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One Shilling and Sixpence each, cloth elegant, with

Illustrations. Always Happy, or ANECDOTES OF FELIX AND HIS SISTER SERENA. Angelo; or, THE PINE FOREST AMONG TJIE ALPS. Illustrated.

By GERALDINE E. JEWSBURY. Royal 16mo. Fourth Thousand.

New and Cheaper Edition. Among the Brigands, and other Tales of Adventure. By Mrs.

BOWEN. Animal Histories. THE Dog. Animal Histories. THE ROBINS AND MOUSE. Brave Nelly; or, WEAK HANDS AND A WILLING HEART. Third

Thousand. Christian Elliott, or Mrs. DANVER's Prize. Featherland; or, How THE BIRDS LIVED AT GREENLAWN. By

G. M. FENN. Illustrated. Royal 16mo. Third Thousand.

New and Cheaper Edition.
Female Christian Names, AND THEIR TEACHINGS.

BROMFIELD. Gilt edges.
Grandmamma's Relics, AND HER STORIES ABOUT THEM. By E. E.

BOWEN. Author of “ Jack the Conqueror,” “Dick and his

,” “Robin's Christmas Eve,” etc. Holiday Tales. By FLORENCE WILFORD. Author of “Nigel

Bartram's Ideal,” etc. Humble Life: a Tale of HUMBLE HOMES. By the Author of

“ Gerty and May,” &c. Kingston's (W. H. G.) Child of the Wreck: or, The Loss OF THE ROYAL GEORGE.

Heroic Wife (The); or, THE ADVENTURES OF FAMILY THE BANKS THE AMAZON. Fourth Thousand. Lady Stoddart's Scottish Tales. Lee (Mrs. R.) Playing at Settlers; or, THE FAGGOT HOUSE.

Illustrated, Royal 16mo. Fourth Thousand. New and

Cheaper Edition. Little Lisette, THE ORPHAN OF ALSACE. By the Author of “Louis

Michaud,” etc. Socond Edition. Little Roebuck (The), from the German. Illustrated by Losson.

Fancy boards (2s. coloured). Poetry and Nature. SHORT POEMS AND TRIMMER'S INTRODUCTION. Tales for Boys. HARRY'S HOLIDAY, AND NEVER WRONG. Tales for Girls. Mrs. LEICESTER'S SCHOOL, and Riout AND WRONG.




The Three Wishes. By M. E. B. Royal 16mo.
Trimmer's (Mrs.) Old Testament Lessons. With 40 Engravings.
Trimmer's (Mrs.) New Testament Lessons. With 40 Engravings.
Wrecked, Not Lost; or THE PILOT AND HIS COMPANIONS. By the

Hon. Mrs. DUNDAS.


One Shilling each, cloth elegant, or, the set in neat Box, 15s. A Series of Works for the Young; each Volume with an Illustra

tion by a well-known Artist. 1. The Eskdale Herd Boy. By LADY STODDART. 2. Mrs. Leicester's School. BY CHARLES and MARY LAMB. 3. The History of The Robins. By MRS. TRIMMER. 4. Memoir of Bob, The Spotted Terrier. 5. Keeper's Travels in Search of His Master. 6. The Scottish Orphans. By LADY STODDART. 7. Never Wrong; or, the Young Disputant; AND “It was only

in Fun.” 8. The Life and Perambulations of a Mouse. 9. Easy Introduction to Knowledge of Nature. By Mrs. TRIMMEP.. 10. Right and Wrong. By the Author of “ALWAYS HAPPY.” 11. Harry's Holiday. BY JEFFERYS TAYLOR. 12. Short Poems and Hymns for Children. The above may be had, Two Volumes bound in One, at Is. 6d. each.

Also One Shilling each in various bindings. Johnny Miller; OR TRUTH AND PERSEVERANCE. By FRANCIS WEISS,

Price ls.
Hand Shadows, to be thrown upon the Wall. By HENRY BURSILL.

First and Second Series, each containing Sixteen Original
Designs. New Edition. 4to, price ls. plain, ls. 6d. coloured.

“Uncommonly clever-some wonderful effects are produced.”The Press. Nine Lives of a Cat (The): a Tale of Wonder. itten and Illus

trated by C. H. BENNETT. Twenty-four Coloured Engravings, sewed, price 1s.

“Rich in the quaint humour and fancy that a man of genius knows how to spare for the enlivenment of children.”- Examiner.

Primrose Pilgrimage (The): a Woodland Story. By M. BETHAM

EDWARDS. Illustrated by MACQUOID. Price 1s.

“One of the best books of children's verse that has appeared since the

early days of Mary Howitt."-Nonconformist. Rhoda; or, THE EXCELLENCE OF CHARITY. Fourth Edition, price ls. Short and Simple Prayers, FOR THE USE OF YOUNG CHILDREN.

With Hymns. Ninth Edition, price ls.

DURABLE NURSERY BOOKS. Mounted on cloth with coloured plates, One Shilling each. 1. ALPHABET OF GOODY Two 8. LITTLE RHYMES FOR LITTLE SHOES.





The Cowslip. ls. plain; ls. 6d. The Daisy. ls. plain; ls. 6d. coloured.

coloured. The Australian Babes in the Wood: a True Story told in Rhymo

for the Young. Price 1s. boards, 1s. 6d. cloth, gilt edges.

