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Latrocinium-n. 2, band of robbers, robbery.
Latus, eris—n. side, flank.
Laudo, avi, atum-1, praise.
Laureatus, a, um-crowned with laurel. L: gesta prosecutus,

etc. = he did not even announce his successes in laureate dis

patches. Laus, dis—f. praise. Lautus, a, um,neat, sumptuous. Lectus, a, um-select, as it ought to be. Lecto latere Britanniæ,

etc. = having coasted along all the neighbouring shore of

Britain. Legatio, onis—f. embassy. Legatus—m. 2, ambassador, lieutenant, governor. Legio, onis—f. legion, about 6000 men. 2 centuries = 1 maniple ;

3 maniples=1 cohort; 10 cohorts=1 legion. Legionarius, a, um-legionary. L: milites quantum poterant,

etc.=as the foot soldiers were able to accomplish. Lego, legi, lectum—3, read, gather, choose. Artem legentibus

arbitrantur, etc.= some people fancy that those who collect (these pearls) lack skill.


adv. leisurely.
Lenius-adv. with less spirit.
Lentus, a, um,easy, slow.
Lepus, oris-m. hare.
Letum—n. , death.
Levis, elight, nimble, swift.
Leviter-adv. gently.
Lex, legis—f. law.
Liber, bri-m. book.
Liberalis, e-liberal.
Liberaliter-adv. kindly.
Libere-adv. freely.
Liberi, orum-m. children.
Libero, avi, atum_1, deliver.
Libertas, atis—f. freedom, liberty.
Libertinus, a, umbelonging to the number of freedmen.
Libertus-m. 2, freedman.
Libido, inis—f. evil desires.
Libra-f. 1, balance, constellation Libra.
Liburnica—f. 1, light sailing vessel.
Libya—1, country in North Africa.
Licentia—f. 1, licence.
Licet, uit, and itum est-impers. 2, it is permitted.
Liguria—1, country in North Italy.
Limnus—2, island between England and Ireland.
Lingua-f. 1, language.

Litera or Littera—f. 1, generally in the plural, letter, dispatch,

writing, literature. Litus or Littus, oris-n. shore, coast. Liveo—2, be bluish, livid. Livius, T.-m. 2, Roman historian. Loco, avi, atum—1, place. Locuples, etis-rich. Locus-m. 2, place, advantageous position. In the plural both

loci and loca, Londinium-2, London. Longe-adv. far. Longinquitas, atis-f. length, distance. Longinquus, a, um-distant. Longitudo, inis—f. length. Longius-adv. very far, farther, a considerable way. Longus, a, um—long, extensive. Loquor, cutus sum-dep. 3, speak. Lorica—f. 1, breastplate. Lucanus—m. 2, Lucan. Luceo, xi—2, be light or clear, shine. Lucidus, a, um-light, clear. Lucrinus, a, um-of a lake in Campania. Lucrosus, a, um-profitable. Luctus—m. 4, sorrow. Lucullus—m. 2, Roman commander. Lucus—m. 2, grove, wood. Ludibrium-n. 2, mockery. Namque per lud: etc. = for through

mere wantonness they were compelled to sit waiting at the

closed granaries. Ludo, si, sum—3, make pastime, cheat. Lud: pretio = to run up

the value.
Ludus—m. 2, game.
Lugotorigis, British leader.
Luna—f. l, moon.
Lux, lucis—f. daylight, day.
Luxuria-f. 1, extravagance.
Luxuriosus, a, umabundant.
Luxus—m. 4, luxury.


Madeo, ui—2, be wet.
Mæotis, idis—n. sea of Azov.
Magè—adv, more.
Magis—adv. more.
Magnificus, a, um-boastful, splendid.
Magniloquus, a, um-boastful.

Magnitudo, inis—f. size, greatness.
Magnoperevery much.
Magnus, a, um-great, powerful, mighty.
Magus—m. 2, wise man.
Majestas, atis—f. greatness, majesty.
Majores, um—m. elders, ancestors.
Male-adv. badly.
Mallius, a, um-subst. and adj. Roman family name.
Malo, malui, malle—irr. would rather have.
Malum-n. 2, evil.
Malus, a, um—evil.
Mancipium—n. 2, purchased slave, slave. M: ex quibus nullos

puto, etc. =slaves, out of whom I do not imagine that you

expect any skilled in learning or in music. Mandatum n. 2, command. Mando, avi, atum-1, give charge, send advice, commit. M: ea

literis quum, etc. = to commit those things to writing, whereas

in other matters, etc. Mando, di, sum—3, eat. MandubratiusBritish chief. Mane-adv. early. Maneo, mansi, mansum—2, remain. Manifesto, avi, atum—1, discover. Manifestus, a, um—clearly convicted. Manipularis, ebelonging to one company, a common soldier. Manipulus-m. 2, maniple, company. Qui immixti manip: etc.

