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THE CHURCH OF ROME IS AGGRESSIVE. It is not content with defensive measures. It preaches in our streets, it seeks conversation by the wayside. Its chapels, schools, and convents, are being rapidly increased. Its agents visit our poor, and stand at the doors of our schools. Its literature, in every form, is pushed into wide circulation. It pursues its one end with a constancy and intensity of zeal, which only wants a better cause to be worthy of all praise. It is not likely that any of you will altogether escape its assaults. Arm yourselves, therefore, with information. This may be needful for your own security. Tell me not that you expect to be kept by God, if you neglect the opportunities he has given you of keeping yourselves. Seek to know the truth. Especially be mighty in the scriptures." And let humble and earnest prayer for the Spirit of light and life accompany all your reading, and all your thought.


GOD ONLY IS TO BE WORSHIPPED-the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. No other being in heaven or earth-no image, carving, picture, cross, wafer, whether "consecrated" or not-no angel, neither saint, living or dead. The heart must be engaged in the worship of God, John iv. 24. Mere forms and ceremonies, and prayers in a foreign language, are therefore vain. So also are prayers which are purchased with money, and all "vain repetitions" to make up a certain number. Prayer to the Virgin Mary or any saint in heaven is idolatry, being the worship of a creature. How can the Virgin Mary hear the thousands of prayers offered to her in various parts of the world unless she be everywhere present? She is in heaven, and not upon earth, and praying to her is vain and sinful.

THE BIBLE IS OUR SURE GUIDE TO HEAVEN-God's precious gift to fallen man freely given to all, rich or poor, young or old. By searching it, we become wise unto salvation. The Papists would rob us of this treasure: they hate it because it exposes their errors, and proves their doctrines and practices to be false. If the Bible be true, Popery is falsehood. Sunday schools are built upon the Bible-it is their stronghold; and if teachers, children, and parents study well the holy word of God, all attempts of popery must fail.

SOUNDING THE LAST TRUMPET.-"Are you not going to the Oratorio, to hear the Messiah? The last trumpet is to be sounded: how grand it will be!" "Ah! madam," rejoined her friend, "how could you think that I would go to hear such a thing? We shall all hear the last trumpet, without paying for it; and it may not be so pleasing to some of us!"

DANGER OF WORLDLY POSSESSIONS -When Garrick shewed Dr, Johnson his fine house, gardens, statues, pictures, &c., at Hampton Court, what ideas did they waken in the mind of that great man! Instead of a flattering compliment, which was expected, "Ah! David, David," said the Doctor, "these are the things which make a death-bed terrible !"


The Fireside.


TAKE of good nature, one ounce; and of an herb called mind your own business, one ounce. Mix this with a little charity for others, and two or three sprigs of keep your tongue between your teeth. Simmer them together in a vessel called circumspection, for a short time, and it will be fit for use.

Application:-The symptoms are, a violent itching in the tongue and at the roof of the mouth, which invariably takes place when you are in company with a species of animal called gossips. When you feel a fit of the disorder coming on, take a teaspoonful of the mixture; hold it in your mouth, which you are recommended to keep closely shut till you get home, and you will find a complete cure. Should you apprehend a relapse, keep a small bottle full about you, and on the slightest symptom, repeat the dose.

The Penny Post Box.


EIGHTEEN years have fled away,
Since thy first thy natal day,
To eternity's domain,
Never to return again.
Various have the changes been,
Shifting oft the opening scene;
Nothing here will lasting run,
Nothing to perfection come.
Joys of childhood soon were fled;
Joys of youth too soon are dead;
Lasting, priceless, purest, pleasures,
Here on earth our richest treasure,
Can be found in Christ alone:
Christ the Saviour on his Throne,
Where he lives to intercede,
And evermore for sinners plead.
To the wretch of hope forlorn-
Like the sun's sweet rising dawn
Chasing all the clouds of night-
Is the gospel's glorious light
Breaking in upon his mind,
Guiding him true peace to find

In the Saviour's bleeding side,
There his guilt and shame to hide.
Happy they who find this treasure,
Find it in enlarged measure,
For, when time shall pass away,
They shall reach eternal day!
Jesus now will angels send,
All our footsteps to attend;
Helping us to run this race,
Strengthening oft our tottering pace
As we heavenward bend our way,
To the realms of endless day,
Where the joys laid up in store
Must endure for evermore.
Then let time its troubles sow,
Mingling oft our cup with woe;
'Twill but make their bliss more

When in heaven at last we meet.
W. C.

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Facts, Hints, and Gems.


ANOTHER GREAT THING, it is said, Prince Albert proposes; and that is the occupation of the unoccupied lands of Ireland by English and Scotch labourers.

KOSSUTH, the great Hungarian Patriot, arrived safe, with his wife and four children, in England, Oct. 22. Multitudes welcomed him at Southampton, London, Birmingham, and Manchester. He is now gone to America.

EGYPT.-A railroad from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea is now talked of as likely to be laid down, if the Sultan of Turkey will


THE SAVAGE SLAVEHOLDERS of America are now hunting and seizing runaway slaves in the Free States, which is very likely to cause serious disturbances.

THE GREAT EXHIBITION was closed on Saturday, Oct. 11, with "Thanksgiving" by the Bishop of London.

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SIN, like a disease, is often caught by infection. Mind what company you keep.

KEEP THY HEART with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.


To the

THE SAINTS are compared in scripture to trees, because of their growth and fruitfulness. cedar, because they are so firmly rooted. To the palm tree, because though afflicted they grow the higher. To the vine, because of the fruits of righteousness which they bring forth. And to the willows by the water-courses, because there is an aptness in the new creature to grow apace.

FOUND IN CHRIST, I am safe; if I know him, I am wise to salvation; and if I win Christ, I am rich towards God.

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To the Great God on high we will now raise our voices,
And praise that rich fountain whose streams to us flow;
Reviewing past mercies, what heart but rejoices?

And shall children be silent? Ah, never! Ah, no!

While in life's early dawn, when as yet we were strangers
To earth, its temptations, its care, and its woe,
God gave us kind friends, and preserved us from dangers;

And shall we be ungrateful? Ah, never! Ah, no!

When our teachers and friends in the cold grave are sleeping,
We'll visit their tombs, our affection to show,
And drop a tear silent when they have ceas'd weeping-
Not a tear falls in heaven. Ah, never! Ah, no!


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