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1. 10. B] form'd Seraphicall. cheekes. 1. 28. B] shafts.

1. 11. B] But e're... wore faire.
1. 38. B] who kindly takes the shame.
1. 13. C] part. B] part,

p. 276, l. 4. C] suffting.
has been supplied after heart and after Flame 4 lines below.
11. 25 to end are not in B. 1. 33. C] undanted. 1. 38.

1. 13. B]

1. 14. A full stop

1. 15. Clov'es.

C] thrists.

p. 277, 1. 4. A parenthesis has been added at the end of the line. 1. 9. Title in B] A Song of divine Love. The second part is more distinctly divided from the first, than in C. 1. 10. C] geace. 1. 23. B] longing strife.

p. 278, ll. 1-5. Title in A] On a prayer-booke sent to Mrs M. R. Title in B as in C but omits Prayer 1. 1 and little 1. 3. 1. 6. A and F] but large. 11. 7-15. For these lines A and F read]

(Feare it not, sweet,

It is no hipocrit)

Much larger in it selfe then in its looke.

1. 16. A and F] rich handfull. 1. 17. A and F] royall Hoasts.

1. 19. A


and F] A thousand. 1. 21. C] il self. 1. 22. A, B and F] your white. 1. 24. A and B] the ghostly...your part F] your ghostly...your part. A, B and F] your chast. 1. 26. A and F] the Armory. 1. 29. A] hand. 1. 31. B] The sinne.

1. 19.

1. 6. B] its

1. 34. A,

p. 279, l. 1. F] That holds. 1. 5. A, B and F] your heart. part. 1. 13. A] And bring her [B its, F his] bosome full of blessings. A and F] comes. 1. 20. A and F] wandring heart. 1. 24. A] pleasures. 1. 26. A and F] dance in the B] ith'. 1. 28. A and B] Spheare. B and F] And stepping.


1. 35. A and B] the sacred. 1. 38. A] These

1. 13.

A] An hundred

1. 18. F] That A and F] Deare

p. 280, 1. 6. A colon has been added after desire. thousand loves and graces. F] A hundred loves and graces. dull mortallists. 1. 19. A and F] this hidden store. 1. 30. silver breasted dove. 1. 33. F] With mingled vows. 1. 35. F] With her immortal. 1. 36. A and F] Happy soule who.

p. 281, 1. 3.

A and F] O let that [F the] happy soule hold fast. A and F] Happy soule. 1. 16. A and F] a God.

1. 13.

[blocks in formation]

p. 284, 11. 1-3. A full stop after 'complaint' has been removed to after 'Alexias.' 1. 6. B omits] sanite. 1. 8. B] loud Praise.


1. 24. B] leads the way. 1. 30. B] change its.

p. 285, l.


1. 16. B] Would

1. B] when lovers. A full stop has been taken away after

p. 286, 1. 4. A full stop has been added after me. 1. 12. B] the beauteous B] old Times.

Skies. 1. 22.

p. 287, 1. 7.

C] eost. 1. 9. B] with sawcy. 1. 15. C] Aleyis. BJ O tell. 1. 21. C] tell. B] tell, 1. 31. B] The Blessed Virgin. A colon has been inserted after approach.

p. 288, 1. 7.


p. 289, l. 1.

11. 4-6 of Title.

B] No facing Gorgon. 1. 17. B] How sweet's.

[blocks in formation]

A full stop has been taken away after Description. B omits 1. 9. B] pavements weeping. 1. 10. B] costly.

1. 12.

C] frishing B] frisking. 1. 22. B] slumbers; C] slumbers? sing, &, & sigh. 1. 24. B] round Spheare. 1. 25. B] Hands full of hearty labours; Paines that pay

1. 23. C] And

And prize themselves; doe much, that more they may;

1. 28. C] dayly-ding.

p. 290, 1. 7. B] ly close, and keep.

p. 291, ll. 4-6. Title in A and D continues thus] 'Husband and Wife, which died, and were buried together. Title in E] Epitaphium conjugum unâ mortuor. et sepultor. Title in G] A man and his wife who dyed together, and were so buried. 1. 8. A] the second. 1. 11. A] not sever man and Wife [C Wiee]. 1. 12. A, D and G] Because... Liv'd. 1. 16. A, D, E and G] knot that love. 11. 17-20. A, D, E and G omit] And harm. 1. 23. A, B, D, E and G] And the. G] morning dawn. E and G] And they waken with that Light [B wake into that]. E and G] never sleepe in.

1. 13.

