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Note. The recent publication of Vol. 1 of Halkett and Laing's "Dictionary of anonymous and pseudony. mous literature of Gr. Britain” has enabled ine to give in the following list the previously unknown names of the authors of is considerable number of works. 2 Abbey of Kilkhampton, etc., is by (H. Cron].

Abbeys. See also. Add Dryburgh ; – St. Savin. 5 Abnaki Indians. VETROMILE, E. Sande. After

1867 insert n.p., (1866]. Broadside. 7 Academician. After Picket insert Vol. 1. 1818-20. 8 Accompt of all, etc., is by [R. Baxter). 13 Adams, J., Pres. Works. Contents. Vol. 3. In.

structions of the town of Boston. For representatives read representative.

Correspondence. Same. Omit the entry.

Essay, etc., is also in True sentiments of Amer.

ica. 1768. (B 462) 15 Adams, J. Q. `Speech on his. For June read Jan. 18 Address to Prot. diss. 1774 i8 by (J. Priestley).

Address to the bishops ix by (J. Disney).
Address to the Cocoa-tree is by [J. Butler).

Address to the dissidents is by (J. Aikin). 20 Adorno. For Cattarina read Caterina Fieschi.

Advice and reproof, etc., is by [T. Smollett].
Advice to a painter is by (A. Marvell).
Advocate of revealed. For July read Jan.; omit

Vol. 2; after 1804 insert 2 v. 21 Æginetan marbles. For Bayern read Baiern. 22 Æschylus. BINAULT, L. For v. 4, 1853 read déc.


Æsopus. Chinese. Sloth is pseud. for R. Thom. 26 Africa. Nat. hist. BURMAN. For 1788 read 1738–39.

2 v.
27 African repository. For 1824 read 1826.

Afternoon of, etc., is by Mrs. (8. J. Penny).
Agassiz, L. Various articles.] For v. 1, 2, 4, 6 read

v. 1-6.
28 Agate, J. The plain truth. For 1808 read 1708.

WITHERS, J. Truth. For 1708 read 1709.
Age of frivolily is by [T. Beck).

Agreement between, etc., is by (J. Gother). 38 Albumazar is by [D. Garrick]: 39 Alciati, A. De magistratibus. For Galenio read

Gelepio. 40 Alcott, W. A. The young wife. Before Boston in.

sert 8th ed.; for 1837 read 1839. 43 Alexandria. BARTHÉLEMY ST. HILAIRE. For B.

read J. 46 Algeria. TEMPLE. For 1853 read 1835. 48 All for greed is by M. P. Rose, Baroness Blaze de Bury. 49 Allen, E. SPARKS, J. Same. For Chipman, N.

read Chipman, D. 50 Allen, J., alias Walton, G. Add Another copy, bound

in Allen's skin. 55 Almeida Pimenta should come after Almeida, M. de.

Almeyda, T. de. After t. 2 insert 3 and after 85 in.

sert 3 v.

Alofsen. For S. read Salomon. 58 Amari, M. For Frammenti read FRAMMENTI; be

fore Dei recepti insert VANNUCCI, A. 77 American Journal of education. After Hartford for

1855 read 1856. 78 American med. intelligencer. For 1837-40 read

1838-41. American mineralogical journal. After Vol. 1 in.

sert (1810). American monthly magazine. New series. For

1836–37 read 1836-38. 79 Amer. Orient. Soc. Journ. Contents. Vol. 3. For

Vassallo read Vassallo. 84 American review. Note. For v. 2 read v. 11. 86 American state papers. Contents. Class 1. For 35th

read 20th. 86 American system, etc., is by [N. Hale).

American Temperance Soc. After Temperance

manual insert (with 6th-8tb repori]. 91 Anadol is by (J. H. Skene).

Analecta Scolica was edited by [J. Maidment).

Anam. Lang. TABERD, J. L. After 1838 insert 2 v. 99 Andree, K. T. Omit the note. 101 Andromeda, L'. For 1639 read 1638.

Andros, Sir E. JAMES II. For 1836 read 1846;

- MATHER, I. Revolution. For 1836 read 1846.

Andry, - For Vallisneri read Vallisnieri. 102 Aneurisms. Vose, J. For 1819 read 1809. 103 Anghiera, P. M. d. Sommario. For 1574 read 1565.

Angler, etc., is by [- Belton).
107 Anne Gray is by Ir. H. Lister).
110 Answer to a disc. is by [G. Tuly).

Answer to a late, etc., is by [J. Williams),
Answer to a pamphlet is by iT. Randolph).

Answer to a paper printed is by [G. Burnet]. 111 Answer to one, etc., is by (N. Amhurst).

Answer to some, etc., is by (J. S. Barrington).
Answer to the anon., etc., is by (J. Peirce).
Answer to the Bp. 18 by (W. Lloyd).

