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No. III.-A Detailed Narrative of the Earthquakes which occurred on the 16th

day of December, 1811, and agitated the parts of North America that lie

between the Atlantic Ocean and Louisiana ; and also a particular account

of the other quakings of the earth occasionally felt from that time to the

23d and 30th of January, and the 7th and 16th of February, 1812, and

subsequently to the 18th of December, 1813, and which shook the country

from Detroit and the Lakes to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico.

Compiled chiefly at Washington, in the district of Columbia. By SAMUEL

L. Mirchill, Representative in Congress ; Professor of Natural History

in the University of the State of New York ; Fellow of the American

Antiquarian Society, of the Massachusetts Historical Society, of the So-

ciety for the Promotion of Useful Arts in the State of New-York, &c. 284

The Leading Facts Relative to the Earthquakes which destroyed

Venezuela, in South America, in the months of March and April, 1812. 308

Description of the Volcano and Earthquake which happened in the

Island of St. Vincents, on the 30th day of April, 1812.


History of the Earthquakes and Volcanoes in the Azores, particularly

in the Islands of St. George, Pico, and St. Michael, and in the ad-

joining Ocean, during the years 1808 and 1811.


The History of that Extensive commotion of the Atmosphere along the

Coast of North America, which commenced off Cape Hatteras, on the

23d of December, 1811, and proceeded to Massachusetts Bay on the

24th, in the form of a northerly Snow-storm, causing an unusual

number of shipwrecks in Long Island Sound,


No. IV.-Hints relative to the most Eligible Method of Conducting Meteorological

Observations. By John GRISCOM, Member of the Medical Faculty of

Queen's College, New-Brunswick, (New-Jersey,) of the New-York Histori-

cal Society ; Professor of Chemistry in Columbia College, &c.


No. 1,--The Fishes of New York, described and arranged. By Samuel L.

Mirchill, M, D. Professor, &c. (Accompanied with Engravings.) 355

No. VI.--Some Remarks on the Fishes of the Western Waters of the State of

New-York, in a Letter to SAMUEL L. MITCHILL, M. D. &c. from the Hon.

De Witt Clinton, LL. D. President of the Literary and Philosophical

Society of New York, &c.


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The First Volume of the TRANSACTIONS of the LITERARY and PHILOSOPHICAL Society of New-York, is now, with due deference, submitted to the Public,

Besides the eloquent and elaborate Introductory Discourse of the President, this volume will be found to contain such Communications, from its different members, as have from time to time been read before the Society since its organization in 1814, and which have been considered worthy of preservation in a printed form. In the Selection of Papers for the press, the Counsellors, to whom that office pertains, have directed their views solely to the intrinsic merits of the several Memoirs submitted to them; and the Society here wish it to be distinctly understood, that they now disclaim, and ever shall, all responsibility as to the verity of facts, or the soundness of the speculations contained in the Communications they may publish : These must rest with their respective authors.

In the disposition of Papers the Committee of Publication for this Volume have had regard chiefly to the order of time in which the different Communications were read before the Society.

New-York, August 1st, 1815.

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