1. 25. A, 1. 26. A, D,

Title in B] Death of Mr A, B and D] 1. 21. A and

p. 292, 11. 1-5. Title in A] Upon Mr Staninough's Death. At the Funeral of a young Gentleman. Title in D] Upon the Stanninough, Fellow of Queens Colledge in Cambridge. ye soft. 1. 18. A] thy Idæa. 1. 19. A and D] thy bulke. D] thy small. 1. 22. C] norrow. 1. 25. C] neigbourhood. In A and D the line ends thus :-'nothing! here put on' and the next line is: 'Thy selfe in this unfeigned reflection'; omitting 'Proud...eyeliddes.' 1. 29. A and D] (Through all your painting) showes you your own face. 1. 31. Á and D] To the proud hopes. A full stop has been added after Mortality. 1. 32. A and D] this selfe-prison'd eye.

p. 293. The poem appeared in the English translation of Leonard Lessius's Hygiasticon, see 3rd edn., published at Cambridge in 1636. The first 12 lines of the poem are not there given. 11. 1-6. Title in A and B] In praise of Lessius his rule of health. D] Upon Lessius. E] Upon Lessius, his Hygeiasticon. 1. 7. A, B, D and E omit] and. 1. 9. A, D and E] cruell strife. 1. 15. A, D and E] at length. 1. 16. A, D and E add]

Goe poore man thinke what shall bee

Remedie against [E 'gainst] thy remedie.

1. 19. A, D and Lessius] wouldst thou. E ends at 'Reader.'
and Lessius] Wouldst see. 1. 22. A and B] His own Physick.
C] oppest. 1. 29. Lessius] Whose soul's.

p. 294, 1. 5. C] way. B] way, 1. 6. A and D] Heavn hath a. Would'st thou see. 1. 10. A, B, D and Lessius] A set.

1. 21. A, D

1. 27.

1. 7. A]

1. 13. A and Lessius] All a nest of roses D] see a bed of roses grow. 1. 14. D] In a nest of. C] nf renerend. 1. 16. C] Sring. 1. 22. Lessius] His soul. 1. 24. D] A sigh,

a kisse. The last 8 lines of the poem are not in A.

p. 295, 1. 1. Title in A and B] On Hope, By way of Question and Answer, betweene A. Cowley, and R. Crashaw. In both editions this and the answer on pp. 297 and 8 form one poem, ten lines of Cowley being followed by ten of Crashaw, till both are ended, beginning with ten of Cowley and ending with twenty of Crashaw. 1. 3. A and B] succeed, and. 1. 4. A and B] ill, and. 1. 8. A] The Fates have B] The Fates of. 1. 10. A and B] ends. 1. II. B] at all. 1. 17. Full stops have been added after bed and Thee two lines below. 1. 19. A and B] So mighty. 1. 21. A and B] its spirits. 1. 25. A semi1. 26. A and B] Thine empty cloud the eye,

colon has been added after are.

it selfe deceives. B] shield of fond.

p. 296, 1. 2.

p. 297, l. 1.

and B] of things.

1. 12.

1. 31. A and B] not North.

Last line. A and B] Chymicks.

A and B] strange witchcraft.

1. 34. C] repenrance. A and

1. 5. A

A full stop has been taken away after Crashaws.
11. 8, 9. A, B and G read thus]

Faire cloud of fire, both shade, and light,
Our life in death, our day in night.

A, B and G] thinne dilemma. 1. 13. A, B and G] like the sick Moone at the. A full stop has been added at the end of this line and the twelfth below. 1. 14. A, B and G] Thou art Loves. Of Faith the steward of our growing stocke. : 1. 20. C] ckeek.

lands lye above. downe. 1. 22. The generous. omit] growing.

p. 298, 1. 1.

1. 3. A, B and A, B and

1. 4.

1. 15. A, B and G] 1. 16. A, B and G] Crown1. 21. A, B and G] Thou thus steal'st A, B and G] Chaste kisse wrongs no. 1. 26. A, B and G] 1. 27. A, B and G] Nor need wee kill. 1. 28. A, B and G Last line. A and B] subtile essence. A, B and G] law warres.

1. 2. A, B and G omit] walks; &. G] where our winds. A comma has been added after stirr. G] And Fate's whole. A and B add]

Her shafts, and shee fly farre above,

And forrage in the fields of light, and love. 1. 6. A and B] where, or what. 1. 10. C] antitode. 1. 11. A, B and G] Temper'd 'twixt cold despaire. 1. 15. A, B and G] And loves. G] fierce and fruitlesse. 1. 16. G omits] all. 1. 17. A and B] Huntresse. A and B] field.

1. 18.

EPIGRAMMATA SACRA, 2nd Edn., 1670. Only those poems not in the 1st edition are here printed. I do not know what authority there may be for these additions, so long after Crawshaw's death, but they are probably genuine as two are in the Sancroft MS. (Improba turba tace and O ut ego, pp. 304 and 305). As the first of these differs somewhat from the Sancroft copy I have given the MS. form in its place on p. 318 (Tu mala turba tace). p. 303, 1. 2. σeds in text. 1. 14. "Hn in text. p. 305, 1. 4. E] ego ut. 1. 8. E] error abegit. 1. 13. E] Ex me.

