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There are many faults in spelling, which neither analogy nor pronunciation justify.

When sickness, infirmity or reverse of fortune, affect us, the sincerity of friendship is proved.

Let it be remembered, that it is not the uttering, or the nearing of certain words, that constitute the worship of the Almighty.

A tart reply, a proneness to rebuke, or a captious and contradictious spirit, are capable of embittering domestic life, and of setting friends at variance.

Examples adapted to the Review under these Rules. Much does human pride and self-complacency require correction,

Luxurious living, and high pleasures, begets a languor and satiety that destroys all enjoyment.

Pride and self-sufficiency stifles sentiments of dependence on our Creator : levity and attachment to worldly pleasures, destroys the sense of gratitude to him.

Every man and woman were numbered.

Good order in our affairs, not mean savings, produce great profits.

The following treatise, together with those that accompany it, were written, many years ago, for my own private satisfaction.

That great senator, in concert with several other eminent persons, were the projectors of the revolution.

The religion of these people, as well as their customs and manners, were strangely misrepresented..

Virtue, joined to knowledge and wealth, confer great influence and respectability. But knowledge, with wealth united, if virtue is wanting, have a very limited influence, and are often despised,

That superficial scholar and critic, like some renowned critics of our own, have furnished most decisive proofs, that they knew not the characters of the Hebrew lan


The buildings of the institution have been enlarged; the expense of which, added to the increased price of provisions, render it necessary to advance the terms of admission.

One, added to nineteen, make twenty.

What black despair, what horror, fills the mind !

Thou, and the gardener, and the huntsman, must share the blame of this business amongst them.

My sister and I, as well as my brother, are daily employed in their respective occupations,

Either thou or I art greatly mistaken, in our judgment on this subject.

I or thou am the person who must undertake the business proposed.

Both of the scholars, or one of them at least, was present at the transaction.

Some part of the ship and cargo were recovered ; but neither the sailors nor the captain, was saved.

Whether one person or more was concerned in the business, does not yet appear.

The cares of this life, or the deceitfulness of riches, has choked the seeds of virtue in many a promising mind

Exercises on Rule VIII. The people rejoices in that which should give it sorrow.

The flock, and not the fleece, are, or ought to be, the object of the shepherd's care.

The court have just ended, after having sat through the trial of a very long cause.

The crowd were so great, that the judges with difficulty made their way through them.

The corporation of York consist of a mayor, aldermen, and a common council.

The British parliament are composed of king, lords, and commons.

When the nation complain, the rulers should listen to their voice.

In the days of youth, the multitude eagerly pursues pleasures as its chief good.

The church have no power to inflict corporal punishment.

The fleet were seen sailing up the channel.
The regiment consist of a thousand men.

The meeting have established several salutary rogulations.

The council was not unanimous, and it separated without coming to any determination.

The fleet is all arrived and moored in safety.

This people draweth near to me with their mouth, and honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me.

The committee was divided in its sentiments, and it has referred the business to the general meeting.

The committee were very full when this point was decided ; and their judgment has not been called in question.

Why do this generation wish for greater evidence, when so much is already given ?

The remnant of the people were persecuted with great severity.

Never were any people so much infatuated as the Jewish nation.

The shoal of herrings were of an immense extent. No society are chargeable with the disapproved misconduct of particular members.

Exercises on Rule IX. Well may you be afraid ; it is him indeed.

I would act the same part if I were him, or in his situation.

Search the Scriptures ; for in them ye think ye have eternal life : and they are them which testify of me.

Be composed : it is me : you have no cause for fear.

I cannot tell who has befriended me, unless it is him from whom I have received many benefits.

I know not whether it were them who conducted the susiness ; but I am certain it was not him.

He so much resembled my brother, that, at first sight, I took it to be he.

After all their professions, is it possible to be them ?

It could not have been her, for she always behaves liscreetly.

If it was not him, who do you imagine it to have been ?

Who do you think him to be!
Whom do the people say that we are ?

Exercises on Rule X. The exercise of reason appears as little in these sportsmen, as in the beasts whom they sometimes hunt, and by whom they are sometimes hunted.

They which seek wisdom will certainly find her.

The wheel killed another man, which is the sixth which have lost their lives, by this means.

What is the reason that our language is less refined than those of Italy, Spain, or France?

Thou who has been a witness to the fact, can give an account of it.

In religious concerns, or what is conceived to be such, every man must stand or fall by the decision of the Great Judge.

Something like what have been here premised, are the conjectures of Dryden.

Thou great First Cause, least understood !

Who all my sense confin'd
To know but this, that thou art good,

And that myself am blind:
Yet gave me in this dark estate, &c.
What art thou, speak, that, on designs unknown,
While others sleep, thus range the camp alone?

Examples adapted to the Review under Rule X. Moses was the meekest man whom we read of in the Old Testament.

Humility is one of the most amiable virtues which we can possess.

They are the same persons who assisted us yesterday.

The men and things which he has studied have not improved his morals.

Howsoever beautiful they appear, they have no real merit.

In whatsoever light we view him, his conduct will bear inspection. · On whichsoever side they are contemplated, they appear to advantage.

However much he might despise the maxims of the king's administration, he kept a total silence on that subject.

He would not be persuaded but what I was greatly in fault.

These commendations of his children, appear to have been made in somewhat an injudicious manner.

He instructed and fed the crowds who surrounded him.

Sidney was one of the wisest and most active governnors, which Ireland have enjoyed for several years.

He was the ablest minister which James ever possessed.

The court, who gives currency to manners, ought to be exemplary.

I am happy in the friend which I have long proved.

The child whom we have just seen, is wholesomely fed, and not injured by bandages or clothing.

He is like a beast of prey, who destroys without pity.

Having once disgusted him, he could never regain the favor of Nero, who was indeed another name for cruelty.

Flattery, whose nature is to deceive and betray, should be avoided as the poisonous adder. Who of those men came to his assistance ?

The king dismissed his minister without any inquiry; who had never before committed so unjust an action.

There are millions of people in the empire of China, whose support is derived almost entirely from rice.

Exercises on Rule XI. We are dependent upon each other's assistance ; whom is there that can subsist by himself?

If he will not hear his best friend, whom shall be sent to admonish him ?

They who much is given to, will have much to answer


It is not to be expected that they, whom in early life, have been dark and deceitful, should afterwards become fair and ingenuous..

They who have labored to make us wise and gord, are the persons who we ought to love and respect, aid who we ought to be grateful to.

The persons, who conscience and virtue support, ny smile at the caprices of fortune.

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