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"Diu est quod, et parentum cura, et meapte diligentia, libris insuevi.
Hæc me voluptas jam inde a pueritia cepit; hæc illecebra mecum parilibus
adolevit annis."

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ON the publication of his CATALOGUE OF FOREIGN THEOLOGY in the year 1842, the publisher was requested by many of his kindest friends to print a second volume, containing a list of ENGLISH DIVINITY. On attempting to meet this often-repeated wish, the compiler found it would scarcely require more time to give a complete account of the ENTIRE COLLECTION OF ENGLISH BOOKS, than it would take to separate one class from the stock. The result is the present Catalogue, containing 13,420 articles, embracing the most complete list of English Literature ever offered for sale. In collecting the works of standard authors, the chief aim has been to render prominent the Classes of THEOLOGY; HISTORY, VOYAGES AND TRAVELS; TOPOGRAPHY; AND BELLES LETTRES; and in these there are few authors entitled to notice, whose writings will not be found in the ensuing pages. The best SCIENTIFIC WORKS are also constantly kept on sale; and, as it would be little less than a species of "monomania" to pretend to possess every work ever published, the Proprietor will use his best exertions to obtain any book not contained in his own stock, should he be

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favoured with a commission for the same. In justice to the Country Trade, with whom he has been in close connection for many years, he feels bound to state that any order from the present Catalogue, transmitted through them, will be as punctually executed as if sent direct.

In presenting his new Catalogue, on his 86th birthday, the proprietor once more gratefully returns his heartfelt thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed upon his Establishment for more than half a century, during which period his exertions in the cause of Literature have been kindly fostered by an indulgent public.

J. B.


April 5th, 1843.



1 ABBADIE (Dr. James, Dean of Killaloe) on the Accomplishment of Prophecy in the Character and Conduct of Christ; 12mo. bds. 2s.


2 ABBOT AND SMITH'S NATURAL HISTORY OF THE LEPIDOPTEROUS INSECTS OF GEORGIA; 2 vols. folio, with 104 most beautifully coloured plates by HARRIS (pub. at 251. 4s. unbound), morocco, gilt edges, 81.


"The insects are charmingly represented in all their mutations; and on such large and characteristic specimens of their food, the whole plants as well as insects being scientifically delineated and described, that this publication is to the full as valuable to the botanist as it is to the entomologist: we never before beheld the sister sciences walk so closely, and so engagingly hand in hand, as in this interesting volume. It is truly a Flora et Entomologia." -Haworth's Review of Entomology.

3 ABBOTT'S (H.) Antiquities of Rome, comprising 24 select Views of its principal Ruins, and a Description to each View, complete. in 6 Numbers, atlas folio, first impressions (pub. at 67. 6s.) 21. 2s. 1820



the same, atlas folio, FINELY COLOURED (pub. at 127. 12s.), half-bound, 41. 48. 1820

Panoramic Delineation of Rome, taken from the Capitol (forming one sheet, about 16 feet long), engraved in outline,



6 ABDY'S (W. J.) Assize Sermon at Kingston-on-Thames; 4to.


1807 7 ABEL'S (Clarke) Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that Country; 4to. maps and plates, some coloured (pub. at 31. 3s.) bds. 188.


Mr. Abel was the naturalist to Lord Amherst's embassy. In the appendix will be found a description of three new species of plants (Hamamelis, Abelia, and Eurya) by R. Brown, Esq. F.L.S.

8 ABERCROMBIE'S (Dr. John) Inquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth; small 8vo. bds. 88.



Philosophy of the Moral Feelings; foolscap 8vo. bds. 6s. 1839 10 ABERCROMBIE'S (John) Practical Gardener, with Additions by J. Mean; 12mo. bds. 4s. 1817

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