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h Gen. 38. 24.

Numb 16. 5.
Ps. 64, 4.


i Exod. 29.

29, 30.

16. 32 Numb. 35.25.

.ch. 22. 23.

ch. 16, 32. 1 ch. 10. 6.


m Numb, 19.


och. 10. 7.

which sanctify you, am thy seed in their genera. christ holy.

tions that hath any blemish, 9 h And the daughter let him not 'approach to of any priest, if she profane offer the || bread of his God. ch. 10.3. herself by playing the whore, 118 For whatsoever man she profaneth her father: he be that hath a blemish, "ch. 3. 11. she shall be burnt with fire.] he shall not approach: a

10 i And he that is the blind man, or a lame, or he ch. 8. 12. & high priest among his that hath a flat nose, or

brethren, upon whose head any thing & superfluous,
the anointing oil was poured,

19 Or a

man that is • Exod. 28. 2. and k that is consecrated to brokenfooted, or broken

put on the garments, shall handed,
not uncover his head, nor 20 Or crookbackt, or || a | Or, tam
rend his clothes ;

dwarf, or that hath a ble11 Neither shall he mgo mish in his eye, or be See ver. 1, 2. in to any dead body, nor scurvy, or scabbed, or thath 'Deut. 23. 1.

defile himself for his father, his stones broken ;]
or for his mother;

21 No man that hath a
12 n Neither shall he go blemish of the seed of Aaron
out of the sanctuary, nor the priest shall come nigh
profane the sanctuary of to offer the offerings of "ver. 6.

his God; for ° the crown the LORD made by fire : he ch. 8. 9, 12, of the anointing oil of his hath a blemish; he shall

God is

upon I am the not come nigh to offer the

bread of his God.
[13 And Phe shall take 22 He shall eat the
a wife in her virginity. bread of his God, both of

14 A widow, or a di- the *most holy, and of the ch. 2; 5; 10.
vorced woman, or profane, y holy.
or an harlot, these shall he

23 Only he shall not go , ch. 22. 10, not take : but he shall take in unto the vail, nor come a virgin of his own people nigh unto the altar, beto wife.

cause he hath a blemish; 15 Neither shall he pro- that "he profane not iny' ver. 12. fane his seed among his sanctuaries: for I the LORD people : for 91 the Lorv do sanctify them. do sanctify him.]

24 And Moses told it 16 TAnd the LORD unto Aaron, and to his spake unto Moses, saying, sons, and unto all the chil

17 Speak unto Aaron, dren of Israel. saying, Whosoever he be of

• Exod. 28.



him :

P ver. 7.
Ezek. 44. 22.

7. 1. & 24. 9. Numb. 18. 9.

11, 12 Numb. 18.


9 ver. 8.

LEVITICUS XXII. [1 And the Lord spake to his sons, that they a se-. Numb. 6. 3. unto Moses, saying, parate themselves from the

2 Speak unto Aaron and I holy things of the children





bch. 18. 21. « Exod. 28.

38. Numb. 18.

32. Deut. 15. 19.

22, 32.


See 1 Sam.


dch. 7. 20.

the purchase of his money.

11, 13.

e ch. 15. 2.
+ Heb. run-
ning of the

15. 13. & Numb. 19.

11, 22.

of Israel, and that they'. 9 They shall therefore

profane not my holy name keep mine ordinance, lest
in those things which they they bear sin for it, and • Exod. 28.
c hallow unto me: I am the die therefore, if they pro- Numb. 18.

fane it: I the LORD do
3 Say unto them, Who- sanctify them.]
soever he be of all

your seed 10 p There shall
among your generations, stranger eat of the holy
that goeth unto the holy thing: a sojourner of the
things, which the children priest, or an hired servant,
of Israel hallow unto the shall not eat of the holy
LORD, d having his unclean- thing.
ness upon him, that soul

11 But if the priest buy
shall be cut off from my any soul + with his money, 4 Heb. with
presence: I am the Lord. he shall eat of it, and he

4 What man soever of that is born in his house : the seed of Aaron is a 9 they shall eat of his meat. 9 Numb. 18. leper, or hathea + running 12 If the priest's daugh

issue; he shall not eat of ter also be married unto sch.112.9. & the holy things, funtil he + a stranger, she may not + Heb. a man

a stranger. be clean. And 8 whoso eat of an offering of the

toucheth any thing that is holy things.
A ch. 15. 16. unclean by the dead, or ha 13 But if 'the priest's

man whose seed goeth from daughter be a widow, or

divorced, and have no child,
5 Or i whosoever touch- and is "returned unto her' Gen. 38. 11.
eth any creeping thing, father's house, Sas in her sch. 10. 14.

whereby he may be made youth, she shall eat of her Numb. 18. ch. 15. 7, unclean, or man of father's meat: but there

whom he may take unclean- shall no stranger eat there-
ness, whatsoever unclean- of.
ness he hath ;

[14 ft And if a man eat "ch. 5. 15, 16.
6 The soul which hath of the holy thing unwit-
touched any such shall be tingly, then he shall put
unclean until even, and the fifth part thereof unto
shall not eat of the holy it, and shall give it unto

things, unless he wash his the priest with the holy Hebr. 10. 22. flesh with water.

thing 7 And when the sun is 15 And u they shall not • Numb. 18. down, he shall be clean, and profane the holy things of

shall afterward eat of the the children of Israel, which 5 ch. 21. 22. holy things; because mit they offer unto the LORD; is his food.

