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No. 1.-Gives right of way through govern-, wherever said road and branches have been defiment grounds at West Point for Hudson River nitely located. West Shore Railroad.

No. 17.–For relief of settlers on Sioux lands No. 2.- Permits supreme court of District of in Minnesota, extends for two years time for Columbia to change names, after publishing no- proving claims. tice of petition for three weeks.

No. 18.—Provides for the immediate printing No. 3. -Prohibits withdrawal of spirits from of laws of Congress, and sending official copies warehouse until full tax is paid.

to newspapers authorized to publish them. No. 4.-Cotton grown in United States after No. 19.-Gives $15,000 for relief of the poor

in 1867 exempted from internal tax; cotton im- the District of Columbia. ported from foreign countries exempt from duty No. 20. — Amending Reconstruction act of after November 1, 1868.

March 2, 1867, thus : That hereafter any elecNo. 5.- Treasury prohibited from reducing 'tion authorized by said act shall be decided by a currency by retiring or canceling U. S. notes. majority of the votes actually cast: and at the

No. 6.-Regulates taxation on National bank election in which the question of the adoption or shares.

rejection of any constitution is submitted, any No. 7.- Appropriations for deficiencies in exe- person duly registered in the State may vote in cuting reconstruction laws and quartermaster's the election district where he offers to vote when department, and other contingencies, to wit: he has resided therein for ten days next precedreconstruction, $657,000; quartermaster, $12,- ing such election, upon presentation of his cer000,000; small items, $10,000; legislative de- tificate of registration, his affidavit, or other satficiencies (restricts each senator and representa- isfactory evidence, under such regulations as the tive to $125 per session for newspapers, except district commanders may prescribe. That the Congressional Globe), $167,648.44; judiciary, constitutional convention of any of the States $4,355.77; education, $192; whole amount in mentioned in the acts to which this is amendathis act, $12,837,196 21. Last paragraph pro- tory may provide that at the time of voting upon hibits the transfer of appropriations: “No mor- the ratification of the constitution the registered ey appropriated for one purpose shall hereafter voters may vote also for members of the House be used for any other purpose than that for of Representatives of the United States, and for which it is appropriated.

all elective officers provided for by the said conNo. 8.—To facilitate the collection of direct stitution; and the same election officers who tax in Delaware.

shall make the return of the votes cast on the No. 9. -Permits the Southern Minnesota Rail- ratification or rejection of the constitution, shall road Company to bridge the Mississippi at La enumerate and certify the votes cast for members Crosse, and makes the bridge a post route. of Congress.'

No. 10.-If one entitled to bounty under act No. 21.—Makes Hannibal, Mo., and Peoria, of July 28, 1866, dies before it is paid, the money Ill., ports of delivery. is payable to heirs named in said act, and to No. 22.-Sessions of United States circuit none other.

court to be held at Erie, Pa. No. 11.--Protects witnesses from the use of No. 23.-Facilitates the settlement of paymasany disclosures made by them against their prop- ters' accounts, by giving accounting officers erty or their persons, except in a matter of per power to allow overpayments, where deemed jury in their testimony. Act applies to pending just. proceedings.

No. 24.-Military Academy Appropriation; toNo. 12.—Makes New Orleans, Mobile, and tal, $277,512. Hereafter there will be only seven Chattanooga railroad a mail route, and permits official visitors. No part of the money shall be the company to build bridges where necessary; applied to the pay or subsistence of any cadet draw bridges provided for where needed. from any State declared to be in rebellion against

No. 13.-Extends to January 1, 1872, the time the government of the United States, appointed for completing the Dubuque and Sioux City rail- after the first day of January, eighteen hundred road, and continuing the land grants,

and sixty-eight, until such State shall have been No. 14.–Protecting rights of settlers on islands returned to its original relations to the Union. in Great Miami river.

No. 25.—Provides fifty more clerks and other

facilities for determining and paying off soldiers' No. 15. -Authorizes the sale of military site at

bounties. Waterford, Pa.