Answer to the late, etc., is by [J. Welwood]. 112 Antidote against, etc., is by E. Bagshaw]. 113 Antiquities. ROCHETTTE, D. R. For 1864 read

1846. 116 Apologio for the, etc., is by (E. Bohun). 117 Apology for the liturgy, etc., is by (s. Horsley).

Apostate, The For Shiel read Sheil. 118 Appeal on, etc., is by (M. Davidoff).

Appeal to the people of Eng. is by (C. Fleming).
Appeal to the unprejudiced is by IT. Gordon).

Appellate jurisdiction is by (G. Moir). 121 Arabia. Hist. and Antiq. "See also. Add Zin-ud.

Din. 124 Arborea. For VESME read BAUDI DI VESME.

Arcana Gallica is by [J. Oldmixon). 132 Argumentum is by (E. Cooke): 136 Aristoteles. RAUMER, F. L. G. von. For 1827 read

1828. 138 Arithmetic. WALGRAVE, W. For 17– read 167-. 142 Arnott, J. Same. For band read fluid. 146 Artists. VASARI, G. Eng. For '1851. 2 v. read

1850-52. 5 v. 149 Arts, Useful. URE, A. Dictionary. For 1839 read


Same. Before Boston insert 4th ed. 152 Asher. For G. M. read Georg M. 156 Assolant, J. B. F. Un Quaker. For 1867 read 1866. 157 Astronomical journal. For 1829 read 1849; for 1849

read 1851. 161 At home, etc.; by B. Taylor. For 1862 read 1860-62. 167 Atterbury, F. Letters. After 1869 insert v. 8. 1806. 168 Aubert, J. DUCHESNE, J. is author of Ad ejus, etc.

Audubon, J.J. Birds. For 1827-38 read 1828–39. 174 Austria. VIENNA. AK. D. Wiss. Monumenta. For

1853 read 1864.
175 Authentic narrative, 1810 is by [G. Veeson).

Authority, The, etc., is by [E. Synge).
Autobiography. For N. G. Chamberlain, read N. H.

Chamberlain. 176 For Avezac-Macaya read Avezac de Castora Ma

caya. 180 Babylon's fall. For 1565 read 1655.

Bacchanalia is by [C. Darby]: 182 Bacon, F. Works. Same. Ed. by J.Spedding. For

1857-56 read 1857-59. 183 Bacon, L. For Answer read Reply. 194 Ballou, H. WHITTEMORE, T. For 1854 read 1854-55. 203 Banford, Joseph. B.'s lib. ser. For 6 v. read 8 v. 206 Baratariana was ed. by (Rev. – Simpson). 210 Barfoot, P. After directory insert (Vol. 1, 3, 3d ed.);

for 1790 read 1790 (-97). 212 Barnard, J. For Letter read LETTER. 216 Barrell, Miss. For 1806 read 1800.

Barrell, Joseph. Before Statement of facts insert

BARRELL, C., and others.
Before True statement insert Joy, B.

Barrier treaty is by (F. Hare). 219 Barthélemy, J. J. Voyage. After Paris read an vni


Barthold, F. W. For Mullen weder read Wullenweber. 222 Barton, Brig. Gen. Wm. On the device. For 1869

read 1866.

Baruffaldi, G. De poetis. For 1699 read 1723. 224 Bastile. RAVAISSON, F. For 1866 read 1866–79. 10 v. 228 Baviera, M. A. W. Omit the entry. 230 Bayonet. Omit the entry MCCLELLAN, G. B., etc. 235 Beauties of Fox, etc., is by [G. Chalmers). 239 Beechdale. For 1867 read 1868. 241 “Beggynhof (sic) is by (Mrs. W. P. Byrne). 242 Belgium. Descr. NARRATIVE, etc., is by EATON,

C. A.

TROLLOPE, F. For 1835 read 1834. 243 Hist. RELIGION is by DesRoches, J.

Belgrand. For E. read Marie François Eugène and

for Paris read Seine, Préfecture de la. 247 Belles lettres rep. and mag. For 1819-20 read 1820. 249 Beneden, P. J. van. For v. 1 read v. 2. 254 Bentham, J. HAZLITT, W. For v.5. 1859 read 1825. After Bentley, R. insert d. 1742.

Designs is by Bentley, R., Jr., d. 1782. 255 Benton, T. H. For 1789-1856 read 1789-1836. 262 Berridge, J. After Same insert New ed.; for Cheer.

ful read added, Chearful. 265 Bethell, s. For N., W. read W., W. 266 Beust, F. F. The Austro-Hungarian Empire is by DE

Beverley, R. Hist. of Va. French. For Paris read

268 Biarmland. Omit

the entry. 274 Bible. DWIGHT, T. Same. For Melmoth, C. read

Pratt, S. J.

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