Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Volume 19

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Smithsonian Institution, 1880 - Science

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Page 366 - The works of the LORD are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.
Page 376 - History of British Birds. The Figures engraved on Wood by T. Bewick.
Page 188 - This lonely and beautiful spot was rendered more enchanting by the singularly melodious notes of a bird, an inhabitant of these upper solitudes, and altogether unknown to the other parts of the island; hence, principally, called, or supposed to be, invisible; though it certainly has been seen, and is a species of the merle.
Page 237 - ... in head, their range horizontal ; mouth rather large. Teeth small, nearly even, in a narrow band. Scales moderate. Dorsal fin very short and small, placed a little behind the anal or about even with it, its position in the males rather more posterior ; anal short, high in the males; ventrals very small; pectorals small. Color, males dark olivaceous, with a dark, bronze-orange spot on each scale posteriorly, much as in Xenisma catenatiim.
Page 296 - It presents one more, among other now known similar cases, of evident genetic relationship between the Molluscan Fauna of the Dakota Group, and that of the later cretaceous groups of the West, which were formerly unknown, but which the discoveries of Prof. Mudge have done more than that of all others to show.
Page 237 - ... a band of small teeth; the canines larger in the lower jaw ; eye large ; scales rather large ; dorsal fin short and high, inserted slightly behind the anal in the males, exactly opposite it in the females ; caudal large ; anal fin larger and rather lower than dorsal ; ventrals quite small ; pectorals moderate. General color olivaceous ; sides covered, especially posteriorly, with rather large, irregularly placed orange spots, which also extend on the vertical fins ; dorsal dusky, with a dark...
Page 369 - BOLTON'S NATURAL HISTORY OF BRITISH SONG BIRDS. Illustrated with Figures the size of Life, of the Birds, both Male and Female, in their most Natural Attitudes : their Nests and Eggs, Food, Favourite Plants, Shrubs, Trees, ftc.
Page 321 - On the contrary, those fish that live near the bottom of the water have a low standard of respiration, a high degree of muscular irritability, and less necessity for oxygen ; they sustain life long after they are taken out of the water, and their flesh remains good for several days.
Page 377 - SELBY'S COMPLETE BRITISH ORNITHOLOGY. A most magnificent work of the Figures of British Birds, containing exact and faithful representations in their full natural size, of all the known species found in Great Britain, 383 Figures in 228 beautifully coloured Plates.'. 2 vols. elephant folio, elegantly half bound morocco (pub. at 105/.), gilt back and gilt edges, 31/.
Page 374 - Sides of body with one or more distinct dark longitudinal bands: spines on bend moderate, compressed. P. evolans (L.) Gill. Coloration olive-brown above, mottled and spotted with darker and lighter, whitish below : a narrow dark streak along the lateral line, -with a broader one below it, which terminates behind in a series of spots and blotches: lower parts oi...

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