1. 12. E] Ex his quos.

p. 339, 1. 18. Mr F. G. Plaistowe, M.A., Librarian of Queens' College, who has very kindly allowed me to refer to him in a few cases of difficulty in the reading of Abp Sancroft's transcript, suggests that ȧvalkηy in the MS. is an error for ἀνάγκην.

p. 345, l. 13. E] forbid the.

p. 346. D gives the following variations in this poem. 1. 1. Out of Petronius. 1. 8. And dayntyest drake. The two following lines Though' are not in D. 1. 13. pretious Scarus. 1. 17. The Barbill too is 1. 18. And cloying.


[blocks in formation]

p. 364, 11. 20 and 24. A colon has been supplied at the end of each line and also at the end of l. 19, p. 366.


[blocks in formation]

nobis suscipere, cùm simus Romani

Apocal. xii. 7 312
Apologie, An 272

Apricockes sent to Cowley by Sir
Crashaw, Upon two greene 175
Aquae in vinum versae 37
Arbor Christi jussu arescens 30
Arion 180

Ashton Mr, a conformable Citizen,

An Epitaph upon 157

Asse that bore our Saviour, Upon
the 77

Assumption of Our Blessed Lady, In
the glorious 256

A telonio Matthaeus 18

Attulerunt ei omnes malè affectos,
daemoniacos, lunaticos-& sanavit
eos 51

Baptismus non tollit futura peccata

Beatae Virgini credenti 33

Beatae Virgini. De salutatione An-
gelicâ 56

Beati oculi qui vident 32
Beatus venter & ubera, &c. 39
B. Lord, upon the choise of His
Sepulcher, To Our 233

B. Virgins bashfullnesse, On the 76
Blind cured by the word of our
Saviour, The 78

Body of our Bl. Lord, Naked and
Bloody, Upon the 244
Bonum est nobis esse hîc 310
Bonum intrare in coelos cum uno
oculo, &c. 19

Brooke, Doctor, An Epitaph upon 143
Brook, Ornatissimo viro Praeceptori
suo colendissimo, Magistro 8
Bulla 171

Caeci receptis oculis Christum sequun-

tur 306

Caecus implorat Christum 304
Caecus natus 50

Caesar, Give to... And to God...82
Catullus, Out of 159

Charitas Nimia, or the Dear Bargain

Charity, On a treatise of 111
Christus absenti medetur 49
Christus accusatus nihil respondit 23
Christus à daemone vectus 311
Christus ad Thomam 14

Christus ambulabat in porticu Solo-
monis, & hyems erat 55
Christus circumcisus ad Patrem 36
Christus in Ægypto 47

Christus infans Patri sistitur in templo

Christus in tempestate 53

Christus mulieri Canaaneae diffici-

lior 39

Christus Vitis ad Vinitorem Patrem

Coepit lacrymis rigare pedes ejus, &
capillis extergebat 38

Congestis omnibus peregrè profectus
est 16

Constituerunt ut si quis confiteretur
eum esse Christum, synagogâ move-
retur 45

Councel concerning her choise, To the
same Party 282

Crashawe, The Anagramme He was
Car 187

Crowne of thornes taken downe from
the head of our B. Lord bloody,
Upon the 83, 243

Crucifix, Upon the Bleeding 241
Cùm horum aliqua dedicaram...R.
Brooke 325

Cum tot signa edidisset, non crede-

[blocks in formation]

Dederunt nummos militibus 56
Deferebantur á corpore ejus sudaria,
&c. 28

Denbigh, To the Noblest & best of
Ladyes, the Countesse of 190
Deus nobiscum 36

Deus, post expulsum Daemonem mu-
tum, maledicis Judaeis os obturat 55
Deus sub utero virginis 22
De voto filiorum Zebedaei 46
Dicebant, Verè hic est propheta 55
Dives asking a drop 82
Dives implorat guttam 29
Divine Epigrams 73

D. Joannes in exilio 22
Domine, non solum pedes, sed &
caput &c. 315

Dominus apud suos vilis 13
Dominus asino vehitur 35
Dominus flens ad Judaeos 31
Domitiano. De S. Johanne ad por
tam Lat. 321

D. Paulum, verbo sanantem claudum,
pro Mercurio Lystres adorant 44
Dumb Devill cast out, and the slan-
derous Jewes put to silence, Upon
the 80

Dumb healed, the, and the people en-
joyned silence 74

Easter Day, Upon 89

Ecce locus ubi jacuit Dominus (Latin)

Ecce locus ubi jacuit Dominus (Greek)

Ecce quaerebamus te, &c. 37
Ego sum ostium 313

Ego sum via. Ad Judaeos spretores
Christi 59

Ego sum vox, &c. 21
Ego vici mundum 43
Ego vitis vera 312

Εἰς τὸν τοῦ Στεφάνου δέφανον 321
Elegia 181

Epigramme, An, upon the pictures...

Epiphanie of Our Lord God, In the
glorious 207
Epitaphium 181

Epitaphium in Dominum Herrisium

[blocks in formation]
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