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is, in the main, a compilation, it is not a compilation from existing collections of Art ana. He has had a different object in view. An attempt has been made to rescue some of “these nothings,” as the French critic has it, which the compiler has found from time to time drifting in the great sea of newspaper and periodical literature. It may be stated that much that is contained in the Volume was communicated to the compiler “at first hand,” and was afterwards contributed to the columns of different publications in a journalistic capacity.

The book is not a biographical dictionary of contemporary artists; nor has it been attempted to give anything like a complete life of any painter. Still many biographical incidents in the careers of distinguished masters in Art, living, and lately deceased, have been incorporated in the work.

The more remarkable instances of works of Art, Jost, stolen, forged, and discovered, as also the more important picture sales that have taken place during the past decade, are recorded-in the hope that such record may have a special interest for those who paint and those who buy pictures. Instead of following the vague and stereotyped phrase of “Some years ago,” or “Not long since,” in prefacing anec

tes and incidents, the plan adopted has been to verify them by giving names and dates wherever it was possible to do so. The reader is thus enabled to know exactly when and where, and the circumstances under which a certain work was lost, stolen, sold, &c., or a certain other event happened.

Under the heading of Discoveries will be found, among other items of considerable interest to the world of Art, incidents narrated which settle three hitherto disputed or doubtful points, to wit, the spot where the remains of Leonardo da Vinci were buried; the year of Hans Holbein's birth; and the exact age of Bartolomeo Passerotti. .

It is hardly possible that a collection of this kind can be thoroughly exhaustive or complete. Probably not a few good things have been overlookedanecdotes or incidents doubtless better worth preserving than some that are recorded. It is believed, however, that artists and Art collectors, as well as the general public, will find under the several sections of the work at least some amount both of information and amusement.

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