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E. L. Paulmann. 12. Berlin, Schöne 1802. M. Paulmann's Portr. Euth. e. Auswahl v. Oden, Satiren u. Episteln.

The Odes and Epodes, select Satyres and Epistles of Horace in engl. verse by J. Smith. 8. Southw. 1649.

Odes, Satyres and Epistles rendred in engl. verse by several persons published by Alex. Brome. 8. Lond. 1666. M. 1 Portr.

Wird so im Cataloge der Bibl. des Königs v. Engl. angegeben. Es scheint danach, dass die von Brüggemann p. 590 augegebenen beiden Ausgg., der Werke des H. u. der Oden u. Epoden Nach v. 1666 uicht verschieden sind. Brüggemann ersch, diese Ausg. auch 1671 u. 1680.

The Odes, Satyres and Epistles of Horace done into english by Thomas Creech. 8. Lond., Jac. Tonson 1684. 12. Lond. 1688. 1711. 1715. 1720. 1725. 1730. 1737. 1751.


With the latin text. 12. Lond. 1718.


Die Ausg. Lond. 1711 auf stark Pap. 1 L. 13 Sh. in Hibberts Auct. The works of Horace in english prose with Dacier's notes by Leonard Welsted. 6 Vols. 8. Lond. 1726.

trsl. into english prose by David Watson. 2 Vols. Lond. 1741. The second edition. 2 Vols. 8. Lond. 1747. Begun by Dav. Watson. Revised, carried on and published by S. Patrick 2 Vols. Lond., Oswald 1750 u. 1760.

The Works of Horace trsl. into english prose etc. with crit., histor., geograph. and classical notes in english from the best commentators. 3 Vols. 8. Lond., Davidson 1741 43. u. 1747-48. u. 1760. A poetical translation of the works of Horace with the original text and critical notes collected from his best latin and french commentators by Philip Francis. 4 Vols. 12. Lond., printed for A. Millar 1743-46. The second edition. 12. Ibid. 1747. Auch gr. Pap.

The third edition. 2 Vols. 4. Lond., printed for A. Millar 1749. M. 2 Kpf. T. I. 2 ung. Bll. 509 S. T. II. 1 ung. Bl. u. 485 S. (In Wolfenb.)

The fourth edition. 4 Vols. 12. Lond. 1750. The fifth edition.

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trsl. into engl. verse by several hands. Collected and published by Duncombe. With notes historical and critical. 2 Vols. 8. Lond., Dodsley 1757-59. 10 Sh.

works in engl. verse by William Duncombe and John, Duncombe and other hands. With notes hi storical and critical. The second edition. 4 Vols. 8. Lond., White 1767.

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trsl. into verse with a prose interpretation and occasional notes by Chrp. Smart. 4 Vols. 8. Lond., W. Flexney 1767. u. 1770.

poetical translation of the works

of Horace with notes collected from his best latin and french commentators by Phil. Francis. 2 Vols. 12. Edinburgh 1779.

A poetical translation of the works of Horace with the original text and critical notes collected from the best latin and french commen4 Vols. tators by Phil. Francis. The ninth edition. London, printed for T. Payne and son etc. 1791.


The works of Horace trsl. into engl. prose by Dav. Watson. Revised by S. Patrik. A new edition revised and carefully corrected throughout by W. Craxelt. 2 Vols. 8. Lond., 12 Sh. Charles Dilly 1792. A poetical translation of the works of Horace by Phil. Francis. With additional notes by Dubois. 4 Vols. 12. Lond., Pote 1807. 1 L. The works of Horace trsl. by Phil. Francis and revised by H. L. Pye. 18. Lond., W. Suttaby 1806 u. 1809. M. Kpf. 4 Sh.

Sehr sauber.


works trsl. in prose by D. WatWith notes and the original text. 2 Vols. 8. Lond. 1811. 1L. 1 Sh. works trsl. literally into engl. prose by Chrp. Smart. 2 Vols. 18. 7 Sh. Lond. 1813.

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trsl. into engl. verse by Henry Rider. 12. Lond., printed by John Haviland. 1638.