Price Sixpence each, Plain ; One Shilling, coloured. 1. British Animals. 1st Series. 2. British Animals. 2nd Series. 3. British Birds. 4. Foreign Animals. 1st Series.

Illustrated by HARRISON

WEIR. 5. Foreign Animals. 2nd Series. 6. Foreign Birds. 7. The Farm and its Scenes. 8. The diverting history of John Gilpin. 9. The Peacock at home, and Butterfly's Ball. 10. History of Joseph. 11. History of Moses.

Illustrated by JOHN 12. Life of our Saviour.

GILBERT 13. Miracles of Christ. His name was Hero. By the Author of "The Four Seasons.”

Frontispiece by SIR W. CALCOTT, R.A. Super Royal 16mo. price ls. sewed.

By the Same Author. How I became a Governess. 3rd Edit. 2s. cloth ; 28. 6d., gilt edges. Dicky-Birds: a True Story. Third Edition, price 6d. My Pretty Puss. With Frontispiece. Price 6d. The Grateful Sparrow: a True Story. Fifth Edition, prico 6d. The Adventures of a Butterfly. From the Fronch of P. J. STAHL.

Seven Engravings. Price 8d. The Hare that Found his Way Home. From the French of P. J.

STAHL. Second Edition. Price 6d.

WORKS FOR DISTRIBUTION. A Woman's Secret; or, How to MAKE HOME HAPPY. Thirty-first Thousand. 18mo, price 6d.

By the same Author, uniform in size and price. Woman's Work; or, HOW SHE CAN HELP THE SICK, 19th Thousand. A Chapter of Accidents; or, THE MOTHER'S ASSISTANT IN CASES OF

BURNS, SCALDS, Cuts, &c. Ninth Thousand. Pay to-day, Trust to-morrow; illustrating the Evils of the Tally

System. 7th Thousand, Nursery Work; or, HANNAH BAKER'S FIRST PLACE. Fifth Thousand. The Cook and the Doctor; or, CHEAP RECIPES AND USEFUL

REMEDIES. Selected from the three first books. Price 2d. Home Difficulties. A Few Words on the Servant Question. 4d. Family Prayers for Cottage Homes, with Passages from the

Scriptures. Price 2d.

Educational Taorks.

HISTORY. Britannia: a Collection of the Principal Passages in Latin Authors

that refer to this Island, with Vocabulary and Notes. By T. S. CAYZER. Illustrated with a Map and Woodcuts. Crown

8vo. Price 3s. 6d. True Stories from Ancient History, chronologically arranged from

the Creation of the World to the Death of Charlemagne.

Twelfth Edition. 12mo, 5s. cloth. Battle Fields: a graphic Guide to the Places described in the His

tory of England as the Scenes of such Events; with the situation of the principal Naval Engagements fought on the Coast. By Mr. WAUTHIER, Geographer. On a Large Sheet, 3s. 6d. ; or on a Roller, and varnished, 7s. fid.

Mrs. Trimmer's Concise History of England, revised and brought

down to the present Time. By Mrs. MILNER. With Portraits

of the Sovereigns. 5s. cloth. Rhymes of Royalty: the History of England in Verse, from the

Norman Conquest to the reign of VICTORIA ; with a summary of the leading events in each reign. Fcap. 8vo. 2s. cloth.


Re-issue of Pictorial Geography, for the Instruction of Young Children.

Price 18. 6d.; mounted on rollers 3s. 6d. The First Book of Geography; specially adapted as a Text Buok

for Beginners. By Hugo REID. Fourth Edition, revised. 18mo, ls, sewed.

“One of the most sensible little bocks on the subject of Geography we

have met with."- Educational Times. Gaultier's Familiar Geography. With a concise Treatise on the

Artificial Sphere, and two coloured Maps, illustrative of the principal Geographical Terms. Sixteenth Edition. 16mo, 3s.

cloth. Butler's Outline Maps, and Key, or GEOGRAPHICAL AND BIOGRA

PHICAL EXERCISES; with a Set of Coloured Outline Maps, designed for the use of Young Persons. By the late WILLIAM BUTLER. Enlarged by the Author's Son, J. (. BUTLER. Thirty-sixth

Edition, revised to the end of 1876, 4s. Tabular Views of the Geography and Sacred History of Pales

tine, AND OF THE TRAVELS OF St. Paul. Intended for Pupil Teachers, and others engaged in Class Teaching. By A. T. WHITE. Oblong 8vo, price ls, sewed.



ENGLISH LANGUAGE, for the use of Schools and Candidates for the Army and Civil Service Examinations. By Joun GEORGE COLQUHOUN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Fcap. 8vo.

“A real and very useful accession to the list of English manuals.”Educational Times.

“We are not acquainted with any single volume that in such a small compass contains so much useful information.”-Scholastic Register.

“ Just the book we should like to see in Training Colleges, and placed in

the hands of Pupil Teachers.”-National Schoolmaster. Darnell, G. Grammar made Intelligible to Children. New

and Revised Edition. Price 1s, cloth. Darnell, T. Parring Simplified: an Introduction and Companion

to all Grammas; consisting of Short and Easy Rules, with Parsing Lessons to each. Fourth Edition. Price 1s, cloth.

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