The History of Scotland: From the Union of the Crowns on the Accession of James VI. to the Throne of England, to the Union of the Kingdoms in the Reign of Queen Anne, Volume 2

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Page 138 - King wald be offendit with it, and it might stey all the wark. " ' Tell me, man,' sayes he, ' giff I have tauld the treuthe ?' " ' Yis,' sayes Mr. Thomas, 'sir, I think sa.' " ' I will byd his fead, and all his Kins, then,' quoth he: ' Pray, pray to God for me, and let him direct all.
Page 177 - To conclude, for a suerety, he mistrustith us of that that you know, and for his lyfe. But in the end, after I had spoken two or three good words to him, he was very merry and glad. I have not seen him this night for...
Page 222 - Offence de parens, ne pire affliction? Pour luy tous mes amis, j'estime moins que rien, Et de mes ennemis je veux esperer bien. J'ay hazarde pour luy & nom & conscience. Je veux pour luy au monde renoncer, Je veux mourir pour le faire avancer: Que reste plus pour prouver ma Constance?
Page 153 - ... his sonne. The King sent for Joachim and asked him, why I did not lodge nigh to him, and that he wold ryse sooner and why I came, whithir it wear for any good appointment, that he came, and whithir I had not taken Paris and Guilbert to write and that I sent Joseph.
Page 157 - I speak to him of Wallcar, and saith that he will pluck his ears from his head, and that he lieth; for I asked him before of that, and what cause he had to complain of some of the lords, and to threaten them.
Page 324 - My answer to the earl Bothwell at that time was this, that I would not in any ways meddle with that matter, and that for this cause; because I am but new come out of new trouble, whereof as yet I am not rid; and therefore I cannot enter myself in such a new trouble again.
Page 72 - Damley was the root of her trouble. ' Scho hes done him sa great honour without the advyse of her frends, and contrary to the advyse of her subjects, and he on the tother part hes recompensit her with sik ingratitude, and misusis himself sa far towards her, that it is ane heartbreak for her to think that he sould be hir husband, and how to be free of him scho sees na outgait.
Page 171 - This day I have wrought till two of the clock upon this bracelet, to put the key in the clift of it, which is tied with two laces. I have had so little time that it is very ill, but I will make a fairer ; and in the...
Page 238 - Majestie of hir maist deare and onlie sone the Prince, baith hir Hienes self and hir haill subjectis ar detbund to rander unto God immortal prayse and thankes. And now hir Majestie being destitute of an husband, levand solitary in the state of wedoheid, and zit zoung and of flurishing aige, apt and able to procreate and bring forth ma children, hes bene preissit and humbly requirit to zeild unto sum mariage.
Page 157 - Hiegate hath confessed ; but it was the next day that he came hither. In the end he desyred much that I shuld lodge in his lodging. I have refused it. I have told him that he must be pourged, and that could not be don heere. He said unto me, " I have heard say that you have brought the lytter, but I wold rather have gon with yourself.

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