No. 26.--Allows any revenue officer to appeal No. 16.- Restores to market lands along the from circuit court judgments to United States Pacific railroads and branches, “provided that supreme court, without regard to amount insuch sections shall be rated at two dollars and volved. (Vetoed and re-passed.) fifty cents per acre, and subject only to entry No. 27.-The regular Post Route bill. under those laws; and the Secretary of the Inte- No. 28.-Concerning settlement of public ac. rior be, and is hereby, authorized and directed counts. (Not important.) to restore to homestead settlement, pre-emption, No. 29. - Post office Appropriations. Principal or entry, according to existing laws, all the even- items: inland mail transportation, $10,526,000; numbered sections of land belonging to the gov- foreign transportation, $420,000; pay of posternment, and now withdrawn from market, on masters, $4,250,000; clerks, $2,000,000; letter both sides of the Pacific railroad and branches, 'carriers, $750,000; stamps and envelopes, $450,

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000; special agents, $100,000; bags, locks, and ed shall be taken by the State in satisfaction of stamps, $145,000; balances to foreign countries, two acres, the minimum price of which is one $350,000; rent, light, fuel, &c., $375,000 ; China dollar and twenty-five cents per acre: And prosteamers, $500,000; Brazil steamers, $150,000 vided further, That the lands granted in the Sandwich Islands, $75,000 ; the

whole appropria- eighth and ninth sections of the said act admittion is $19,969,000.

ting Nevada into the Union shall be selected No. 30.-Diplomatic Appropriations. Total, within four years from the passage of this act, $1,159,850, besides $55,584 in gold for Scheldt and the period for the selection of said lands is dues, and as much more as necessary to carry hereby so extended. That the lands designated out the treaty. If an army or navy officer ac- for the establishment of an agricultural college, cepts a diplomatic or consular office, he thereby shall be selected in the same manner and of the resigns his place in the army or navy, The act same character of lands as may be selected in of July 4, 1864, to encourage immigration, is re- satistaction of any other grants referred to in the pealed.

first section of this act. But this act shall not No. 31.—Takes off the tax on manufactures of authorize the selection of lands valuable for tobacco, and partially from certain articles of mines of gold, silver, quicksilver, or copper. petroleum: regulates drawback, abolishing it on That the lands granted to the State of California non-taxed articles after April 1, 1868; puts an for the establishment of an agricultural college, additional tax of $2 for each $1,000 of sales over may be selected by said State from any lands $5,000 per annum; forfeits distilleries, for at- within_said State subject to pre-emption and tempt to defraud the government of tax, and sale: Provided, That this privilege shall not subjects owners to fine and imprisonment; sub- extend to lands upon which there may be rightjects revenue officers to like punishment for con- ful claims under the pre-emption and homestead spiring to defraud, and prohibits any compromise laws, nor to mineral lands. or discontinuance of prosecutions without the No. 42.-Naval Appropriations. Pay of offiwritten consent of the Secretary of the Treas- cers and men, $8,000,000; material and vessels, ury and the Attorney General.

$3,000,000; yards, docks, &c., $1,272,000; equipNo. 32.- Various appropriations: trial of Ad- ment and recruiting, $1,268,000; marine corps, drew Johnson, $10,000; other items, $72,000; $48,000. The entire appropriations are $13,752, total, $82,000.

600. Hereafter the whole number of enlisted No. 33.-Gives right of way to Plattsburgh men, including seamen, ordinary seamen, landsand Whitehall railroad.

men, mechanics, apprentices, and boys, is fixed No. 34.-Extends the charter of Washington at 8,000 and no more. city, provides for registration of voters, and de- No. 43.-To Admit the State of Arkansas to fines qualifications and duties of local officers. Representation in Congress. Whereas the people

No. 35.- Appropriates $87,701.55 to carry out of Arkansas, in pursuance of the provisions of reconstruction in third military district.

an act entitled “An act for the more efficient No. 36. — Declares Saint George, Boothbay, government of the rebel States," passed March Bucksport, Vinalhaven, and North Haven, in 2, 1867, and the acts supplementary thereto, Maine, and San Antonio, in Texas, ports of de have framed and adopted a constitution of State livery.

government, which is republican, and the legisNo. 37. A Deficiency bill. Expenses of House lature of said State bas duly ratified the amendof Representatives, $47,960, collecting, $1,800,- ment to the constitution of the United States 000; to facilitate bounty payments, $60,000; proposed by the thirty-ninth Congress, and sundry items, $48,000; total, $1,955,960.

known as article fourteen: Therefore, Be it enNo. 38. -Army Appropriations. Pay of army, acted, That the State of Arkansas is entitled $15,000,000; transporting recruits, $100,000; and admitted to representation in Congress as commutation of officers' subsistence, $2,133,413 one of the States of the Union upon the followin lieu of clothing, $250,000; medical depart- ing fundamental condition : That the constitution ment, $200,000; quartermaster's, $5,000,000; of Arkansas shall never be so amended or general expenses, $2,000,000; transportation changed as to deprive any citizen or class of citand quarters, $7,000,000, '&c.' The whole bill izens of the United States of the right to vote foots up $33,057,093.

