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As truth however is uniformly

the best criterion to ensure success,

I shall have recourse to that most

sterling ingredient in order to validate my position, which goes to prove that you were justly entitled to the appellation of The Talents, which has been most in

vidiously applied to you by Polypus

as a term of ridicule.

It has been uniformly allowed, that peace is the surest bulwark of the prosperity of a country, and the first operations of your admi

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nistration were certainly of a pacific nature, yet although the Roman hath said

Iniquissimam pacem justissimo bello antefero."

you were

you were not of that opinion, but held the balance, so justly equipoized, that the desire of peace never led you to forget those sacred duties which you bound to perform as the guardians of a free, great, and generous nation, and therefore, however acceptable might have appeared the Olive Branch, the Sword was no less kept within your grasp to ensure respect,

or when necessity should require it, command obedience from our


It is to your labours that we are also indebted for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, a detestable traffic which was as repulsive to common feeling, as it was subversive of the laws of nature and of heaven ; and from the general tenor of your proceedings was also to be discerned the most scrupulous attention to the existing burthens imposed on the community at large, by a due caution in regard to every measure

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relating to the taxation of the subject. Such proceedings were alone sufficient to entitle you to the designation of The Talents ; but we must not stop here, since it was from you we had to expect the overthrow of that detestable phalanx, the petty attorneys of this law-ridden country, who would have experienced from talents the most decisive check by the intended re-organization of the debtor and creditor laws, whereby both parties would have been benefited by lopping off in a great neasure those enormous expendi

your united

tures which are required in all legal procedures, and which consequently would have been appropriated to the use of the creditor, instead of being expended for the

benefit of a set of monsters rather

than men.

This would have been

true philanthropy, a lasting national benefit, not only deserving the blessings of the living, but must have experienced the heart-felt plaudits of millions yet unborn.

Such are a few of the points on which I have grounded my affirmation, that you were entitled to


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