Universal History Americanised: Or, An Historical View of the World, from the Earliest Records to the Year 1808. With a Particular Reference to the State of Society, Literature, Religion, and Form of Government, in the United States of America

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M. Carey & Son, 1819 - World history

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Page 4 - Co. of the said district, have deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof they claim as proprietors, in the words following, to wit : " Tadeuskund, the Last King of the Lenape. An Historical Tale." In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States...
Page 3 - With a particular reference to the state of society, literature, religion, and form of government, in the United States of America.
Page 191 - ... good. The purity of Christian morality, little enough indeed seen in practice, nevertheless is become so familiar in theory, that it passes almost for obvious, and even congenial to the human mind. Those only will justly estimate the merit of that near approach to it which Socrates made, who will take the pains to gather, as they may from the writings of his...
Page 190 - It was usual at Athens for execution very soon to follow condemnation ; commonly on the morrow. But it happened that the condemnation of Socrates took place on the eve of the day appointed for the sacred ceremony of crowning the galley which carried the annual offerings to the gods worshipped at Delos : and immemorial tradition forbade all executions till the sacred vessel's return. Thus the death of Socrates was respited thirty days, while his friends had free access to him in the prison.
Page 152 - ... part of the entertainment. Among other pieces was rehearsed the Electra of Euripides, and particularly that affecting chorus, " We come, O daughter of Agamemnon, to thy rustic and humble roof.
Page 391 - He .was of a low stature, and somewhat deformed ; but the activity and elevation of his mind animated and ennobled his frame. By a life of continual labour, and by an early and habitual practice of the gymnastic exercises, he had hardened his body against the impressions of cold and heat, hunger and thirst,* and prepared his robust constitution for bearing such exertions of strength and activity, as have appeared incredible to the undisciplined softness of modern times. In generosity and in prowess,...
Page 74 - It has been by readiness to ASSIST ALL, whether Greeks or barbarians, that OUR empire, and ALL empire, has been acquired. Nor, let me add, is it now in our choice how far we will stretch our command ; for, possessing empire, we must maintain it, and rather extend than permit any diminution of it ; or we shall, more even than weaker states, risk our own subjection to a forein dominion.
Page 205 - ... that when the Greeks in some alarm were consulting, previous to the celebrated retreat of the ten thousand out of Asia, an accident, which in itself was even ridiculous, did nevertheless, through ,the importance attributed to it by the Grecian superstition, assist not a little to infuse encouragement. Xenophon was speaking of that favour from the gods which a righteous cause entitled them to hope for, against a perjured enemy, when somebody sneezed : immediately, the general voice addressed ejaculations...
Page 188 - Athenians, that, had I engaged in public business, I should long ago have perished, without procuring any advantage either to you or to myself. Let not the truth offend you : it is no peculiarity of your democracy, or of your national character ; but wherever the people is sovereign, no man who shall dare honestly to oppose injustice, frequent and extravagant injustice, can avoid destruction.
Page 266 - Know that a son is born to us. We thank the gods, not so much for their gift, as for bestowing it at a time when Aristotle lives. We assure ourselves that you will form him a prince worthy of his father, and worthy of Macedon.

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