= who, having been inserted among the maniples for teaching

discipline, were looked upon as patterns and rulers. Manus—f. 4, hand, band, power. Mare, is—n. sea. M: expectabant= who were looking for an

attack by sea.
Marga—f. 1, marl.
Margarita—f. 1, pearl.
Margaritum-n. 2, pearl.
Margo, inis—c. border.
Maritimus, a, um-maritime. M: res=naval operations.
Maritus—m. 2, husband.
Mars, tis—m. god of war, valour. M: Romano invictus, etc. = the

Briton unsubdued by Roman valour awaits thee.
Martialis, is—m. Latin poet.
Martius, a, um—of Mars.
Mas, maris—m. 3, a male.
Massiliensis, e-of Marseilles.
Mater, tris—f, mother.
Materia-f. 1, timber, reason.
Matrimonium-n. 2, marriage.
Maturo, avi, atum-1, ripen.

Maturus, a, um-mature, early.
Maurus—2, Moor.
Maxime-adv. especially, chiefly.
Maximus, Trebellius-Roman officer in Britain.
Medicus——2, physician.
Mediterraneus, a, um,inland.
Medius, a, um-middle, moderate, impartial.
Mela, P.-m. 1, Latin geographer.
Meliorum catervæ-companies of his best troops.
Membrum-n. limb.
Memini, isse-def, remember.
Memor, oris-mindful, open (wound).
Memorabilis, e-remarkable.
Memoria—f. 1, memory, tradition, remembrance.
Memoro, avi, atum-1, relate, mention.
Menapii-people of Belgic Gaul.
Mens, tis-f. mind.
Mensis, is—m. month.
Mensura—f. 1, standard of measuring. M: certis aquā=by

accurate measurements with water, we observed, etc. Mentior, itus sum-dep. 4, lie, delude. Men : oceani æstus, etc.

- whose blue veil belies ocean's tide.
Mercator, oris—m. merchant.
Mercatura—f. 1, trade.
Mercurius-m. 2, Mercury.
Mereo, ui, itum-2, serve, gain, earn.
Meridianus, a, um-of noon.
Meridies—m. 5, noon, south.
Meroe, es—f. island in the Nile.
Metallum-n. 2, metal, mine.
Metior, mensus—dep. 4, measure.
Meto, messui, messum—3, reap.
Metuo, ui, utum—3, fear.
Metus—m. 4, fear.
Meus, a, um-my.
Mictim-island, where tin was found.
Midacritus-m. Midacritus.
Miles, itis—C. soldier, soldiery.
Militaris, e-warlike.
Militarius, a, um-military. Mil: res = the art or practice of war.
Militia,f. 1, military service, war.
Mille (pl. millia)—thousand, Septem millia passuum

Mina-f. 1, threat.
Minerva—f. 1, Minerva.
Minister—m. 2, agent.
Ministro, avi, atum-1, rule, attend to.

= seven

Minuo, ui, utum-3, diminish.
Minus—adv. less.
Miraculum-n.2, miracle, wonder.
Mirificus, a, um—very great.
Miror, atus sum-dep. i, wonder.
Mirus, a, um—subst. and adj. amazing, wonder.
Misceo, miscui, mistum and mixtum—2, mingle, cause. Misc:

valentissimam partem, etc. = Ireland would thus connect itself
with the most powerful portion of the empire with great mutual

advantages. Misellus, a, um-miserable, unfortunate. Miser, a, um—wretched. Miseratio, onis- f. feeling of pity. Misereor, eritus and ertus sum—2, commiserate. Misericordia—f. 1, mercy. Missilis, e—missile, weapon. Mitesco—3, ripen. Mithridaticus, a, um-of Mithridates. Mitis, e-gentle, mild. Mitto, misi, missum—3, send. Mixtus or Mistus, a, um-mingled. Mix: copiis=united in their

meals and entertainment. Mobilis, einconstant. Mobilitas, atis—f. moveableness. Moderatio, onis—f. moderation. Moderor, atus sum-dep. 1, moderate. Modestia—f. 1, moderation, good behaviour. Modicus, a, um-moderate, few. Modò—adv. only, now, lately. M: paulum=just a little. Modus—m. 2, manner, standard, measure. Moror or mæror, oris—m. mourning. Moles, is—f. mass, burden, defence, difficulty. Molior, itus sum-dep. 4, undertake. Mollis, esoft, smooth, agreeable. Mona—1, Isle of Man (Cæsar), Anglesea (Tacitus). Monapia-1, Isle of Man (Pliny). Moneo, ui, itum—2, caution, admonish. Monile, is—n. necklace. Imitata monil: etc. =and things which

resembling necklaces imitate beneath the waves our ornaments. Monimentum or Monumentum-n. 2, memorial, record. Mons, tis—m. mountain. Monstro, avi, atum—1, point out. Monstrum-n. 2, monster, unnatural thing. Mora—f. 1, delay. Morbus-m. 2, disease. Morini, orum-people of Gaul, opposite Kent. Morior, mortuus sum-dep. 3 and 4, die.


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