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With the Shorter Prophecies allied to it. Arranged and Edited with Notes by MATTHEW ARNOLD. Crown 8vo. 5s.

Golden Treasury Psalter.-Students' Edition. Being an Edition of "The Psalms Chronologically Arranged, by Four Friends," with briefer Notes. 18mo. 3s. 6d.

Hardwick.-A HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Middle Age. From Gregory the Great to the Excommunication of Luther. Edited by WILLIAM STUBBS, M.A., Regius Professor of Modern History in the University of Oxford. With Four Maps constructed for this work by A. KEITH JOHNSTON. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo. IOS. 6d.

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For this edition Professor Stubbs has carefully revised both text and notes, making such corrections of facts, dates, and the like as the results of recent research warrant. The doctrinal, historical, and generally speculative views of the late author have been preserved intact. manual for the student of ecclesiastical history in the Middle Ages, we know no English work which can be compared to Mr. Hardwick's book."-GUARDIAN.

A HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH DURING THE REFORMATION. By ARCHDEACON HARDWICK. Fourth Edition. Edited by Professor STUBBS. Crown 8vo. IOS. 6d. Maclear. Works by the Rev. G. F. MACLEAR, D.D., Master of King's College School.



A CLASS-BOOK OF OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY. Eighth Edition, with Four Maps. 18mo. cloth. 4s. 6d.

"A careful and elaborate though brief compendium of all that modern research has done for the illustration of the Old Testament. We know of no work which contains so much important information in so small a compass."-BRITISH QUARTERLY REVIEW.

A CLASS-BOOK OF NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY, including the Connexion of the Old and New Testament. With Four Maps. Fifth Edition. 18mo. cloth. 5s. 6d.

"A singularly clear and orderly arrangement of the Sacred Story. His work is solidly and completely done."-ATHENÆUM,"

A SHILLING BOOK OF OLD TESTAMENT HISTORY, for National and Elementary Schools. With Map. 18mo.

cloth. New Edition.

A SHILLING BOOK OF NEW TESTAMENT HISTORY, for National and Elementary Schools. With Map. 18mo. cloth. New Edition.

These works have been carefully abridged from the author's larger manuals.




CLASS-BOOK OF THE CATECHISM OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. New and Cheaper Edition. 18mo. cloth. 15. 6d. "It is indeed the work of a scholar and divine, and as such, though extremely simple, it is also extremely instructive. There are few clergymen who would not find it useful in preparing candidates for Confir mation; and there are not a few who would find it useful to themselves as well."-LITERARY CHURCHMAN.

A FIRST CLASS-BOOK OF THE CATECHISM OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, with Scripture Proofs, for Junior Classes and Schools. 18mo. 6d. New Edition.

A MANUAL OF INSTRUCTION FOR CONFIRMATION AND FIRST COMMUNION. With Prayers and Devotions. Royal 32mo. cloth extra, red edges. 25.

"It is earnest, orthodox, and affectionate in tone. The form of selfexamination is particularly good.”—JOHN BULL


FIRST COMMUNION, WITH PRAYERS AND DEVOTIONS FOR THE NEWLY CONFIRMED. 32mo. 6d. Maurice.—THE LORD'S PRAYER, THE CREED, AND THE COMMANDMENTS. A Manual for Parents and School. masters. To which is added the Order of the Scriptures. By the Rev. F. DENISON MAURICE, M.A. 18mo. cloth limp. 15. Procter.-A HISTORY OF THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER, with a Rationale of its Offices. By FRANCIS PROCTER, M.A. Twelfth Edition, revised and enlarged. Crown 8vo. IOS. 6d.

Procter and Maclear.-AN ELEMENTARY INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Re-arranged and supplemented by an Explanation of the Morning and Evening Prayer and the Litany. By the Rev. F. PROCTER and the Rev. G. F. MACLEAR. New Edition, 18mo. 25. 6d. Psalms of David Chronologically Arranged. By Four Friends. An Amended Version, with. Historical Introduction and Explanatory Notes. Second and Cheaper Edition, with Additions and Corrections. Crown 8vo. 8s. 6d. One of the most instructive and valuable books that has been published for many years."-SPECTATor.


