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BOOK REVIEW: What I know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey
Oprah opens up about her life as a teenage mother, TV show host, and philanthropist. The book has realistic life lessons for each stage in life
that everyone can relate with.Oprah Winfrey discusses issues of diet, debt, Katrina, God, mental health, freedom, career choices, relationships, love, myth, home gardening, resilience, connection, gratitude, possibility, clarity, and power using her life story.
Oprah delves on her experience with a rejected childhood and hard work. She was conceived out of wedlock and no one was prepared for her birth with even a baby shower for a normal child. Despite being born in regret, hiding, and shame; she was fearless enough to give herself the love she didn’t receive. She shares how we all need cheerleaders in our lives.
She believes that holding anyone else accountable for your happiness is a waste of time. She believes in noticing how every day brings a new opportunity for your growth. “There is one irrefutable law of the universe: We are each responsible for our own life.”Oprah
She openly discusses weight and diet personal battles and how she overcame. She talks about her strong belief of eating well. Oprah Winfrey discusses her childhood sexual abuse experience and how her pregnancy at 14 shaped her. She hid her pregnancy and gave birth in 1968; the baby died in the hospital weeks later. With her secret, she didn’t give up on school. She didn’t publicly reveal her abuse even when she got courage to do so because of shame.
A relative leaked the story to tabloids. She was so scared but to her surprise, nobody treated her different as a teen mother. It taught her that every difficult moment has its silver lining. She realized that having the secret out was liberating. She believes that as long as we play the “us and them” game, we don’t evolve as people. My favourite part of the book was “People suffer not because of what God does but because of what we do and do not do.”The book was made from essays that were previously published in The Oprah Magazine in a slightly different form.

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