A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical: Of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World, Volume 4

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Page 263 - ... their plots of land. They have a kind of Robinson Crusoe industry about their houses and little properties ; they are perpetually building, repairing, altering, or improving something about their tenements. The spirit of the proprietor is not to be mistaken in all that one sees in Switzerland.
Page 136 - ... deputies of chapters and universities. To be a member of the Lower House, no fixed income is required ; and electors are all men above twenty-five years of age who pay taxes, or contribute in any way to the public burdens. A salary is attached to the performance of the legislative functions ; the members of the Upper House being allowed...
Page 102 - Of this sum, the serfs had to give immediately 20 per cent., while the remaining 80 per cent, were disbursed as an advance by the Government to the owners, to be repaid, at intervals extending over forty-nine years, by the freed peasants. According to an official...
Page 227 - But if this cave were even destitute of that order and symmetry, that richness arising from multiplicity of parts, combined with greatness of dimensions, and simplicity of style which it possesses ; still the prolonged length, the twilight gloom, half concealing the playful and varying effects of reflected light, the echo of the measured surge as it rises and falls, the transparent green of the water, and the profound and fairy solitude of the whole scene, could not fail strongly to impress a mind...
Page 136 - ... nominated by the King for life; the burgomasters of eight towns; and the superintendents and deputies of five collegiate institutions, of the university of Leipzig, and of the Roman Catholic chapter of St. Peter at Bautzen. The Lower Chamber is made up of...
Page 94 - The owners of the serfs were compensated for their land on a scale of payment by which the previous labour of the serf was estimated at a yearly rental of 6 per cent., so that for every six roubles which the labourer earned annually, he had to pay 100 roubles to his master as his capital value to become a freeholder.
Page 218 - Spain was and is still of immense value, but there was a reluctance in some persons to buy the latter on account of religious scruples, till 1858, when a concordat was concluded with the Pope and sanction obtained for the sales, which were then actively continued, the Government giving great facilities to the purchasers. The payments are made onetenth in cash, and the remainder in promissory notes from 1 to 10, and, in some cases, to 19 years, the property remaining mortgaged to the final instalment,...
Page 99 - The third college, established by Peter I., in the year 1721, is the Holy Synod, and to it is committed the superintendence of the religious affairs of the empire. It is composed of the principal dignitaries of the Church. All its decisions run in the emperor's name, and have no force till approved by him. The President of the Holy Synod is the Metropolitan of Novgorod and St.
Page 360 - I think, more conveniently than ours. Between the windows are little arches to set pots of perfume, or baskets of flowers. But what pleases me best, is the fashion of having marble fountains in the lower part of the room, which throw up several spouts of water, giving at the same time an agreeable coolness, and a pleasant dashing sound, falling from one basin to another.
Page 12 - The deputies must have an income of at least 390 milreis, or 89/., per annum ; but lawyers, professors, physicians, or the graduates of any of the learned professions, need no property qualification. Continental Portugal is divided into ninety-four electoral districts, returning as many deputies, to which Madeira and the Azores add five.

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