Odes of Horace trsl. into engl. verse by Barten Holyday. 8. Lond., printed by W. Webb 1652.

The Odes, Epodes and Carmen seculare of Horace in 1 tin and english. With a translation of Bentley's notes. To which are added

notes upon notes. In 24 Parts complete. By several hands. 2 Vols. 8. Lond., printed for Bernard Lintott 1713.

Von e. Gesellschaft witziger Uebers. übertragen u. gegen Bentley gerichtet. Die 24 Hefte erschienen einzeln. (Io Göttingen.)

A new edition of the Odes, Epodes and Carmen seculare of Horace in lat. and engl. 2 Vols. 12. Lond. 1714. The Odes and Satires of Horace trsl. into engl. by the earl of Rochester. 8. Lond. 1715.

done into engl. verse by the most eminent hands with his art of poetry by the earl of Roscommon. 8. Lond. 1715. 12. Ibid. 1721. Lond., Jac. Tonson 1730. 1733. u. 8. Dublin 1730.

The Odes of Horace trsl. into engl. verse by Henry Coxwell. 4. Oxford 1718.

The Odes, Epodes and Carmen seculare of Horace in lat. and engl. verse with notes by Will. Oldisworth. 8. Lond. 1719. 1734. 1737. A translation of the odes and epodes of Horace into engl. verse attempted by T. Hare. gr. 8. London, pinted for the author 1737. XVI u. 311 S. u. 8 ung. Bll. Subscr. Verzchn.

The Odes of Horace

trsl. in poetic prose by Matth. Towers. 2 Vols. 12. London, Cooper 1744.

Odes, Epodes and Carmen seculare. With three éngl. translations

by Bromwich, Francis and Creech, with the latin text and notes critical and expl natory. 4. Patingham 1753. Auct.-Pr.: 1L. 3 Sh. Hibbert. A new poetical translation of all the Odes of Horace by William Green. 8. Liverpool 1777. 6 Sh. A new poetical translation of the Odes and Carmen seculare or Jubilee Hymn of Horace in an easy and intelligible Style. The second Edition revised and improved by the author W. Green. 8. Liverpool, Wood 1783.

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Lyrics comprising his odes, epodes and secular ode in engl. verse. With the latin text revised. 2 Vols. 12. Lond., White 1803. 15 Sh.

Lyrics trsl. by Wrangham. 8. Lond., Longman 1821. 10 Sh. 6 d. Enth, die 4 Bücher der Oden.

Odes trsl. in engl. prose by a graduate of the university of Oxford. 8. Oxford, Talboys 1825. 7 Sh. Selected parts of Horace's Odes, Satires and Epistles. Ausonius's Roses and Virgil's Bull out of the third book of Georgiks trsl. into english verse with the latin text by Rich. Fanshaw. 8. Lond., printed by Gabr. Bedell 1652. Translations of several Odes, Satiręs

and Epistles of Horace by Hanway. 8. Lond., printed by W. Burton 1730.

Lyric versions from Horace with ob

servations on his life and writings by E. B. Greene an dessen Uebers. des Anacreon. 12. Lond. 1768. p. 255-287.

Translations of some Odes and Epistles of Horace. The answer of Proteus to Aristaeus in Virgil's fourth Georgic. Pharaoh's Overthrow - and two original poems by John Gray. 8. Dundee printed 1778. 1 Sh. 6 d. Select Odes of Pindar and Horace

trsl. by Will. Tasker. 8. Exeter printed for the author and sold by Dodsley 1780 u. 1790.

Odes of Horace trsl. into engl. verse by Gilbert Wakefield in his Poetical translations from the Ancients. 8. Lond. 1795. The first and fourth books of the Odes of Horace trsl. into engl. verse. 8. Lond., Hatchard 1799. 2 Sh. 6 d. Odes paraphrased from Horace by Anna Seward in deren: Original Sonnets on various subjects. 4. Lond. 1799. 6 Sh. 6 d. The first Ode of the first book of Horace by John Earl of Orrery. Fol. London, sold by Bathurst and Hawkins 1741.

