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school was instituted-and then commenced the usual modes for getting the children from the dissenters school to their school. In addition to which the worthy rector was in the habit of carrying a beautiful bound book, with gilt edges, in his pocket, and when he met with a child of the village, he would ask, “Do you go to the dissenters Sunday school ?" If answered in the affirmative, he would take the book out of his pocket, and display it before the glistening eyes of the child, with, “ If you will leave, and come to our church school, you shall have a book like this,” which promise, though often made, was, I understand, never kept. A short time since one of these dissenters lost a child by death, and this clergyman waited on the afflicted mother, and asked if the child had been christened at church, when, on being answered in the negative, be said, " Then your child is gone to hell ; I wont bury it," and walked out of the house. And this man is a successor of the apostles ! What working man, in shop or field, with his New Testament in his hand, will believe that he is ?

J. S. W.

The Children's Corner.

“ BURY ME IN THE GARDEN.". then we heard the departing spirit Poor thing! in the morning it had whisper in that ear which touched gone out bebind its father in the its ashy lips—“Mother! mother! field; and while he was there en- don't let them carry me away down gaged in his labour it had patted to the dark, cold graveyard, but bury around among the meadow flowers, me in the garden- in the garden, and stuck its bosom full, and all its mother." burnished tresses, with carmine and lily-tinted things; and returning THE CHILDREN'S FRIEND. tired to its father's side, he had

Thou Guardian of our youthful days, lifted it upon the loaded cart; but To thee our prayers ascend; a stone in the road had shaken it To thee we tune our song of praise, from its seat, and the ponderous

Jesus the Children's Friend. iron-rimmed wheels had ground it From thee our daily mercies flowdown into the very cart.path, and

Our life and health descend; the little crusbed creature was dying.

Oh, save our souls from sin and woe

Thou art the Children's Friend. We had all gathered up closely to its bedside, and were hanging over

Teach us to prize thy holy word,

And to its truths attend; the poor bruised thing, to see if it Thus shall we learn to fear the Lord, yet breathed, when a slight move- And love the Children's Friend. ment came over its lips, and its eyes Oh may we feel a Saviour's love; partly opened. There was no voice, To him our souls commend, but there was something beneath its

Who left his glorious throne above,

To be the Children's Friend. eyelids which a mother alone could interpret. Its lips trembled again,

Lord, draw our youthful hearts to thee, and we all held our breath-its

And when this life shall end,

Raise us to live above the sky eyes opened a little farther, and With thee--the Children's Friend.


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