who are entitled to vote by the constitution No. 39.--Extends the act of March 2, 1867, to herein recognized, except as a punishment for settlers on public lands within the bounds of such crimes as are now felonies at common law, city and town sites; the parties to pay costs of whereof they shall have been duly convicted, surveying and plotting such sites.

under laws equally applicable to all the inhabiNo. 40.--Extends to March 1, 1870, the time tants of said State: Provided, That any alterafor completing the military road from Ft. Wil- tion of said constitution prospective in its effect kins (Copper Harbor), Mich., to Ft. Howard may be made in regard to the time and place of (Green Bay), Wis.

residence of voters. No. 41.- Grants of lands to Nevada. The (This act passed the House 110 to 32, Baker, State is authorized to select the alternate even- Loan, Spaulding, and Thos. Williams only, votnumbered sections within the limits of any rail. ing No with the Democrats ; amended and passed road grant in said State, in satisfaction, in whole Senate 34 to 8; went to conference committee, or in part, of the several grants made in acts of and was agreed to in both houses ; vetoed June Congress: Provided, That this privilege shall | 20th, and re-passed—House 111 to 31, Senate 30 not extend to lands upon which there may be to 7.) rightful claims under the pre-emption and home- No. 44.-Act to Admit North Carolina, South stead laws: And provided, That if lands be se- Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, and lected, the minimum price of which is two dol- Florida to Representation in Congress. [This is lars and fifty cents per acre, each acre so select- 'substantially the same as the Arkansas act

quoted above, except in reference to ratifying passed on the sixteenth of July, anno Domini the XIVth amendment and some alterations in eighteen hundred and sixty-six, shall continue the Georgia constitution, and fixing time for in force for the term of one year from and after meeting of legislatures. This bill was passed by the sixteenth of July, in the year one thousand about the same vote as that for Arkansas, was eight hundred and sixty-eight, excepting so far vetoed and re-passed.]

that the same shall be herein modified. And the No. 45.—Providing for appeals from the court Secretary of War is hereby directed to re-estabof claims. [Interesting only to lawyers and lish said bureau where the same has been wbolly those having suits in the court of claims.] or in part discontinued : Provided, [That] he

No. 46. —The Eight Hour law. Be it enacted, shall be satisfied that the personal safety That eight ho shall constitute a day's work of freedmen shall require it. Sec. 2. That it for all laborers, workmen, and mechanics now shall be the duty of the Secretary of War to disemployed, or who may be hereafter employed, by continue the operations of the bureau in any or on behalf of the government of the United State whenever such State shall be fully restorStates; and that all acts and parts of acts in- ed in its constitutional relations with the govconsistent with this act be, and the same are ernment of the United States, and shall be duly hereby, repealed.

represented in the Congress of the United States, No. 47.-Suspends tax on rum actually intend- unless, upon advising with the commissioner of ed for export, provided it be exported within the bureau, and upon full consideration of the sixty days.

condition of freedmen's affairs in such State, the No. 48. – Reorganizing the collection districts Secretary of War shall be of opinion that the of Michigan and Michilimaconac, the latter to be further continuance of the bureau shall be neccalled Port Huron.

essary: Provided, however, That the educaNo. 49.--Extends the collection district of tional division of said bureau shall not be affectPhiladelphia so as to embrace the whole consol. ed, or in any way interfered with, until sueh idated city.

State shall have made suitable provision for the No. 50.-Unimportant amendment to act for education of the children of freedmen within said foreign mail service.

State. Sec. 3. That unexpended balances in the No. 51.-Reports of the various Pacific rail- hands of the commissioner, not required otherroad companies to be made to Secretary of Inte- wise for the due execution of the law, may be, rior instead of Secretary of Treasury.

in the discretion of the commissioner, applied for No. 52.--Appropriation of $150,000 to carry the education of freedmen and refugees, subject out objects of Indian peace commission.

to the provisions of last applicable thereto. No. 53.-Alters time for holding United States Sec. 4. That officers of the veteran reserve corps courts in Tennessee.

or of the volunteer service, now on duty in the No. 54.–The Oregon branch of the Pacific rail- freedmen's bureau as assistant commissioners, road to complete at least 20 miles in each two agents, medical officers, or in other capacities, years, and finish the road by July 1, 1880. who have been or may be mustered out of sery

