The Scottish Chiefs, Volume 1

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Page 60 - Scots with Wallace at their head soon afterwards issued from the great gate. The English commanders seeing the panic of their men, and which they were less able to surmount on account of the way to the gate being strewn with their slain comrades...
Page 56 - Heselrigge, the English tyrant of Lanark, break into my house, and murder my wife ! " The shriek of horror that burst from every mouth, interrupted Wallace. " Vengeance ! vengeance ! " was the cry of the men, while tumultuous lamentations for the " sweet Lady of Ellerslie " filled the air from the women. Wallace sprang from the cliff into the midst of his brave countrymen. " Follow me, then, to strike the mortal blow.
Page 51 - In former days it used to call from her bower that " fair star of evening," the beauteous Marion, now departed forever into her native heaven. The notes trembled as his agitated breath breathed them into the instrument; but feeble as they were, and though the roar of the cataract might have prevented their reaching a less attentive ear than that of Wallace, yet he...
Page 50 - Fearful of being overwhelmed by the streams, which now on all sides crossed his path, he kept upon the edge of the river, to be as far as possible from the influence of their violence. And thus, he proceeded...
Page 52 - cried Halbert, throwing himself on his knees in a paroxysm of mental agony, " she remembers you where best her prayers can be heard. She kneels for her beloved Wallace, before the throne of God ! "
Page 53 - what had she done ? " " He came at the head of a band of ruffians, and seizing my lady, commanded her on the peril of her life, to declare where you and the earl of Mar and the box of treasure were concealed. My lady persisted to refuse him information, and in a deadly rage he plunged his sword into her breast.
Page 60 - Rather so fall the enemies of Scotland !" cried he: "from this hour Wallace has neither love nor resentment but for her. Heaven has heard me devote myself to work our country's freedom or to die. Who will follow me in so just a cause?
Page 55 - Halbert," cried he, and with a firm grasp of the sword he cut off a large handful of his hair. " Marion, thy blood hath marked it ! " exclaimed he ; " and every hair on my head shall be dyed of the same hue, before this sword is sheathed upon thy murderers. Here, Halbert...
Page 50 - ... bending over the waters of the glen, left him only a narrow shelf in the cliff, along which he crept till it brought him to the mouth of a cavern. He must either enter it or return the way he came, or attempt the descent of overhanging precipices, which nothing could surmount but the pinions of theif native birds.
Page 52 - ... struck him to the soul; a mist seemed passing over his eyes ; life was receding ; and gladly did he believe he felt his spirit on the eve of joining hers. In having declared that the idol of his master's heart no longer existed for him in this world, Halbert thought he had revealed the worst, and...

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