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Take comfort, Christians, when your friends
That awful day will surely come
The day is past and gone
Thee we adore, Eternal name .
The flow'ry spring at God's command
The grave is now a favor'd spot
The Lord my pasture shall prepare
The Lord, the Judge, before his throne
The Lord will happiness divine
There is a fountain filled with blood
There is a God who reigns above .
There is a land of pure delight
There is beyond the sky
The Savior calls, let every ear
The time is short, the season near
The voice of free grace
Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love .
This is the day the Lord hath made
This is the day when Christ arose
This is the word of truth and love
Thou only Sovereign of my heart
Through all the changing scenes of life
Through sorrow's night and danger's path
Through this wide wilderness I roam
Thus far my God hath led me on .
Thus far the Lord has led me on
?Tis a point I long to know
'Tis by the faith of joys to come
'Tis finished, so the Savior cried
'Tis my happiness below
'Tis past, the dreadful stormy night
"Tis religion that can give
To thee, before the dawning light.
To thy temple I repair
'Twas when the seas with horrid roar
Unveil thy bosom, faithful tomb
Vain man, thy fond pursuits forbear
Vital spark of heavenly flame
Wait, O! my soul, thy Maker's will









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Watchman! tell us of the night :
We give immortal praise.
Welcome! delightful morn
Welcome! sweet day of rest
“We've no abiding city here"
What equal honors shall we bring
What jarring natures dwell within
What scenes of horror and of dread
What shall the dying sinner do
What sinners value, I resign
What various hindrances we meet
When blooming youth is snatched away
When I can read my title clear
When I survey the wond'rous cross
When languor and disease invade
When marshalled on the nightly plain
When on the cross my Lord I see
When with my mind devoutly pressed
Where'er the Lord shall build my house
Where two or three, with sweet accord
While I to grief my soul gave way,
While life prolongs its precious light
While Shepherds watch'd their flocks by night
While with ceaseless course the sun
Whilst thee I seek, protecting Power
Whither goest thou Pilgrim Stranger
Why is my heart so far from thee
Why should I love my sport so well
Why should I say, 'tis yet too soon
With grateful hearts and tuneful lays
With humble heart and tongue
With tears of anguish I lament
Ye angels who stand round the throne
Ye hearts with youthful vigor warm
Ye humble souls! approach your God
Ye sons of men, with joy record
Yes! the Redeemer rose
Ye that pass by, behold the man
Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor

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1. Excellency of the Bible. C. M.
IFATHER of mercies! in thy word

What endless glory shines !
For ever be thy name ador'd,

For these celestial lines.
2 Here may the wretched sons of want

Exhaustless riches find :
Riches above what earth can grant,

And lasting as the mind.
3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows,

And yields a free repast ;
Sublimer sweets than nature knows,

Invite the longing taste.
4 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice

Spreads heavenly peace around;
And life, and everlasting joys,

Attend the blissful sound.
5 O may these heavenly pages be

My ever dear delight;
And still new beauties may I see,

And still increasing light.
6 Divine Instructer, gracious Lord,

Be thou for ever near;
Teach me to love thy sacred word,
And view my Savior there. Stoele.


2. Value of the Bible. 1 HOLY Bible, Book divine ; ;

Precious treasure! thou art mine: Mine to fell me whence I came;

Mine to teach me what I am: 2 Mine to chide me when I rove;

Mine to shew a Savior's love:
Mine art thou, to guide my feet;

Mine to judge, condemn, acquit: 3 Mine to comfort in distress,

If the Holy Spirit bless:
Mine to shew, by living faith,

Man can triumph over death! 4 Mine to tell of joys to come,

And the rebel-sinner's doom :
O thou precious Book divine !
Precious treasure! thou art mine.

3. The Bible precious. 8, 7.
PRECIOUS Bible! what a treasure

Does the Word of God afford !
All I want for life or pleasure,
Food and Medcine, Shield and Sword:

Let the world account me poor;

Having this I need no more.
2 Food, to which the world 's a stranger,

Here my hungry soul enjoys;
Of excess there no danger,
Though it fills, it never cloys:

On a dying Christ I feed,
He is meat and drink indeed!


4. The Bible precious. C. M. 1 HOW precious is the book divine,

By inspiration given!
Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine,

To guide our souls to heaven.
2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts,

In this dark vale of tears;
Life, light, and joy, it still imparts,

And quells our rising fears. 3 This lamp, through all the tedious night

Of life, shall guide our way,
Till we behold the clearer light
Of an eternal day.

Rippon. 5. Power of the Gospel. L. M. 1 THIS is the word of truth and love,

Sent to the nations from above; Jehovah here resolves to show

What his almighty grace can do. 2 This remedy did wisdom find,

To heal diseases of the mind;
This sover'ign balm, whose virtues can

Restore the ruin'd creature, man. 3 The Gospel bids the dead revive;

Sinners obey the voice, and live;
Dry bones are rais’d, and cloth'd afresh,

And hearts of stone are turn'd to flesh.
4 Where Satan reign'd in shades of night

The Gospel strikes a heav'nly light;
Our lusts its wondrous power controls,
And calms the



souls. 5 Lions, and beasts of savage name,

Put on the nature of the Lamb;

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