16 Or || suffer them *to | Or, lade 8 That which dieth of bear the iniquity of tres- with the inich: 17,15. itself, or is torn with beasts, pass, when they eat their quition there

he shall not eat to defile holy things : for I the LORD,
himself therewith: I am do sanctify them.
the LORD.

17 1 And the LORD

ch. 11. 24,

43, 44.

11, 19.



Ich. 15. 5.


Numb. 18.

11, 13. • Exod. 22.


Ezek. 44. 31.

ealing. I ver. 9.





15, 16.

10. Numb. 15.


ich. 1. 3.


« Deut. 15.

21. & 17. 1.

1 Pet. 1. 19. bch. 3. 1, 6.

HEROBZspake unto Moses, say-'is bruised, or crushed, or

broken, or cut; neither
18 Speak unto Aaron, shall ye make any offering
and to his sons, and unto thereof in your land.
all the children of Israel, 25 Neither

8 from

a 6 Numb. 15. y ch. 1. 2, 3, and say unto them, “What- stranger's hand shall ye soever he be of the house of offer h the bread of

your ch. 21.6, 17. Israel, or of the strangers God of any of these; bein Israel, that will offer his cause their i corruption is i Mal. 1. 14. oblation for all his vows, in them, and blemishes be and for all his freewill offer- in them: they shall not be ings, which they will offer accepted for you. unto the LORD for a burnt 26 And the Lord offering;

spake unto Moses, saying, 19 2 Ye shall offer at 27 * When a bullock, or Exod. 22. your own will a male with a sheep,or a goat, is brought out blemish, of the beeves, forth, then it shall be seven of the sheep, or of the days under the dam ; and goats.

from the eighth day and 20 a But whatsoever hath thenceforth it shall be ac

a blemish, that shall ye not cepted for an offering made Mal. 1.8, 14: offer: for it shall not be by fire unto the Lord. Hebr. 9. 14. acceptable for you.]

28 And whether it be 21 And bwhosoever of-cow or || ewe, ye shall not Oroshe fereth a sacrifice of peace kill it 'and her young both Deut. 22. 6. offerings unto the Lord in one day. cto accomplish his vow, or 29 And when


will a freewill offering in beeves moffer a sacrifice of thanks- ch.7. 12. Deut, 33. 21, or || sheep, it shall be per- giving unto the Lord, offer Ps. 61. 8. & fect to be accepted ; there it at your own will. Eccles. 5.4,5. shall be no blemish therein. 30 On the same day it

Or, goats. 22 a Blind, or broken, or shall be eaten up; ye shall
Mal. 1. 8. maimed, or having a wen, leave "pone of it until the "ch. 7. 15.

or scurvy, or scabbed, ye morrow: I am the LORD.

shall not offer these unto 31 • Therefore shall yech. 19. 37. ech. 1. 9, 13. the Lord, nor make ean keep my commandments,

offering by fire of them and do them: I am the Deut. 4. 40.
upon the altar unto the LORD.

32 P Neither shall ye p ch. 18. 21. 23 Either a bullock or profane my holy name; but

a || lamb that hath any I will be hallowed among .ch. 10. 3. ich. 21. 18. thing 'superfluous or lack-, the children of Israel; I Luke 11.2.

ing in his parts, that mayest am the Lord which hal-. ch. 20. 8.
thou offer for a freewill low you,
offering ; but for a vow it 33 That brought you Exod. 6. 7.
shall not be accepted.

out of the land of Egypt, 19. 36. & 23.
24 Ye shall not offer to be your God: I am the
unto the Lord that which Lord.]

ech. 7. 16. Numb. 15. 3,


Ps. 107. 22. &

116, 17. Amos 4. 5.

d ver. 20.


& 3. 3, 5.

|| Or, kid.

38. Numb. 15.


PRAYER.—Let us PRAY, that we learn from the perfection and spirituality

of the law of God, the purity and the holiness which God demands of His people, as the priests who offer themselves, their souls and bodies, as living sacrifices unto God; that the knowledge of our own unworthiness lead us to Christ, the great High Priest without sin, and to Christ the true Sacrifice, without spot or blemish; that we so believe, and hope, and love the Saviour and Redeemer of man, that we become more and more perfect in thought, motive, will, and affection, as the sacrificers of ourselves ; and more and more perfect also in action and conduct, as the living sacrifices to God.


