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The extensive alterations made in the law since the last edition of Sir William David Evans' Collection of Statutes, have caused the present compilation to run to very considerable length; for although it may comprise some acts which might, perhaps, have been omitted, it is apprehended that its bulk could not have been materially reduced consistent with the object of rendering it a full and accurate supplement to that valuable work.

The arrangement and classification adopted by Sir William David Evans have been followed, so that in referring to the Table of Contents it may at once be seen whether there have been any recent enactments relating to the subjects of each class. The Reform Act, and some other statutes, which do not fall under any of the divisions of the original compilation, have been added at the end.

The acts are given verbatim, except the formal words of enactment at the commencement of the first and subsequent clauses; and where, as in some few instances, only a section

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