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L. Mac Bride (&W.) Sedgwick's theory of the Embryonic Phase of Ontogeny

Sedgwick (A.) On the origin of metameric segmentation.

Bourne (Gc.) A criticism of the cell - Theory. 5. Davenport (CB.) Bullard (C.) Studies in Morphogenesis. VI. Weldon (W.F.R.) ezt. An attempt to measure the death -raté due

to the selective destruction of Carcinus maenas.

variation in animals and plants. r. Ewart J. C) Telegony experiments: The birth of a hybrid

between a male Burchell's zebra (E.B)ra mare({ .c.) 1. Spencer H. Weismanmim

A rejoinder to Prof. Weesmann
Wermanu (A.) The all- cufficiency of natural selecion . I.

Remarks on




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1. Monckman (tor) Scenice at Cambridge.
- Wallace (A.R.) The method of organic wolution. I

Mac Bride (.w.) The pozition of morphology i zoological science,

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