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She married my son's wife's brother.
This is my wife's brother's partner's house.

It was necessary to have both the physician's and the surgeon's advice.

The extent of the prerogative of the king of England is sufficiently ascertained.

This picture of the king's does not much resemble him.

These pictures of the king were sent to him from Italy.

This estate of the corporation's is much encumbered. This is the eldest son of the king of England's.

What can be the cause of the parliament neglecting so important a business ? Much depends on this rule being observed.'

The time of William making the experiment at length arrived.

It is very probable that this assembly was called to clear some doubt which the king had, about the lawfulness of the Hollanders their throwing off the monarchy of Spain, and their withdrawing entirely their allegiance to that crown.

If we alter the situation of any of the words, we shall presently be sensible of the melody suffering.

Such will ever be the effect of youth associating with vicious companions.

Exercises on Rule XV. They who opulence has made proud, and who luxury has corrupted, cannot relish the simple pleasures of nature.

You have reason to dread his wrath, which one day will destroy ye both.

Who have I reason to love so much as this friend of my youth.

Ye, who were dead, hath he quickened.
Who did they entertain so freely.
The man who he raised from obscurity, is dead...
Ye only have I known of all the families of the earth.
He and they we know, but who are you?
She that is idle and mischievous, reprove sharply.
Who did they send to him on so important an errand?

That is the friend who you must receive cordially, and who you'cannot esteem too highly.

He invited my brother and I to see and examine his library.

He who committed the offence, you should correct; not I who am innocent.

We should fear and obey the Author of our being, even He who has power to reward or punish us for ever.

They who he had most injured, he had the greatest reason to love.

Examples adapted to the Review under Rule XV. Though he now takes pleasure in them, he will one day repent him of indulgences so unwarrantable.

The nearer his virtues approached him to the great example before him, the humbler he grew..

It will be very difficult to agree his conduct with the principles he professes. ,

To ingratiate with some, by traducing others, marks a base and despicable mind,

I shall premise with two or three general observations.

If such maxims, and such practices prevail, what has become of decency and virtue ?

I have come according to the time proposed; but I have fallen upon an evil hour.

The mighty rivals are now at length agreed.

The influence of his corrupt example was then entirely ceased. .

He was entered into the connexion, before the consequences were considered. - Whatever others do, let thou and I act wisely. Let them and we unite to oppose this growing evil.

Exercises on Rule XVIII. It being her who was implicated, we did not proceed to extremities.

Suspecting not only you, but they also, I chose to avoid all intercourse.

I could not avoid considering them as enemies, and he as a suspicious friend.

Examples adapted to the Review under Rule XVIII.

By observing of truth, you will command esteem, as well as secure peace.

He prepared them for this event, by the sending to them proper information.

A person may be great or rich by chance ; but cannot be wise or good, without the taking pains for it. · Nothing could haye made her so unhappy, as the marrying a man who possessed such principles.

The changing of times and seasons, the removing and setting up of kings, belong to Providence alone..

The middle station of life seems to be the most advantageously situated for gaining of wisdom. Poverty turns our thoughts too much upon the supplying our wants ; and riches upon the enjoying our superfluities.

Pliny, speaking of Cato the Censor's disapproving the Grecian orators, expressed himself thus.

Propriety of pronunciation is the giving to every word that sound, which the most polite usage of the language appropriates to it.

The not attending to this rule, is the cause of a very common error.

This was in fact a converting the deposite to his own use.

There will be no danger of their spoiling their faces, or of their gaining converts.

For his avoiding that precipice, he is indebted to his friend's care.

It was from our misunderstanding the directions, that we lost our way.

In tracing of his history, we discover little that is worthy of imitation.

By reading of books written by the best authors, his mind became highly improved. · By too eager pursuit, he run a great risk of being disappointed.

He had not long enjoyed repose, before he begun to be weary of having nothing to do.

He was greatly heated, and drunk with avidity., Though his conduct was, in some respects, exception

able, yet he dared not to commit so great an offence, as that which was proposed to him.'

A second deluge learning thus o'er-run:

And the monks finish'd what the Goths begun. If some events had fell out very unexpectedly, I should have been present.

He would have went with us, had he been invited.

He returned the goods which he had stole, and made all the reparation in his power.

They have chose the part of honor and virtue.

His vices have weakened his mind, and broke his health.

He had mistook his true interest, and found himself forsook by his former adherents.

The bread that has been eat is soon forgot.

No contentions have arose amongst them since their reconciliation.

The cloth had no seam, but was wove throughout.

The French language is spoke in every state in Europe.

His resolution was too strong to be shook by slight opposition.

He was not much restrained afterwards, having took improper liberties at first."

He has not yet wore off the rough manners, which he brought with him.

You who have forsook your friends, are entitled to no. confidence. · They who have bore a part in the labor, shall share the rewards.

When the rules have been wantonly broke, there can be no plea for favor.

He writes as the best authors would have wrote, had they writ on the same subject.

He heapt up great riches, but past his time miserably.

He talkt and stampt with such vehemence, that he was suspected to be insane.

Exercises on Rule XIX.
It is better live on a little, than outlive a great deal.
You ought not walk too hastily

I wish him not wrestle with his happiness.
I need not to solicit him to do a kind action.

I dare not to proceed so hastily, lest I should give offence.

I have seen some young persons to conduct themselves very discreetly.

It is a great support to virtue, when we see a good mind to maintain its patience and tranquillity, under injuries and affliction, and to cordially forgive its oppressors.

It is the difference of their conduct, which makes us to approve the one, and to reject the other.

We should not be like many persons, to depreciate the virtues we do not possess.

To see young persons who are courted by health and pleasure, to resist all the allurements of vice, and to steadily pursue virtue and knowledge, is cheering and delightful to every good mind.

They acted with so much reserve, that some persons doubted them to be sincere

And the multitude wondered, when they saw the lame to walk, and the blind to see.

Exercises on Rule XXIII.
He was pleasing not often because he was vain.
Williarti nobly acted, though he was unsuccessful.

We may happily live, though our possessions are small.

From whence we may date likewise the period of this event.

It cannot be impertinent or ridiculous therefore to remonstrate.

He offered an apology, which being not admitted, he · became submissive.

These things should be never separated."

Unless he have more government of himself, he will be always discontented.

Never sovereign was so much beloved by the people.

He was determined to invite back the king, and to call together his friends.

So well educated a boy gives great hopes to his friends.

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