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s, d. Dynamo Attendants and their Dynamos. By*

A. H. GIBBINOS, M.I.E.E. A practical book for practical men
Third edition, rovised

1 0 A Guide to Electric Lighting. For Householders

and Amateurs. By s. R. BOTTONE. With 77 illustrations. Twenty.
fifth Thousand

1 0 How to Manage a Dynamo. By 8. R. BOTTONE.

Second edition, rovised and eu larged, Illustrated cloth. pocket size 1 0 Arc Lamps and How to Maintain them. By H.

SMITHSON and E. R. SHARPE. A book we can thoroughly recommend i 0 Electric Light for Country Houses. A Practical

Handbook on the erection and running of amall Installation, with

particulars of the cost of plant and working. By J. H. KNIGHT 1 2 The Elementary Principles of Electric Light

ing. By, ALAN A. CAMPBELL SWINTON, A.I.E.E. Third edition.
Wiin 16 illustrations

1 6 Practical Dynamo Building for Amateurs, By F. WALKER

2 0 Gas and Petroleum Engines. Adapted from the

French of HENRY DE GRAFFIGNY by A. G. ELLIOTT, B.Sc. With 52

2 6 May's Popular Instruction for the Management of Electric Lighting Plant. Pocket size

2 6 The Gas Engine: How to make and use it. By P. B.

WARWICK. Fully illustrated by Working Drawing and many
Engravings. Cloth

3 0 The Management of Dynamos. _A Handy Book

of Theory and Practice for the use of Mechanics, Engineers, students
and others in charge of Dynamos. By G. LUMMIS PATTERSON. With

uumerous illustrations. Second edition, revised and enlarged... 4 6 Practical Electric Light Fitting: By F.C. ALLSOP. With 224 illusu ations. Fourth edition, revised

5 0 Localisation of Faults in Electric Light Mains. By F. C. RAPHAEL


5 0 *Electric Lighting and Power Distribution.

By W. PERREN MAYCOCK, M.I.E.E. Fourth edition. Crown 8vo.
In two vols. Vol, 1

6 0 Central Station Electricity Supply. By ALBERT

GAY, M. Inst.E.E., Chief Engineer Islington Central Station, and C.
H. YEAMAN, A. Inst. E.E., Chief Assistant Eogineer Islington Central
Station. With many illustrations. Crown 8vo

10 6 *Electric Light Installations. By SIR DAVID

SALOMONS, BART., M.A. Seventh edition. In three vols. Vol. 1,
Accumulators, 5s. ; Vol. 2, Apparatus, 73. 6d. ; Vol. 3,
Application, 5s.

17 6


Those marked * are recommended by the Examiners of the City and Quilds of

London Institute.


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