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Uber, is-abounding, fertile.
Ubertas, atis-f. fruitfulness, abundance.
Ubi-adv. when, where.
Ubique-adv. everywhere.
Ulciscor, ultus sum-dep. 3, avenge, take vengeance. Sed se non

ut ortam ulcisci, etc. =but that she was not then vindicating
her realm and her riches, as one sprung from mighty ancestors

might, but that as one of the multitude she was avenging, etc. Ullus, a, umany. Ulterior-farther, distant. Ult: portum, etc.=he ordered the

cavalry to advance to that harbour farther up and there to

embark. Ultimum-n. 2, end. Ultimus, a, umlast, most remote. Ult: orbis = the most remote

people of the globe. Ultio, onis—f. revenge. Ultor, oris—m. revenger. Ultra-adv. and prep. beyond, on the other side. Ultro—adv. voluntarily, needlessly, even. It may sometimes be

translated “ turning the tables.Ululatus—m. 4, howling. Ulyxes—3, Ulysses, king of Ithaca. Umbo, onis-m. boss of a shield, shield. Umbra-f. 1, shadow. Unà—adv. together. Unà cum iis =along with them. Unda-f. 1, wave, water. Unde-adv. whence. Undique-adv. from all parts. Undosus, a, um-billowy. Universus, a, um-all together, general, whole. In univer: trans

gressa est, etc. = whence that character has passed to the entire

island. Unquam-adv. ever. Unus, a, um-one. Urbs, bis—f. city, Rome. Urgeo, ursi--2, press. Timor non urget, etc. = whom the dread of

death, that greatest of fears, does not trouble at all. Uro, ussi, ustum-3, burn. Usipii—2, people of Germany. Usquam-adv. anywhere. Usque-adv. as far as, continually. Usus—m. 4, use, experience, utility, advantage. Cujus generis

usus Britanniæ, etc.=of the kind which the experience of

Britain had shown him.
Ut and uti—adv. that, as, when, in such a way that, since.

every kind.

Uterque, utraque, utrumqueboth.
Utilis, e- useful.
Utique-at all events, certainly.
Utor, usus sum-dep. 3, use, be familiar; (governs abl.)
Utrinque-adv. on both sides.
Utroque-adv. at or in both places or sides.
Uxor, orisf. wife.

Vaco, avi, atum_1, be empty.
Vacatio, onis,f. an exempting. V: militiæ habent, etc. =

=they enjoy an exemption from military service, and immunities of Vacuus, a, um—empty, free from care, free from, at leisure. Vadum-n. 2, shallow water, ford. Notis omnibus v:=knowing

all the shallows. Vagor, atus sum-dep. 1, wander. V: hoc metu prohibebat,

etc. =and through fear of this, he hindered our men from

straggling too widely. Vagus, a, um-wandering. Et sæpè vagi currus incursa bant,

etc. =and frequently straggling war-cars, and terrified horses without any riders, according as fright took them, dashed in

upon them, either sideways or in front. Valde-adv. very much. Valens, M.-Roman commander. Valens, tis-powerful. Valeo, ui, itum-2, avail, be well. Validus, a, um—strong. Vallum-n. 2, rampart, palisade. Vanitas, atis—f. empty show. Vanus, a, um-empty. Varius, a, um-manifold, various. Vastator, oris—m. devastator. Vasto, avi, atum-1, lay waste. Vastus, a, um-great. Vates, is-c. prophet, soothsayer. Ve-conj. or. Vectigal, is—n. tribute. Quid v: in annos, etc. =he settles how

much tribute each year Britain should pay, etc. Vectis, is—f. Isle of Wight, also an island between Britain and

Vectorius, a, um-belonging to transports. V: gravibusque

navigiis = though in transports and heavy vessels.
Vehemens, tis—violent.
Vehiculum-n. 2, carriage, car.
Veho, vexi, vectum—3, carry, tend towards, ride.
Vel-or, either.


Vellocatus-m. 2, Vellocatus.
Velo, avi, atum-1, conceal, cover, bind.
Velox, ocis-swift, precipitate.
Velut-adv. as it were.
Vena—f. 1, a vein or lode.
Venenum-n. 2, poison.
Veneo, ivi and ii, itum—4, be sold.
Veneror, atus sum-dep. 1, do homage.
Veneticus, a, um,relating to a district in Gaul, now Vannes.
Venetus, a, um-subst. and adj. Venetian, district in Italy.
Venia-f. 1, pardon, mercy. Venia justior trib: etc. =he too

magnifying the report, so that greater glory might be granted
him for affairs if settled, and readier excuse if they should con-

tinue adverse. Venio, veni, ventum—4, come, happen. Ventito—1, come frequently. Venturum-n. 2, future. Ventus—m. 2, wind. Et ventum et æstum secundum=both

wind and tide favourable. Venumdo or venundo, dedi, datum_1, sell. Venus, eris—f. Venus. Venutius-m. 2, British chief. Ver, veris—n. the spring. • Veranius-Roman governor of Britain. Verber, eris—n. blow, stripe. Verbum-n. 2, word. Verecundia-f.1, shame. Vereor, itus sum-dep. 2, fear. V: eò minus navibus, etc. =all