Almighty God, Father of the spirits of all fesh, who hast implanted in these our bodies of humiliation and corruption, of infirmity and disease, a fallen, yet immortal soul, which is capable of immortal communion with Thee in another and better world ; pardon the insensibility of these our sinful souls to the present means of grace, to the hope of future glory, and to all the inestimable privileges which Thou hast promised to them who fear and love Thy holy Name. O give us a deeper sense of Thy great mercy, and of our own unworthiness. We thank Thee for the knowledge of the perfection of Thy law, that we may understand what Thou requirest of us in thought, word, and deed. We thank Thee for the knowledge of the spirituality of Thy law, that we may understand the holiness of affection and motive, of desire and will, which Thine all-seeing eye demands of those who would attain to the kingdom of God. O send Thy Holy Spirit into our hearts, that we may examine and compare the demands of Thy perfect law with the imperfect and miserable obedience we pay to Thee ; and so convince us of our wretchedness, and our sinfulness, that we never presume to come before Thee, " trusting in our own righteousness, but in Thy manifold and

great mercies." In heart and soul, in word and deed, in thought and action, from the days of our youth to the years of our age, we have deeply and presumptuously sinned against Thee; and we have no hope of attaining to the privileges of acceptance and communion with Thee, but in that way which our reason could not have discovered, which our exceeding corruption has not merited, but which Thy wisdom alone has imparted in pity and compassion to the children of men. Thou hast commanded us to sacrifice to Thee, as our reasonable service, ourselves, our souls and bodies. We pray for Thy grace to enable us to obey Thy blessed will. We know and feel their unfitness to be Thy sacrifices; but we approach in the name of Him, Thy Son our Lord. May the remembrance of the plague of our own hearts, the consciousness of our actual transgressions, and the still remaining hope of the accomplishment of Thy promised mercy, enable us by Thy grace to approach to the throne of Thy glory. In His Name we pray, who came forth from Thee, to take our nature upon Him, and to be touched with the feeling of our infirmities—to be tempted like unto us, yet to obey Thy law in its perfection and spirituality—to be without sinand then to return to Thee, to live with Thee for ever. God, we thank Thee, that where Jesus Christ is, there He inviteth us to be. There, O Lord God, may we, sinful and unworthy as we are, for ever, ever be! In the name of Christ, as the great High Priest, who offereth up

of His people, we pray Thee for present peace, the pledge and earnest of future glory. In the name of Christ, as the one only Sacrifice, spotless, blameless, innocent, the fulfiller of Thy holy, Thy perfect, Thy spiritual law, we approach to Thee for the pardon of our sins, and the removal of our infirmities and corruptions. We pray Thee for the fulfilment of all Thy promises. We have no hope but in Him; neither is there present salvation from the power of evil, neither is there future salvation from the consequences of evil, in any other. Pour forth, we beseech Thee, the power of Thy Holy Spirit on our hearts, that we may more and more, from henceforth, devote ourselves, in heart, in will, and affection, in spirit, and in life, to Thy glory, and to the work of our own salvation. Enable us to obey in spirit and in truth the commands which Thou didst give to Thy priests, in the law of Thy servant Moses. Never may the living soul within us be defiled by the corruption and the folly of the spiritually dead. So pour forth the anointing oil of Thy Holy Spirit upon our heads-so clothe ourselves with the robes of the righteousness which Christ, the great High Priest, assumes before Thee—that the thoughts and the imaginations, which are merely of the earth, earthy, may not absorb the minds of those whose conversation should be in heaven. Let not the habits and customs of a sinful world be to us as the spots on the white robe of our glory, the stains on the garments of righteousness and

the prayers

salvation. May we ever live before Thee as the priests, who are honoured with Thy commands, that they go not forth from the presence and from the sanctuary of their God. So make us free from evil, that our lives be consistent with our knowledge, our resolutions, and our prayers. Take away from us all the vain and foolish compliances with the world, which proceed from a wavering mind, and an irresolute heart ; and which render us the spots and the blemishes of the Church of Christ. Sanctify us wholly both in body and soul. May the tongue love to speak of Thee; may the ear love to hear of Thee; may the heart love to dwell in Thee; may the head love to think of Thee. So may we offer to Thee, ourselves, our souls and bodies, the reasonable, holy, and living sacrifice to God. We give ourselves to God—to the Father who pardons us, to Christ the brother, who redeems us, to the Holy Spirit who sanctifies, and enables us now, even now, to receive in our pardoned souls the earnest of that inheritance, which Christ has died to restore to us. So may we prove to the world — to our friends—to our neighbours, that our knowledge is not useless, that our faith is not in vain, that our hope is founded upon the Rock of ages. As the hart panteth for the water brooks, so long our souls for the inward perfection, which Thy holy law has commanded ; and for the immortal and sinless blessedness which Thy holy Gospel has promised. O guide us through life to death, and after that receive us to Thy glory. We ask all in the Name, and for the sake, of Jesus Christ, our only Lord and Saviour ; and in His words we call upon Thee, as

Our Father, &c.
The grace of our Lord, &c.

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