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persons, he had a splendid triumph upon the occasion. He added also to the Roman empire certain islands lying in the ocean beyond Britain, which are called Orcades; and gave to his son the name of Britannicus. He himself attended upon Plautius as he triumphed; and walked on his left hand as he went up to the Capitol.

Idem. Vespasian (afterwards emperor) going into Britain, fought two and thirty times with the enemy; and added to the Roman empire two very powerful nations, twenty towns, and the Isle of Wight near Britain.

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A, Ab, Abs—prep. from, by, with.
Abdo, didi, ditum-3, hide.
Abeo, ivi and ii, itum-4, end.
Abies, etis–f. fir, silver fir.
Abitus-m. 4, place of egress.
Abjicio, jeci, ctum-3, throw away, add.
Abnuo, nui, nuitum or nutum-3, thwart, disdain, disobey.
Abscedo, cessi, cessum—3, depart.
Abscessus—m. 4, departure.
Absens, tis-absent.
Absisto, stiti, stitum—3, stand at a distance from.
Abstineo, ui, entum-2, refrain.
Abstraho, xi, ctum-3, draw away, carry off, extend.
Absum, fui, essebe distant, be wanting, free from. Ab: ut

longius a continenti =according as they are distant farther

from the continent, so are they more ignorant of other resources. Absumo, mpsi, mptum-3, destroy, pass, sink. Abundantia—f. 1, plenty. Abundè adv. abundantly. Abundo, avi, atum—1, have great plenty. Ac-conj. and. Accedo, essi, essum-3, approach, be added, enter. Accendo, di, sum—3, inflame, rouse, animate. Ac: huc=to this

was added. Accessus—m. 4, approach. Accessus eorum vel recessus, etc.

and both their flow and ebb at fixed periods cannot take place

without God. Accido, idi—3, happen. Accingo, inxi, inctum-3, employ,

Accio, ivi and ii, itum–4, call.
Accipio, epi, eptum-3, receive, suffer.
Acclivis, e-steep.
Accola-m. 1, one who lives near.
Accresco, crevi, cretum-3, swell, flow.
Accurro, cucurri and curri, cursum—3, hasten.
Accursus—m. 4, a hastening,
Acer, acris, acre-strong, violent, bitter.
Acerbus, a, umharsh.
Acies—f. 5, battle array, fight, ranks. Aciem erexit=marched the

host up to them.
Acme, es —a lady mentioned by Catullus.
Acquiro, sivi, situm-3, gain.
Acre-adv. bitterly, fiercely.
Acriter-adv. keenly, resolutely.
Acutus, a, um-sharp.
Ad-see Ac.
Ad-prep. to, for, at, in regard to.
Adæquo, avi, atum—1, equal.
Addo, idi, itum-3, add, occasion. Addit: qui pacem nostram,

etc. =and joining to himself those who feared peace with us, he

tries the very last resource. Adduco, xi, ctum—3, bring, lead on, join. Adeo, ivi and ii, itum-4, visit, go to, approach. Adeo-adv. to such a degree. Adeps, ipis-c. fatness. Adf-see Aff. Adg—see Agg. Adhuc-adv. yet, until now, further. Adigo, egi, actum-3, bring near, seize. Adipiscor, eptus sum-dep. attain. Aditus-m. 4, approach. Adjicio, jeci, jectum-3, throw up, add, raise. Adjungo, nxi, nctum-3, join. Adjuvo, juvi, jutum, or avi, atum-1, help. Adlego, egi, ectum-3, choose. Adloquor, cutus or quutus sum-dep. 3, speak. Administer, stri—m. assistant. Ad: Druidibus, etc. = they use the

Druids as their ministers for these sacrifices. Administratio, onis—f. employment. Administro, avi, atum-1, execute, manage. Adminius—2, son of Cinobellinus. Admiratio, onis-f. wonder. Admiror, atus sum-dep. 1, wonder at. Ne ad: quòd nullas, etc.

=in order that I should not marvel at having had no letters

from thee. Admitto, isi, issum—3, allow, commit.

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