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lovely book.....

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Jai maa Kali,
The ultimate book on sri maa of dakshineshwar, I found this book a complete source of knowledge rtelated to MA DAKSHINESHWARI KALI. The compilation by Elizabeth U. Harding is ultimate
When u read the book you can feel the the presence of your self at Dakshineshwar Temple...
Wish u happy reading.

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This is about God Kali
She is an angel with a soothing appearience. Because she is an angel, she has blue eyes, body color of pink, two feathers on her back side and may be some tatoos on her
body speically at ankle. She has developed her mind, concentration & wisdom and has got many powers. She has thosands of angeles under her and they are also given her powers. They help people using those powers. If you also have developed mind you too can use her powers. All depends on your character. If you are a good person then she likes you.
It seems she has the Indian origin. She like the language of Tamil. Many Indian do Puja to her.
Estern myths: God Kali likes killing, drinks blood, she is dark color like a demons etc.
Western Myths: God Kali is eternal (all creatures have a certan life span), Kali is under God who created world(there is no creation in the mind of intelligent people but silly people)

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