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I must admit, even though I am only going through chapter 2 at the moment I am disappointed. Chapter 1 is no way proves anything as far as a great divide between verse 1 and 2 goes. He has a theory that he tries to prove with some pretty flimsy reasoning, the main part (I'm not saying it's all, I'm just going to focus on this) being that God is perfect and His ways are perfect (which is true Amen), and therefore He could not have create an Earth in chaos or 'without form and void' (which is the translation from the greek, not chaos).
And there it ends, point proven, lets move onto the rest of the book with this now as a 'fact', but it's not. The fact that God is perfect and His ways are perfect does not mean that He cannot use a chaotic world without form and void to begin the process of creating the heavens and the earth from in six days! Maybe an earth without form and void is the perfect place to start His perfect process of creation from, just like a potter will use unformed clay to create his art (which God is continually compared to).
So to say 'God is perfect, His ways are perfect therefore He could only create a perfectly formed 100% completed world, anything else is against His nature' is not a compelling argument. Let's follow that thought process: 1. God is perfect, therefore everything He creates is perfect (which is the assumption here) 2. But, we have sin and suffering and horrible things in this world 3. Lets listen to what He said and realise that 'not everything is good (we can assume 'made good'), but everything works together for good for all who love Him and are called according to HIS PURPOSES 4. Maybe His PURPOSES are perfect and good, and so divine that even all the evil in the world cannot stop His perfect plan and nature from being fulfilled.
So maybe, it is His purposes, processes and results that are perfect. To say that a world created without form and void is 'imperfect' therefore He couldn't have done it shows serious short sightedness. Ok I am ranting, but I guess I'm disappointed, I was really looking forward to this book and now it seems everything is going to be based on this faulty reasoning. Oh well...

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