A new translation of Horace's,,Maecenas atavis edite regibus" agreably to the genuine pointing of the beginning of that ode now first introduced. Together with large philological annotations. To which is annexed a poetical version of eight more select odes accompanied with notes by John Theobald. 8. London, Cooper 1756. 60 S.

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first Ode of the second book of H. paraphrased. 4. Lond. 1714.

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first Ode of the third book of Horace. 8. Lond. 1745. 6 d. The carmen seculare of Horace trsl. into engl. verse by W. Tasker, 4. Lond., Dodsley 1779. 1 Sh. The second edition corrected in several places and illustrated with notes. 4. Ibid. 1779. 1 Sh. A medicinable Morall that is the two bookes of Horace his Satyres englyshed (in verse). The waylings of the prophet Hieremiah done into Englyshe verse. Also Epigrammes by Th. Drant. etc. 4. Lond., Thomas Marshe 1566. goth. The Satires and Epistles of Horace done into english prose with notes by S. Dunster. 8. Lond., printed

for D. Browne 1709.

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The second edition corrected to which is added the art of poetry. 8. Lond. The third edition. 8. Lond. The fourth edition., 8. Lond. 1729. The fifth edition revised and corrected with considerable improvements and additional notes. 8. London, printed for W. Mears 1739.

The Satires, Epistles and Art of Poe

try of Horace translated into engl. verse by William Boscawen. 8. London, Stockdale 1797. 580 S.

8 Sh. Select Satires of Horace translated into english verse and for the most part adapted to the present times and manners by Alex. Geddes. 4. Lond., Cadell 1779. 5 Sh. Six Satires of Horace in a style between free imitation and literal version by Will. Clubbe. 4. Lond., Robinson 1795. 136 S. 5 Sh. Sober Advice from Horace. To the young Gentlemen about Town delivered in his second Sermon. With the latin text. 8. Lond., Brindley 1734.


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Tales from Fontaine; the first Satire and first Epistle of Horace and a letter to a friend on his repining on old age. 12. London, Nourse 1762. 2 Sh. 6 d. Epistles of Horace imitated and illustrated with gems and medals by George Ogle. 4. London, printed by W. Wilckins 1735. 32 S. 1 Sh. 6 d. Moral Hints to the rising generation, an Epistle of Horace by Duncan. 8. Lond. 1788. 1 Sh. Horace his arte of poetrie, pistles and Satyrs englished by Thomas Drant. 4. Lond., Thomas Marshe 1567. goth.

Höchst selten. Auct.-Pr.: 4 L. 6 Sb. Hibbert.

art of poetry made english by Ben Johnson. 8. Lond. 1640. 1695.

Auch in dess. Werken. 2 Vols. Lond. 1640 u. öfter,

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trsl. by William Popple. London, Millar 1753.


2 Sh. 6 d. Epistola ad Pisones, de arte poetica. The art of poetry and epistle to the Pisos. Translated from Horace.

With notes by George Colman. 4. London, printed for T. Cadell 1783. IX u. 40 u. LIII S. 3 half-Crowns. (Weigelin L. 3 sp.) Uebersetzung, wie Anmerkungen sind gleich sehr geschätzt. (In Göttingen.) lu verbess. Gestalt erschien diese Uebers. in Colman's Prose on ser veral occasions. 8. Lond., Cadell 1788. T. 2. 1-151.


epistle to the Pisos on the Art of Poetry trsl. into engl. verse. With Observations and Notes critical and explanatory. 8. Edinburgh, printed for John Bell and Geo. Robinson 1784. 192 S. 2 Sh. 6 d.

Auch diese Uebers. ist geschätzt. The epistle of Horace to the Pisos on the art of Poetry. Translated into english verse by Will. Clubbe. 4. Ipswich, Jermyn 1797. 42 S. 2 Sh. 6 d. Imitations of Horace by Thomas Nevile. 8. London, Thurlbourn 1758. 2 Sh.