No. 55.-In case of a vacancy in the office of ice, may be retained by the commissioner, when Chief Justice of the supreme court of the United the same shall be required for the proper execuStates, or of his inability to discharge the pow- tion of the laws, as officers of the bureau, upon ers and duties of the said office, the same shall such duty and with the same pay, compensation, devolve upon the associate justice of said court and all allowances, from the date of their appointwhose commission is senior in time, until such ment as now provided by law for their respective inability shall be removed or another appoint- grades and duties at the dates of their musterment sball be duly made and the person so ap- out and discharge; and such officers so retained pointed shall be duly qualified, and this act shall shall have, respectively, the same authority and apply to every person succeeding to the office of jurisdiction as now conferred upon “officers of Chief Justice pursuant to its provisions.

the bureau” by act of Congress passed on the No. 56.-Changes the names of certain ves sixteenth of July, in the year eighteen hundred sels.

and sixty-six. Sec. 5. That the commissioner No. 57.--Regulates proceedings in case of con- is hereby empowered to sell for cash, or by intested elections in Washington city.

stallments with ample security, school buildings No. 58.--Provides a term of United States dis- and other buildings constructed for refugees and trict court at Cairo, Ill.

freedmen by the bureau, to the associations, corNo. 59.-Confirm's title to a tract of land in porate bodies, or trustees who now use them for Burlington, Iowa.

purposes of education or relief of want, under No. 60.-Authorizes a bridge over Black River, suitable guarantees that the purposes for which Lorain Co., Ohio.

such buildings were constructed shall be observNo. 61.-Incorporates the congregation of the ed: Provided, That all funds derived thereFirst Presbyterian church, Washington.

from shall be returned to the bureau appropriaNo. 62. — Repeals act of Dec. 31, 1792, about tion and accounted for to the treasury of the registering vessels.

United States. No. 63.-To Continue the Bureau for the Relief No. 64.—Prescribing an Oath of Office to be of Freedmen and Refugees, and for other pur- taken by persons from whom legal disabilities poses. Be at enacted, That the act entitled shall have been removed. Be it enactcd, That

An act to establish a bureau for the relief of whenever any person who has participated in the freedmen and refugees," approved March 8, late rebellion, and from whom all legal disabili. eighteen hundred and sixty-five, and the act en- ties arising therefrom have been removed by act titled “ An act to continue in force and to amend of Congress by a vote of two-thirds of each

An act to establish a bureau for the relief of house, has been or shall be elected or appointed freedmen and refugees,' and for other purposes, to any office or place of trust in or under the government of the United States, he shall, before No. 76.—To sell a part of Fort Gratiot reserentering upon the duties thereof, instead of the vation, in Michigan. oath prescribed by the act of July two, eighteen No. 77.--Regulates the taking of property for hundred and sixty-two, take and subscribe the navigation improvements at Des Moines and following oath or affirmation : I, A. B., do sol- Rock Island Rapids. emnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and No. 78.-No officer of the army of the United defend the Constitution of the United States States who has been or shall hereafter be cashagainst all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I iered or dismissed from the service by the senwill bear true faith and allegiancetothe same; that tence of a general court-martial, formally apI take this obligation freely, without any men-proved by the proper reviewing authority, shall tal reservation or purpose of evasion; and that ever be restored to the military service except I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of by a reappointment, confirmed by the Senate of the office on which I am about to enter. So help the United States. me God.

No. 79.-An act to amend the excise or internal No. 65.—Incorporates the Connecticut avenue revenue laws. It treats of distilled spirits, tobacand Park railway company, of District of Co- co, snuff, and cigars, and of the modes of assesslumbia.

ing and collecting the tax thereon. It reduces No. 66.-Incorporates the National hotel com

the tax on distilled spirits to 50 cents per proof pany of Washington.

gallon, and $4 per bbl. of 40 proof gallone-mak

ing the tax practically 60 cents per gallon. The No. 67.—About wagon roads in Dakota. (Un-act contains many provisions designed to preimportant.)

vent fraud upon the revenue from these sources. No. 68.-Creates the office of surveyor general These taxes are payable in stamps, kept for sale of Utah, salary $3,000 a year, and usual allow- by collectors. Those affected by the act will not ances. Register and receiver may be appointed, only need the complete law, but the advice of and homestead and pre-emption laws are extend-experts to expound it; and as it would fill our ed over the Territory, which is made a single entire almanac, we cannot print it. Interested land district.

