises the idea pictured in Prussian blue and gypsum, or plumbago, to suit the lines of the poet Montgomery :

the taste of the foreign bar barians. The process Here woman reigns; the mother, daughter, wife,

may be seen any day, by those who give themStrews with fresh flowers the narrow way of life.

selves the trouble to seek after it. Black teas are

coated with gypsum to give weight and a stický England's happy homes have long been her greatest glory; and this is sufficient to prove

nature to the leaf, plumbago and lampblack to

cover the white of the gypsum, and ferruginous that her merry maids make true wives and good

earth to deepen the red of the liquor. The Chinese mothers. Of course all husbands are not what

(See they should be, and it would not be fair to give

never use these dyed teas themselves.".

Fortune's work-- How China Tea is elaborated the wives blame for all misery that exists in many households. But certain it is that if

for the European Market.) both did their best there need be few uncomfort- Some forty years ago the well-known firm on able homes; for modern life, with all its draw. HORNIMAN & Co. determined to supply a great backs, has given us many things to be thankful

want of the public. The strong desire evinced for. Every land under the sun is ransacked to for tea without the usual mineral facing powder provide the good things of life for Englishmen

induced MESSRS. HORNIMAN to send orders to and English women, and there is no other country China for PURE TEA--and as the Chinese themin which the women have such chances of making selves drink it. The large shipments of this firm a pleasant, happy home, Even in the homes of found a ready sale amongst all classes of teathe working men of to-day there are luxuries drinkers, it being at once apparent that the tea and pleasant things that kings and nobles might

“ without paint" was infinitely superior in aroma, formerly have sighed for in vain.

as well as exceedingly strong and delicious to the

taste; from that time the demand for HORNIMAN'S Take that simple article, Tea, which has given

PURE TBA has been daily increasing; their its name to the pleasantest family meal of the

specialité is sold in every City, Town, and Village day. Not so very long ago tea was such a luxury, that a two pound packet was considered

in the Kingdom by four thousand Chemists, who

are authorised Agents; the annual sale now a present worthy of an English king! To-day,

exceeds six million packets, and Agencies are hundreds of ships, thousands of men, and millions

extended to all the principal Cities of France, of money, are annually employed in order that the families of England may have a supply of

Germany, Russia, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Switzer

land, Holland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. tea, in the consumption of which we rival the

etc. Chinese themselves; all praise, then, is due to so superior a beverage that cheers, refreshes, For the guidance of purchasers, HORNIMAN'S stimulates, and gives such universal enjoyment Tea has the following distinctive characters : and delight! But what is Tea? that is the qu'stion. Real Tea, yielding an exquisite aroma,

Each packet bears the signature W. H &

F. J. HORNIMAN & Co., London, Original delicious flavour, and amazing strength in the cup, is produced by infusing the first crop leaf of

Importers of the PURE TEA. Ench tinfoil and early Spring (April). This gathering commences

paper wrapper has the price plainly printed thereon to prevent mistakes.

Each label gives a descrip. just as the bud begins to unfold, and when the

tion of the contents--whether BLACK TEA, GREEN shrub is full of succulent sap and rich juices. The

TEA, or Mixed Tea. The BLACK is warranted preparation is simple; the rolling and drying of the leaves is a process easily applied, and in.

free from plumbago or any other mineral facing tended to expel all moisture, but at the same

powder; the GREEN Tea is free from Prussian time retain all the aromatic and valuable pro

blue, gypsum, or any deleterious compound what.

ever. perties of the leaf. The firing is done in iron

Long experience has shown beyond any pans, which are round and shallow, and kept to

question of doubt that the system of packing by an even heat by aid of a charcoal fire. It is an

machinery--peculiar to MESSRS. HORNIMAN-is

the best for protecting the Tea, and preserving interesting sight in the season to view the busy

its aroma and flavour. Tea is got up for sale put workers carefully preparing tea for the market.

into bottles, tins, and other costly inventions; but Of course our remarks apply to PURE Tea, of

MESSRS. HORNIMAN are enabled to give better the early Spring growth only; there are many

value Tea by not adopting a costly and useless later gatherings of the Autumn crop, when the

exterior covering. leaf is old and tough, instead of young and tender; and this description would be quite Finally, HORNIMAN'S Teas are supplied by unsalable but for the system of adulteration Chemists in the Country, and Confectioners in commonly practised to make the brown' withered London. A list of local names is printed in your leaf appear equal to fine tea. That well-known district Newspapers, and at the Railway Stations. TORNIMAN'S PACKET TEA HAS FOR 40 YEARS BEEN SUPPLIED BY


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