the less anxious about his ships, because, etc. Vergo, si, sum-3, bend, turn. Vergit ad septemtrionem=slopes

towards the north. Vero-adv. and conj. but, however, truly. Verro, verri, versum—3, trail, sweep. Verso, avi, atum—1, turn about, run away. Qui v: in proeliis,

aut immolant, etc. = those who are engaged in battle either

offer up or vow that they will, etc.
Versus—m. 4, verse.
Vertex, icis—m. the pole.
Verto, ti, sum—3, turn.
Verulamium—2, Verulam, now St. Albans.
Verum-conj. but.
Verus, a, um,true, the truth.
Vescor, vesci-dep. 3, eat.
Vespasianus—2, tenth Cæsar.
Vestigium-n. 2, track.
Vestio, ivi, itum-4, clothe.
Vestis, is—f. clothes, clothing.

Veteranus—m. 2, veteran.
Veto, ui, itum–1, forbid.
Vetus, eris-ancient, old, former.
Vetustas, atis—f. length of time. Quod vet: exercitum, etc. =a

thing which had both been practised by them during a length of

service, and was inconvenient to the enemy, who bore, etc. Vexillarius, a, um-pertaining to the standards. Vexillum-n. 2, standard, allied troop, squadron. Contractis

vexill: legionum = and having got together the discharged

soldiers of the legions (men whose time of service was completed). Via—f. 1, road, way. Vibro, avi, atum—1, move to and fro, quiver. Patiuntur vib:

aquas, etc. =and how beneath those peerless pools the sea-wieds

tossed about experience the changing tides. Viceni, æ, a-twenty, twenty each. Vicesimanus, a, umof the twentieth legion, Vicies—adv. twenty times. V: centum millia passuum=2000

miles. Vicinitas, atis-f. vicinity. Vicinus, a, um-neighbouring. Vicis, cis—f. condition, vicissitude. Victima-f. 1, sacrifice, victim. Victor, oris-m. conqueror; as an adj. victorious. Victoria-f. 1, victory. Victrix, icis-adj. conquering, triumphant. Vicus-m. 2, town. Video, vidi, visum—2, see ; in the passive, seem, appear. Vigil, ilis-m. sentinel. Vigilia—f. 1, watch. The watches of the night were four, com

mencing at six, nine, twelve, and three o'clock respectively. Viginti-twenty. Vilis, contemptible. Vimen, inis—n. osier, pliant twig. Vimineus, a, um-made of osier. Vincio, vinxi, vinctum—4, bind, fetter. Vinco, vici, victum—3, overcome, conquer. Vinculum and vinclum-n. 2, chain, bond, Vindelici, orum- -German people. Vindico, avi, atum_1, claim. Vindicta—f. 1, revenge. Violentus, a, um-impetuous. Violo, avi, atum_1, defile. Vir—m. 2, man. Virgilius—m. 2, Latin poet. Virginitas, atis-f. virginity. Virgo, inis—f. virgin. Quo virgo deducta, etc. =by whom each

female when a girl was married.

Viridis, e-green.
Virtus, utis–f. valour, endurance, virtue.
Vis, is ; pl. vires—f. strength, power, troops, violence.
Viscera, um-pl. 3, bowels, belly.
Viscum-n. 2, mistletoe.
Viso, si, sum-3, see, visit,
Visum-n. 2, appearance.
Vita-f. 1, life.
Vitabundus, a, umshunning.
Vitellius-2, ninth Cæsar.
Vitilis, e-made of twigs or wicker.
Vitis, is-f. vine.
Vitium-n. 2, fault, vice.
Vito, avi, atum_1, avoid.
Vitrum-n. 2, woad, blue dye.
Vivo, vixi, victum-3, live.
Vivus, a, um-living.
Vix-adv. scarcely.
Vocabulum-n. 2, word, name.
Voco, avi, atum—1, call, proclaim, invoke. Voc: quippe populus,

etc. = for the populace was summoned as to a rare spectacle. Volito, avi, atum—1, fly. Si qua gens vol: etc.= if any tribe

wanders about beyond the distant Britons. Volo, volui-irr. wish, appoint, Quibus volentibus bellum, etc.

=those to whom war was welcome.
Volo, avi, atum—1, fly.
Volucris, is—c. bird.
Voluntas, atis—f. desire.
Voluptas, atis-f. pleasure.
Volusenus-m. 3, Volusenus, one of Cæsar's officers.
Votum--n. 2, wish, prayer.
Voveo, vovi, votum—2, vow.
Vox, vocis—f. voice, word, an utterance, saying.
Vulgatus, a, um,common, well-known.
Vulgò—adv, without distinction.
Vulgo, avi, atum—1, common report.
Vulgus (volgus)—m. and n. 2, people, common people,
Vulnero, avi, atum-1, wound.
Vulnus, eris-n. wound, disaster.
Vultus—m. 4, countenance, person.


Xerxes, is—m. king of Persia.

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