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Billy," greeted the doctor, as he advanced. Billy sat up in surprise and returned a breathless, "Hello, Doctor Horton; where

'd you come from?” Then Buster gave a vigorous tug at Billy's coat, and they renewed their battle, rolling over and

on the snow. The doctor stood quietly a separate line to the sled, and his pulling watching them, with a smile of under- matched that of the boy's and the dog's standing lighting up his face.

combined efforts. Thus they proceeded, When the two had exhausted their tandem style, the eager dog wasting effort breath and stopped again to rest, the doc in his haste and excitement. They were tor said, "Where did you come from, forced to stop often to rest.

At such Billy ?"

times they dropped upon the snow and “Me?” was Billy's surprised answer;. relaxed. Whenever a rest was called, Bus"I did n't come at all.

It was Buster ter would sit beside Billy and look that did the coming."

down into his face with a pleased expresFor the first time since he had rounded sion, and always with one fore paw restthe point the doctor now looked beyond ing lightly upon an outstretched arm. the boy and dog and recognized the low It was mid-afternoon before they at last cabin in the clearing. Then he under reached the pass and looked down upon stood. He had dropped in upon the scenes the helpless train. They rested for the of his summer's vacation from a different last time, and then descended quickly to direction, and had not noticed any familiar where an eager group stood watching their objects until he saw the cabin.

approach. The arrival of the strange outBilly's mother welcomed them at the fit called forth all the passengers, who door. She served the doctor with hot crowded about, eager to hear how relief coffee and food, while he told her of the had come to them and to have a glimpse snow-bound train. Billy listened eagerly of Billy and the wonderful little dog. to the account of the block, the hungry Billy was made comfortable in the pripassengers, and how Buster had obeyed the vate car of Dr. Horton. It was the first command to “Go fetch 'em!" "We'll train he had ever boarded. Beside him take them something right away,” said upon the deep, soft cushion of the seat lay Billy eagerly, when the doctor had finished Buster, sleeping peacefully, with his head his tale. And a minute later Billy ap- pillowed upon Billy's knee. peared dragging his sled, with the little It was the announcement that supper prancing dog tugging away at the end of was ready that caused a hasty scramble

for seats in the dining-car, and also roused The loading of the sled began. Billy Billy from his talk with the doctor. He and his mother generously offered all their declined the urgent invitation to have supstore of winter supplies, but Dr. Horton per before starting homeward. He knew would take only such things as were most

that his mother would be waiting supper needed by the passengers, and he was care for him at home, and so was in haste to ful to leave a store for Billy and his moth be

way. er. He assured them that the first incom Again the three of them started for the ing train after the blockade would bring pass. This time they had only the empty them more supplies in return for their gen sled to pull. They climbed silently to erous offering.

the pass, where they paused and looked With the sled piled high with many pro down upon the buried train with its tiny visions, they made all secure with a rope; row of lights just peeping out and the then the three of them set out to pull it tops of the cars making a line of low-lying up the long slope of the valley to the pass. barges in the snow For a long time They made a strange procession. Danc neither of them spoke. It was Buster ing ahead, with many eager barks and tugging at Billy's trouser-leg that finally extra tugs, was Buster, with the end of caused them to stir. the rope tied in his collar. Behind him "No, Buster, you can't go!" said Billy, came Billy with the rope over his shoul as he stooped and gently loosened the dog's der, head bent low, and pulling steadily. teeth and tried hard to control his feelNext to the sled was the doctor, who had ings. With a tremendous effort he mas

the rope.

on his

tered them and straightened up. Turning "Billy," and the word came like a comto the doctor, he put out his hand. mand, "you have forgotten your dog."

The doctor grasped it, and they parted Billy gasped, but could say nothing. “And in silence. Billy made his way quickly say, Billy, the first train up will bring down the slope without turning his head. some supplies for you." He was not ashamed of the tears he could But Billy was not thinking of supplies. not keep back-only he did not wish the He had dropped to his knees and held out doctor to see them, and think him a baby his hands. about his dog.

With an eager bark, Buster leaped Buster squatted upon the snow, and down the slope into his young master's pointing his sharp muzzle upward, gave a waiting arms and was hugged breathless long, mournful howl. Billy stopped short. against a throbbing heart. The dog's appeal had reached his heart. The doctor stood alone in the pass and For a moment he forgot about the doctor watched them as they entered the deeper and faced around. He wanted to snatch shadows in the little valley. Soon they up his shaggy friend and run.

The dog

were lost to view. For a long time he was watching him intently.

remained standing silently there alone. "Billy," came the husky voice of the From the depths below him came the sharp doctor, "have n't you forgotten some barking of a dog. Slowly the doctor faced

about and looked at the twinkling lights Billy patted his pockets. “N-n-0-0, I of the train. Then, with a final pause, guess not,” he answered, trying to speak he looked once more into the gathering cheerfully, and starting again into the wel shadows of the little valley, sighed, and coming dusk.

started slowly toward the train.


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I've a sampler worked by Great-great-aunt Louise ;

It 's framed and hangs by my bed.
There's a cross-stitch picture of stiff green trees

And the Lord's Prayer, done in red;
Then the Fifth Commandment (the one I love,

About honoring Father and Mother),
And a fancy alphabet worked above,

And then, over that, another.
And in faded silken letters of gold,

As fine and neat as you please,
Are the date and the words, “At nine years old,

Wrought by little Louise.

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Then Great-grandmother told me of little Louise,

And what do you think she said ?
“My dear, that child was the greatest tease,

And her hair was fluffy and red !
She hated to sew, and pouted and cried

Before that sampler was made;
And when it was done, she ran outside

And shouted and romped and played !”
To think that a little girl just like me

Worked all those letters and trees! That sampler 's precious as it can be

"Wrought by little Louise."

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