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[The three later Editions of 1631, 1651, and 1661, have been collated with the first, and have supplied some important corrections of the text.]

The Actors names.


, } Emperours of Rome.

A King of Pontus.
A King of Epire.
A King of Macedon,
Sapritius, Governour of Cæfaria.
Theophilus, a zealous persecutor of the Christians.
Sempronius, Captain of Sapritius Guards.
Antoninus, sonne to Sapritius.
Macrinus, friend to Antoninus.
Harpax, an euill spirit, following Theophilus in the

shape of a Secretary.
Artemia, daughter to Dioclefian.

Daughters to Theophilus.
Dorothea, The Virgin-Martyr.
Angelo, a good spirit, seruing Dorothea in the habit of

a Page,
A Brittish-Slave.
Hercius, a Whoremaster,

Seruants to Dorothea.
Spungius, a Drunkard.
A Priest to lupiter.
Officers and Executioners.


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Virgin Martir.

Actus primus. Scene 1.

Enter Theophilus, Harpax.

Theoph. Ome to Cæfarea to night?

Most true Sir.
Theophilus. The Emperour in person?
Harpax. Do I live?
Theo. 'Tis wondrous strange the marches of great

Like to the motions of prodigious Meteors,
Are step by step observ'd; and loud tongu'd Fame
The harbinger to prepare their entertainment:
And were it possible so great an army,
Though cover'd with the night, could be so near;
The Governour cannot be so unfriended
Among the many that attend his person,
But by some secret means, he should have notice
Of Cafars purpose in this; then excuse me
If I appear incredulous.

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