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Ramsay. THE CATECHISER'S MANUAL; or, the Church Catechism Illustrated and Explained, for the use of Clergymen, Schoolmasters, and Teachers. By the Rev. ARTHUR RAMSAY, M.A. Second Edition, 18mo. Is. 6d.




CHRISTIAN CHURCH. By WILLIAM SIMPSON, M.A. Fifth Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Swainson.-A HANDBOOK to BUTLER'S ANALOGY. By C. A. SWAINSON, D.D., Canon of Chichester. Crown 8vo. Is. 6d. Trench.-SYNONYMS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. By R. CHENEVIX TRENCH, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. New Edition, enlarged. 8vo. cloth. 12s. Westcott.-Works by BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT, B.D.,

Canon of Peterborough.

A GENERAL SURVEY OF THE HISTORY OF THE CANON OF THE NEW TESTAMENT DURING THE FIRST FOUR CENTURIES. Fourth Edition. With Preface on "Supernatural Religion." Crown 8vo. ios. 6d.

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Theological students, and not they only, but the general public, owe a deep debt of gratitude to Mr. Westcott for bringing this subject fairly before them in this candid and comprehensive essay. logical work it is at once perfectly fair and impartial, and imbued with a thoroughly religious spirit; and as a manual it exhibits, in a lucid form and in a narrow compass, the results of extensive research and accurate thought. We cordially recommend it."-SATURDAY REVIEW. INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF THE FOUR GOSPELS.

Fifth Edition. Crown 8vo. IOS, 6d.

"To learning and accuracy which commands respect and confidence, he unites what are not always to be found in union with these qualities, the no less valuable faculties of lucid arrangement and graceful and facile expression."-LONDON QUARTERLY Review. THE BIBLE IN THE CHURCH.

A Popular Account of the Collection and Reception of the Holy Scriptures in the Christian Churches. New Edition. 18mo. cloth. 4s. 6d.

"We would recommend every one who loves and studies the Bible to read and ponder this exquisite little book. Mr. Westcott's account of the 'Canon' is true history in its highest sense."-LITERARY CHURCHMAN. THE GOSPEL OF THE RESURRECTION. Thoughts on its

Relation to Reason and History. New Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. Wilson.-THE BIBLE STUDENT'S GUIDE to the more Correct Understanding of the English translation of the Old Testament, by reference to the Original Hebrew. By WILLIAM WILSON, D., Canon of Winchester, late Fellow of Queen's College, rd. Second Edition, carefully Revised. 4to. cloth. 255. Il earnest students of the Old Testament Scriptures it is a ble Manual. Its arrangement is so simple that those who their mother-tongue, if they will take a little pains, may 'h great profit."-NONCONFORMIST.





Author of "The Heir of Redclyffe.'
Is. 6d. With Comments. Second
to Deuteronomy. Globe 8vo.
Edition. 35. 6d.

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8vo. Is. 6d.

From JOSHUA to SOLOMON. Extra fcap.
With Comments, 3s. 6d.

The KINGS and the PROPHETS. Extra fcap.
8vo. Is. 6d. With Comments, 3s. 6d.

Actual need has led the author to endeavour to prepare a reading book convenient for study with children, containing the very words of the Bible, with only a few expedient omissions, and arranged in Lessons of such length as by experience she has found to suit with children's ordinary power of accurate attentive interest. The verse form has been retained, because of its convenience for children reading in class, and as more resembling their Bibles; When Psalms or but the poetical portions have been given in their lines. portions from the Prophets illustrate or fall in with the narrative they are given in their chronological sequence. The Scripture portion, with a very few notes explanatory of mere words, is bound up apart, to be used by children, while the same is also supplied with a brief comment, the purpose of which is either to assist the teacher in explaining the lesson, or to be used by more advanced young people to whom it may not be possible to give access to the authorities whence it has been taken. Professor Huxley, at a meeting of the London School Board, particularly mentioned the selection made by Miss Yonge as an example of how selections might be made from the Bible for School Reading. See TIMES, March 30, 1871.

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