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Page BOOKS of Prints, &C.. Books of Natural History, Drawings, &c. History, and Antiquities of Foreign Nations, Voyages, Travels, &c. 29 History and Antiq. of Great Britain and Ireland, County History, c. 32 Divinity and Ecclefiaftical History,

40 Arts and Sciences, Heraldry, Trade, Mathematics, Pbyhic, &c.

44 Poetry, Translations, and Mifellanies, Auctores Classici et Historici Veteres, Lexica, Critici, et de Artibus Typograpbicis, &c. Antiquitates, Historici et Numismatici,

59 Tbiologia et Hißoria E-clefiaftica, Libri Matbematici, Medici, Miscellani, &c. Livres François, Italiens, Espagnols, &c. &c,



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Natural History, Agriculture, Gardening, Gio
History and Antiquities, Voyages and Travels, &c.
Matbematics, Arts and Sciences, Heraldry, Painting, &'c.
Divinity and Ecclefiaftical History,
Poetry, Translations and Miscellanies,
Auctores Clasici Gr. et Rom. et Poeta Recentiores,
Lexica, Grammaticæ, Libri Critici, &c.
Historia, Antiquitates, Numifmata,
Tbeologia et Historia Ecclefiaftica,
Libri Matbematici, Medici, Anatomici, c.
Livres François,
Libri Italiani,
Libros Fspanoles, Portugueses, Helland. &c.

75 90 108 IIS 118 128 136 140 146 150 156 161 164


Auffores Clasici, Gr. et Rom. et Poetæ Recentiores,

167 Levica, Grammatice, Lihti Critici, &c.

188 Libri Historici, Numismatici, &c.

198 Tbeologia et Historia Ecclefiaftica,

203 Libri Pbilosopbisi, Medici, Chirurgici, &c.

209 Natural History in all Languages, Agriculture, &c.

214 History and Antiquities of Foreign countries, Voyages and Travels, Lives, 6c.

238 Hift. and Antiq. of Great Britain and Ireland, Lives, Memoirs, 66. 252 Mathematics, Arts and Sciences, Pbyfic, and Chemistry, &c. 266 Sermons,

279 Divinity and Ecclesiastical History, Poetry, Plays, Translations of the Claffics, &c.

302 Miscellanies,

319 Livres Francois, Libri Italiani, Libros Espan. Perlug. Holland. &c.

355 Law,






Books of Prints, &c.


MOST Superb and Curious Copy of GRANGER's Biogra

phical History of England, illustrated with an extensive and valuable Collection of ENGLISH PORTRAITS, many of them exceeding rare, in 16 Volumes Imperial Folio, bound in Rusia

leather, 2. Some Accurate and Characteristic Original Drawings and Sketches

made after Nature, during a Voyage round the World, by Dr. Backstrom; particularly a very high finished View of all the

Factories at Canton of the European Nations. 3 Views of the Buildings in the City of Canton, also of the Imperial

Places, Pagodas, Prisons, &c. of China; a ferics of Original

Drawings by a Native of China, beautifully coloured, 2 vols. 4 Views of the Ships, Sloops, Barg=s, &c. of the Chinese, a series of

Drawings by the same hand, BEAUTIFULLY COLOURBD. s Drawings o Chinese Birds by the same, beautifully coloured. Thirty Drawings of Trees, Fruits, Plants, &c. growing in China,

by the same, beautifully coloured. The four preceding Articles are uniformly and handsomely bound in the Chi.

nese manner, and altogether form a beautiful illuftration of the Nam tural and Artificial Curiolities of that celebrated Country. They are the Original Drawings made on the spot by order of Mr. Van Braam Houckgeef, one of the Dutch Embaladors to the late Emperor of

China. 7 A superb Bible, ornamented with three sets of plates by Luyken, Ram

phael and Mariette, and Vilcher, 3 vols, ruled, inlaid and mounted, moft Splendidly bound in blue Norocco, border of gold, gilt leaves, &c.

Cembriage, ly Field 1650 7. Another Biule in 3 vols. iliustrated with plates, molt elegantly bound

in calf, gilt leaves, &c. by Staggemeier. Cambridge, by Baskerville 1763 8 A Collection of Prints engraved after the molt capital Paintings in England, published by John Boydell, 11 vols. imperial fólio, inB



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