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The purpose throughout “Lights to Literature” readers is to furnish standard literature suited to pupils in the country and village schools as well as elementary schools in cities and towns. The years spent in these schools mark the transition period of the children in interest from the myth and fairy stories to subjects of chivalry, adventures, history and science and general literature. In these books are to be found, from the pens of the best authors, tales of chivalry, accounts of national heroes and events descriptive of nature and of inventions and a large number of selections from classic writers in prose and verse. Accompanying these are excellent portraits and biographical sketches of authors. These books light the way to literature,-the gateway to the world's knowledge.


The educational value of geography is so great that it is now regarded by educators as the most important after mathematics. Geography is no longer a mere description of the earth's surface,-it has come to be a study of the earth as adopted to the wants oi man.

A committee of fifteen was appointed in 1893 by the N. E. A. to investigate the studies in primary and grammar schools and in its report said: “The methods of teaching have been so simplified that it is now possible to lead out from the central idea to the physical explanation of the elements of geography.” The Rand, McNally geographies are based' on this report and they stand without a rival in merit. Such is the verdict wher merit is the test in the selection of books.


New text-books on grammar appear annually and this is the evidence of the difficulty which teachers experience in finding an ideal book-one adapted to the needs of the learner. Such a book must be a concise statement of the actual facts of modern Eng ish-brief, clear definitions of the laws of language and ample illustratious of these principles by examples that illustrate, chosen from the masters of English. Such books are Hall's two book course in Grammar-that is “Primary Grammar and Composition" and "English Grammar and Composition.” Here the essential parts of English as used by scholars of the present day are stated and defined clearly and concisely. In brief the text is practical, and only such should be put in the hands of chi d ren in the schools or our country.

For circulars and prices on the above books, as well as the New Century Readers, Arithmetics, Language Lessons, Copy Books, and School Library Books, address

Rand, McNally & Co.,

166 Adams Street, Chicago,

142 Fifth Avenue, New York.

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Virginia University

At Montgomery

offers thorough preparation in the branches which are to be pursued at the State University. Supplementary to this, instruction is given in such of the Common Branches, as come in the curriculums of secondary schools.

A teacher in Music has been appointed for the present year.

BOARDING with the instructors at the new dormitory costs $10.00 per calendar month.

Josiah KEELY, Prineipal,

Expenses very moderate. Total cost of a term of 13 weeks, $30 to $15. The school offers two coursesan Academic Course, that admits to the West Virginia University without examination, and a Normal Course that furnishes academic and professional training for teachers.

The school is pleasantly located, free from all those influences opposed to good work and dangerous to student life, new buildings furnished with modern improved furniture, large library, ample apparatus, scholarly and experienced faculty. If you want to go to school, if you are THINKING of attending school write the principal, West Liberty, W. Va., before you decide to go elsewhere.


Montgomery, W. Va.






Ohio Central Lines 3 Trains a day between Charleston 2 Trains a day between Charleston,

Department of Southern Normal University. Ablest Law Faculty in the South. LL. B. course one year. Diploma admits to Bar. One year graduate work for LL. M. degree. Most healthy locality in the South Good board and furnished room, $8 per month, Students from all parts of the Union. Least expensive high-grade Law School in the U, S. Enter at any time. Literary studies free to law students Résidence and correspondence courses. For further information address EDWIN MAXEY, D.C.L., LL.D., Dean,

Huntingdon, Tenn.

and Gallipolis.

Pomeroy, Middleport Athens,

Columbus and Toledo. The Direct and Through Route to the NORTE,



E. E. HEINER, Passenger Agent, Charleston, W. Va,

ILLINOIS, Chicago. 151 Throon Street.

The National University. University Extension and Non Resident Courses (including all Postgraduate) lead to the usual Col. lege degrees. Residence not required. Iustruction hy mail in any desired subject, including Journal. ism. Law, technical, commercial and preparatory subjects Established 14 years. Address,

F. W. HARKINS, Ph. D., Chancellor.

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