Handbuch der classischen Bibliographie: Lateinische Schriftsteller ; 1, A - L. 2,1

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Page 163 - The Epistles of MT Cicero to M. Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero, with the Latin text on the opposite page, and English notes to each epistle : together with a prefatory dissertation, in which the authority of the said epistles is vindicated, and all the objections of the rev. Mr. Tunstall particularly considered and confuted.
Page 509 - JUVENAL'S SIXTEEN SATYRS; or, A SURVEY OF THE MANNERS AND ACTIONS OF MANKIND. With Arguments, Marginall Notes and Annotations clearing the obscure places out of the History, Lawes, and Ceremonies of the Romans.
Page 430 - A Poetical Translation of the Works of Horace, with the original text, and critical Notes collected from his best latin and french Commentators, by the Rev.
Page 477 - PANDECTES de Justinien mises dans un nouvel ordre, avec les lois du Code et les Novelles qui confirment, expliquent ou abrogent celles des Pandectes , par RJ Pothier; traduites par M.
Page 509 - Juvenalis. Translated into English Verse. By Mr. Dryden, And Several other Eminent Hands. Together with the Satires Of Aulus Persius Flaccus. Made English by Mr. Dryden.
Page 464 - Iter Britanniarum or that part of the itinerary of Antoninus which relates to Britain, with a new comment by the Rev.
Page 328 - Histoire de la guerre de Troie, attribuée à Dictys de Crète, trad, du Latin, par N.-L. Achaintre, avec Notes ; suivie de l'hist.
Page 230 - Religion : in two dissertations; the first, supposed to have been composed by Cicero ; now rendered into English: the last originally written by Dr. Blacklock.
Page 415 - The Odes, Epodes and Carmen seculare of Horace, in latin and english, with a translation of Bentley's notes, to which are added notes upon notes in 24 parts.
Page 261 - Remarks on the Epistles of Cicero to Brutus, and of Brutus to Cicero, in a Letter to a Friend. With a Dissertation upon four Orations ascribed to Cicero; viz.

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