Les oeuvres de Q. Horace Flacce mi-
ses en vers franç. (avec le texte la-
tin) partie traduictes partie veues
et corrigées de nouveau par Luc.
12. Paris,
de la Porte. 2 Tom.
Claude Micard 1584.

Nur die Oden, Epoden u. SekularGesang sind von Luc. de la Porte übertragen, die Satyren von Fr. Habert. Der Uebers. der Briefe ist unbekannt; die ars poet. ist von Jac. Pelletier du Mans übers.

Les oeuvres d'Horace trad. en vers
et Ant. le Chevalier
par Rob.
d'Agneaux. (Avec le texte latin.)
8. Paris, Auvray 1588.

en latin et en franç. De la ver-
sion de Mich. de Marolles. 2 Tom.
12. Paris, Toussaint Quinet 1652.
Seconde édit. 2 Tom. 12. Paris,
Guill. de Luyne 1660.
édit. reveue et corrigée. 2 Tom.
12. Ibid., id. 1678.

Horace. De la traduction de Mr.
Etienne Algey sieur de Martignac.
Avec des remarques. 2 Tom. 12.
Paris. Coignard et Pralard 1670.
J. Bapt.
2 Tom. 12. Paris,
Troisième édit.

Coignard 1678.

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augmentée. 2 Tom. 12. Paris 1696. (Weigel in L. 1 x 16 g)

Auch Paris 1684 u. Lyon 1687.

Les oeuvres d'Horace trad. en franç.


avec des notes et des remarques
critiques par Andr. Dacier. 10 Tom.
12. Paris, Denis Thierry 1681-
1689. Dernière edit. avec l'ori-
ginal latin revue, corrigée et en-
10 Tom.
richie de figures
Paris, chez Denys Thierry et Claude
Barbin 1691. Troisième édition
10 Tom. 12. Paris, chez J. B.
Christ. Balard 1709.


Diese 3te Ausg. ist in Frankreich vorzügl. nur auf gr. Pap. gesucht. Auct.Pr. 63 fr. Saint-Céran; 99fr. F. Didot. Die 2te Ausg. v. 1691 ist eigentl. ein


Amsterdam erschienener Nachdr. Auch giebt es e. Nachdr. 10 Tom. 8. Lyon 1691. Masson griff den Com

mentar Dacier's iu s. Vita Horatii scharf
an, wogegen D. herausgab: Nouveaux
eclaircissemens sur les oeuvres d'Horace
avec la réponse à la Critique de M.
Masson. 12. Paris, P. de Coup 1708.
Dawider erschien: Lettre de Jean Mas-
son à M. de Valincourt touchant les
nouveaux eclaircisseinens de M. Dacier
etc. 12. Paris 1710. Beide Schriften
erschienen zusammen 1768. Paris, chez
Pierre Got. in 12.

Les oeuvres d'Horace. Traduction
nouvelle par le P. Tarteron. 12.
Paris, Andr. Pralard 1700.
Edit. 12. Ibid., id. 1708.
Les oeuvres d'Horace trad. par le P.
Tarteron. Quatrième édition, avec
des remarques critiques sur la tra-
duction par Pierre Coste. 2 Tom.
12. Amsterd., chez Pierre de Coup

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trad. en vers éclaircies par des notes avec un discours sur ce poète et un abrégé de sa vie par l'abbé Pellegrin. 2 Tom. 12. Paris, chez Pierre Witte 1715.

Enth. nur die Oden u. eigne Werke des Uebers.

Essai d'une nouvelle traduction d'Ho-
race en vers françois par différens
auteurs (publié par Bruzen de la
Martinière). 12. Amsterd., Wyt-
werf 1727.

Oeuvres d'Horace en latin et en franç.
Avec des remarques critiques et
historiques par M. Dacier. Qua-
trième édit. revue et augmentée.
10 Tom. 12. Amst., Wetstein 1727.
(Weigel in L. 7 af 12.) Cinquième
édition. 4 Tom. 4. Hamb., de
l'imprimerie d'A. Vandenhoeck 1733.
(Weigel in L. 10.) 10 Tom. 12.
Ibid. 1733.
6 sif.

poésies, disposées suivant l'ordre chronologique et trad. en franç. avec des remarques et des dissertations crit. par Noel Et. Sanadon. 2 Tom. gr. 4. Paris, chez PierreMichel Huart 1728. s. S. 408.