parties may find copies of the law and advice No. 69.—Legislative, Executive, and Judicial gratis, by applying at the office of any assessor, Appropriation bill. Expenses of senate, $600,- assistant assessor, collector, or deputy collector 170.80; of house, $1,624,238.60 ; public printing, of internal revenue. $1,214,656.79 ; library, $51,570; court of claims,

No. 80.-For the construction of a wagon road $139, 800; executive, $44,622.22 ; public grounds from West Point to Cornwell Landing, by labor and buildings, $49,140; state department, $151, of men employed by the Government. 200 ; treasury, $9,110,866; interior, $1,816,720 ;

No. 81.- Vacancies in the Executive Depart

ments. That in case of the death, resignawar, $750, 420; navy, $25,301 ; post office, $396,680; agriculture, $127,895; education, $20,000'; tion, absence, or sickness of the head of any exmints and assay offices, $450,307.68; independ- ecutive department of the government, the first ent treasury, $388,135; territorial governments,

or sole assistant thereof shall, unless otherwise $225,500; judiciary, $294,300. The whole bili directed by the President of the United States, as foots up $17,111,723.09.

is hereinafter provided, perform the duties of

such head until a successor be appointed, or No, 70.-Miscellaneous Appropriation bill. The such absence or sickness shall cease. That in items are: Miscellaneous, $181,440; coast survey, $250,000; lakes, $75,000 ; light-houses, $1,- ness of the chief of any bureau, or of any offi

case of the death, resignation, absence, or -sick919,042; revenue cutters, $1,237,290; buildings cer thereof, except commissioner of patents, for customs, &c., $1,093,008; interior depart- whose appointment is not in the head of any exment, $16,300 ; capitol extension, $133,200; ecutive department, the deputy of such chief or Smithsonian institution, $4,000; metropolitan of such officer, or if there be no deputy, police, $211,050; collection of revenue from then the chief clerk of such bureau, shall, unpublic lands, $260,300; surveying lands, $405,- less otherwise directed by the President of the 425. public buildings and grounds, $269,503. United States, as is hereinafter provided, perThe whole sum in the bill is $5,055,258. One form the duties of such chief or of such officer section of this bill enacts that all laws regulat- until a successor be appointed or such absence ing prices of labor in the Government printing or sickness shall cease. And no appointment, office be, and the same are hereby, repealed; and designation, or assignment otherwise than as is it shall be the duty of the Congressional printer herein provided, in the cases mentioned in the to contract with the persons in that employment first, second, and third sections of this act, shall at such prices as are for the interest of the gov- be made except to fill a vacancy happening durernment, and are just to those employed. An ing the recess of the Senate. That in any of the other section continues the geological survey of cases herein before mentioned it shall be lawful Nebraska.

for the President of the United States, in his No. 71.-An act to facilitate the settlement of discretion, to authorize and direct the head of certain prize cases in Florida. (Of no public any other executive department or other officer importance.)

in either of those departments whose appointNo. 72.-Authorizes bridging the Missouri at ment is, by and with the advice and consent of Fort Leavenworth.

the Senate, vested in the President, to perform No. 73. — To register certain foreign vessels. the duties of the office vacant as aforesaid until

No. 74.-— Regulates doings of tax commission- a successor be appointed, or the sickness or abers in Arkansas. (Unimportant.)

sence of the incumbent shall cease: Provided, No. 75.--Amending an act concerning bridges That nothing in this act shall authorize the supover the Mississippi at St. Louis.

plying as aforesaid a vacancy for a longer period


than ten days when such vacancy shall be oc- No. 91.-Incorporating the National Life Incasioned by death or resignation, and the officer surance Company. The original parties are so performing the duties of the office tempora- John D. Defrees, Wm. E. Chandler, Samuel Wilrily vacant shall not be entitled to extra com- keson, Ed. H. Rollins, Nathan G. Starkweather, pensation therefor: And provided also, That John A. Wills, Frank Turk, Adam S. Pratt, and in the case of the death, resignation, absence, Henry G. Swain; capital stock, $1,000,000, with or sickness of the commissioner of patents, the right to increase by vote of stockholders. The duties of said commissioner, until a successor usual provisions are made for commencing busibe appointed or such absence or sickness shall ness, calling for installments, &c. One section cease, shall devolve upon the examiner-in-chief says “that any policy taken out in favor of a in said office oldest in length of commission. wife, child, relative or other person having a

No. 82. -Grants lands to Minnesota to aid in beneficial interest in the life of the insured, shall improving navigation at Meeker's Island, in not be liable to seizure by the creditors of the the Mississippi.

person so insured. Provided, that the policy does No. 83. — Invalid and other pensions. Appro- not exceed the sum of ten thousand dollars." priates $30,350,000 in all. Interest on the na- The principal office is to be in Washington ; val pension fund fixed at three per cent. lawful branches and agencies may be established elsemoney.

where. No 84-Incorporates the Washington Target No. 92.-Regulating title to certain lands in Shooting Association of Washington.

