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Page 277 - Lat. dinrnalif, daily. — Lat. dies, a day. A doublet of Journal, qv DIVAN, a council-chamber, sofa. (Pers.) In Milton, PL x. 457. — Pers. and Arab, divan, 'a tribunal, a steward ; a collection of odes arranged in alphabetical order of rhymes ; the Divdn i Hdjiz is the most celebrated ; ' Palmer's Pers. Diet., col. 282. In Richardson, p. 704, the Pers. form is given as din/tin, the Arab, as daytvdn, explained as ' a royal court, the tribunal of justice or revenue, a council of state, a senate...
Page 13 - Adding, joining, annexation ; increase, augmentation, increment ; surplus, excess ; stipend, scholarship ; (in gram.) construction of one noun with ' another, the relation of the genitive case or the addition of an adjective, expressed by joining Kasrah to the governing noun. aj*W izáfi, ConstructiTe, relatiTe. A £W^ ig s
Page 413 - JL-c ^e. the nineteenth letter of the Arabic and twentysecond of the Persian alphabet, has no corresponding character in Sanskrit. It is one of the...
Page 151 - A small partridge; a quail. i sd or *«. S. The fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet. It is never used in words of Persian origin. A.

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