Auch gr. Pap. Auct.-Pr.: 36 fr. Firm. Didot.

oeuvres trad. en franç. par Mr. Dacier et le P. Sanadon. Avec les remarques critiques, historiques et geographiques de l'un et de l'autre. 8 Tom. 8. Amst., chez J. Wetstein et G. Smith 1735. (Weigel in L. 8 f.)

Vereinigung der beiden Ausgg. von Dacier u. Sanadon. Geschätzt. Auct.Pr.: 250 fr. F. Didot.

Oeuvres d'Horace de la traduction du P. Sanadon. Restitutis omissis.

Nyon fils 1752. (Altheer in Utr. 4 fl. 10 st., Weigel inL. 6 x16.) Les poésies d'Horace trad. en franç. avec des remarques et des dissertat. crit. par Sanadon. Nouv. Edit. revue et augmentée. 8 Tom. 8. Amst. 1756. (Weigel in L. 8 )

Auch gr. Pap. Vergl. oben S. 410. Les poésies d'Horace. Traduction du P. Sanadon. Nouvelle édition, enrichie des notes tirées de tous les meilleurs interprètes d'Horace, avec un dictionnaire alphabétique divisé en trois tables pour intelligence de la fable, de l'histoire et de la géographie (par l'abbé Fleuriau). 3 Tom. 12. Paris, compagnie des libraires 1756.

trad. en franç. Avec des remarques et des dissertations critiques par Sanadon. Nouv. Edit. 2 Tom. 12. Paris, Davidtz 1756. Les poësies d'Horace trad. en franç (par Ch. Batteux). Nouv. Edition. 2 Tom. 12. Amsterd., Jena et Lips., Fischer 1762. - Nouv. Edit. 2 Tom. 12. Paris, Desaint 1768.

Auch 2 Tom. 12. Paris, Nyon l'aîné

Les oeuvres d'Horace trad. en franç
par René Binet. 2 Tom. 12. Paris,
chez Colas 1783.

Traduction littérale des oeuvres d'Ho-
race par M*** (Adam). 2 Tom.
8. Paris, Morin 1787.

oeuvres d'Horace trad. en franç. Nouv. Edit. revue et retouchée avec soin. 2 Tom. 12. Paris 1801. Les oeuvres d'Horace trad. en franç. par René Binet. 2 Tom. 12. Paris 1802.

Edition royale 1747. 12. (Nestler. Les poésies d'Horace trad. par Batin Hamburg 8 Mark.)

Friedrich d. Zweite, König von Preussen, soll der Herausgeber u. die Auflage uur 24 Exx. sein. S. den Catalog des Grafen v. Cobenzl von Jos. Ermens. 8. Brüssel 1771. Nr. 768. Les poésies d'Horace trad. en franç.

par Charles Batteux. 2 Tom. 12. Paris 1750 u Paris, chez Desaint et Saillant 1753. Traduction des oeuvres d'Horace en vers franç. avec des extraits des auteurs qui ont travaillé sur cette matière et des notes pour l'eclaircissement du texte (publiée par l'abbé Salmon). 5 Tom. 12. Paris,


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teux et Peyrard. Avec le texte en regard. 2 Tom. 12. Paris, Louis


5 fr.

trad. en vers par Pierre Daru. Nouvelle édition corrigée. 4 Parties. 8. Paris, Levrault, Schoell et Co. an XII 1804. T. I. xlij u. 241 S. 2 ung. Bll. T. II. 285 S. T. III 250 S. T. IV. 263 S. 15 fr., Vel. Pap. 30 fr.

Sehr geschätzte Uebersetzung.

trad. par. Charles Batteux. 2 Tom. 8. Avignon 1813. 2 fr. 50 c. trad. en vers par .P. Daru. Nouvelle édit. 2 Tom. 8. Paris, Janet 1816. 14 fr., Vel. Pap. 28 fr.

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