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persons, he had a splendid triumph upon the occasion. He added also to the Roman empire certain islands lying in the ocean beyond Britain, which are called Orcades; and gave to his son the name of Britannicus. He himself attended upon Plautius as he triumphed; and walked on his left hand as he went up to the Capitol.

Idem. Vespasian (afterwards emperor) going into Britain, fought two and thirty times with the enemy; and added to the Roman empire two very powerful nations, twenty towns, and the Isle of Wight near Britain.

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A, Ab, Abs--prep. from, by, with.
Abdo, didi, ditum-3, hide.
Abeo, ivi and ii, itum—4, end.
Abies, etis- f. fir, silver fir.
Abitus-m. 4, place of egress.
Abjicio, jeci, ctum-3, throw away,

Abnuo, nui, nuitum or nutum—3, thwart, disdain, disobey.
Abscedo, cessi, cessum–3, depart.
Abscessus—m. 4, departure.
Absens, tis-absent.
Absisto, stiti, stitum—3, stand at a distance from.
Abstineo, ui, entum—2, refrain.
Abstraho, xi, ctum-3, draw away, carry off, extend.
Absum, fui, esse-be distant, be wanting, free from. Ab: ut

longius a continenti =according as they are distant farther

from the continent, so are they more ignorant of other resources. Absumo, mpsi, mptum—3, destroy, pass, sink. Abundantia-f. 1, plenty. Abundè-adv. abundantly. Abundo, avi, atum—1, have great plenty. Ac-conj. and. Accedo, essi, essum—3, approach, be added, enter. Accendo, di, sum-3, inflame, róuse, animate. Ac: huc = to this

was added. Accessus—m. 4, approach. Accessus eorum vel recessus, etc. =

and both their flow and ebb at fixed periods cannot take pluce

without God. Accido, idi—3, happen. Accingo, inxi, inctum-3, employ.

Accio, ivi and ii, itum-4, call.
Accipio, epi, eptum—3, receive, suffer.
Acclivis, e--steep.
Accola-m. 1, one who lives near.
Accresco, crevi, cretum-3, swell, flow.
Accurro, cucurri and curri, cursum—3, hasten.
Accursus--m. 4, a hastening,
Acer, acris, acre-strong, violent, bitter.
Acerbus, a, umharsh.
Acies—f. 5, battle array, fight, ranks. Aciem erexit=marched the

host up to them.
Acme, es —a lady mentioned by Catullus.
Acquiro, sivi, situm–3, gain.
Acre-adv. bitterly, fiercely.
Acriter-adv. keenly, resolutely.
Acutus, a, um-sharp.
Ad-see Ac.
Ad-prep. to, for, at, in regard to.
Adæquo, avi, atum—1, equal.
Addo, idi, itum—3, add, occasion. Addit: qui pacem nostram,

etc. =and joining to himself those who feared peace with us, he

tries the very last resource. Adduco, xi, ctum-3, bring, leud on, join. Adeo, ivi and ii, itum-4, visit, go to, approach, Adeo-adv. to such a degree. Adeps, ipis-C. fatness. Adf-see Aff. Adg—see Agg. Adhuc-adv. yet, until now, further. Adigo, egi, actum-3, bring near, seize. Adipiscor, eptus sum-dep. attain. Aditus-m. 4, approach. Adjicio, jeci, jectum-3, throw up, add, raise. Adjungo, nxi, nctum-3, join. Adjuvo, juvi, jutum, or avi, atum-1, help. Adlego, egi, ectum-3, choose. Adloquor, cutus or quutus sum-dep. 3, speak. Administer, stri-m. assistant. Ad: Druidibus, etc. = they use the

Druids as their ministers for these sacrifices. Administratio, onisf. employment. Administro, avi, atum-1, execute, manage. Adminius—2, son of Cinobellinus. Admiratio, onis—f. wonder. Admiror, atus sum-dep. 1, wonder at. Ne ad: quòd nullas, etc.

=in order that I should not marvel at having had no letters

from thee. Admitto, isi, issum—3, allow, commit.

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