Omaha, Nebraska. (Unimportant.) No. 85.-Deficiency Appropriation bill for 1868. No. 93.-Authorizing a mortgage of property The main items are: legislative, $16,977.04; in- in Washington for church purposes. (Unimterior, $29,548.09; treasury, $61.882.40, con- portant.) struction, $365,000; war, $1,612,530; bounties, No. 94. --That the Southern Pacific Railroad $9,800 ; aqueduct, $52,500 ; Rock Island arsenal, Company of California shall, instead of the $100,000 ; post office, $912,500 ; reconstruction, times now fixed by law for the construction of $510,078.24;, public buildings and grounds, the first section of its road and telegraph line, $25,898 ; Indians, $172,820.11; Washington city, have until July 1st, 1870, for the construction of $296,943.88; miscellaneous, $176,277.57. The the first thirty miles, and they shall be required whole sum is $4,341,970.33.

to construct at least twenty miles every year No. 86.–For relief of loyal Choctaw and Chick- thereafter, and the whole line of their road withasaw Indians. For final settlement of claims: To in the time now provided by law. the Choctaws, $109,752.08; to the Chickasaws, No. 95.- To sell the grounds occupied by the $150,000; all to come from the Indian fund. St. Louis arsenal, except the westernmost six

No. 87. -This act provides for a government in acres, which are given to the city of St Louis for the territory of Wyoming. The boundaries are: a park, and never to be used for other purposes. Commencing at the intersection of the twenty- No. 96.- Establishing a great number of post seventh meridian of longitude west from Wash- routes. ington with the forty-fifth degree of north lati- No. 97.-Relating to the Freedman's Bureau tude, and running thence west to the thirty- and providing for its discontinuance. That the fourth meridian of west longitude; thence south duties and powers of commissioner of the bureau to the forty-first degree of north latitude; thence for the relief of freedmen and refugees shall east to twenty-seventh meridian of west longi- continue to be discharged by the present comtude; and thence north to the place of begin missioner of the bureau, and in case of vacancy ning; be and the same is hereby organized into in said office occurring by reason of his death or a temporary government by the name of the ter- resignation, the same shall be filled by appointritory of Wyoming: Provided, That nothing in ment of the President on the nomination of the this act shall be construed toimpair the rights of Secretary of War, and with the advice and conperson or property now pertaining to the In-sent of the Senate; and no officer of the army dians in said territory, so long as such rights shall be detailed for service as commissioner, or shall remain unextinguished by treaty between shall enter upon the duties of commissioner un. the United States and such Indians: Provided less appointed by and with the advice and confurther, That nothing in this act contained sent of the Senate; and all assistant commisshall be construed to inhibit the government of sioners, agents, clerks, and assistants, shall be the United States from dividing said teritory into appointed by the Secretary of War, on the nom. two or more territories, in such manner and at ination of the commissioner of the bureau. In such times as Congress shall deem convenient case of vacancy in the office of commissioner and proper, or from attaching any portion happening during the recess of the Senate, the thereof to any other territory or State. The duties of commissioner shall be discharged by provisions for officers, elections, &c., are the the acting assistant adjutant general of the busame as in all other territories.

reau until such vacancy can be filled. That the No. 88.-Limits the time of prosecution for commissioner of the bureau shall, on the first certain crimes against the United States to five day of January next, cause the said bureau to years after the offence. An amendment to the be withdrawn from the several States within act of March 26, 1804.

which said bureau has acted, and its operations No. 89.- Authorizes the issue of $25,000,000 of shall be discontinued. But the educational de temporary loan certificates to redeem outstand-partment of the said bureau and the collection ing compound interest notes. Interest on these and payment of moneys due the soldiers, sailors, certificates, three per cent.

and marines, or their heirs, shall be continued No. 90.-An additional land district in North- as now provided by law, until otherwise ordered ern Minnesota. Register and receiver may be by act of Congress. (Vetoed, and re-pa seed.) appointed.

No. 98.-Amending the Post Office Laws. SEC.

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