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TYES, AND OFFICES OF A FOREST, made uppon the statute called
Carta de foresta by one Traherne de Lincoln's Inn.'

The Statute of Charta de foresta is expressed and sett forth by a booke of lawe that is intituled and called by the name of Magna Charta. Ends (fol. 69, b):

il serra pr a pendus non obstante ascun clause ou sentence de cest Statute. Finis.

Manwood, in his treatise on Forest Laws (Lond. 1598), refers to the 'Reading of M. Traherne,' but he quotes probably from a MS. copy.



Dd. III. 40. A middle-sized folio, on paper, 24 leaves, legibly written in a running-hand of the middle of the xviith century.

Sir Henry Spelman's Treatise, de Sepultura (printed Lond.
Begins :

As it is a worke of the lawe of nature and of nations

And theise in many places desiringe monie rather than amendment doe for...

These words are in p. 31 of the printed edition, the MS. therefore wants 6 or 7 leaves. It varies a good deal verbally from the printed edition.



Dd. III. 41.
A folio, on paper, of 18 leaves, in an obscure and abbreviated
law-hand, watermark • hand and star.'

Twelve READIngs in law French, on various legal topics.

Cum quis petet tenementum versus alterum et implacitatus vocaverit ad warantum et

Ends :

il naura a ley action de dette ut per S. xxvi. H. VI. Finis.
The ragged edges of the paper have been carefully repaired.
At the beginning is 'Frowyk lector.'


Dd. III. 42. A folio, on paper, bound up with 130, and containing on 22 leaves,

STATUTA Collegu Jesu in Universitate Cantabrigiensi.

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The title is wanting, and also the Introduction which precedes the 37 Statutes in the copy printed in ‘Documents relating to the University and Colleges of Cambridge, go London, 1852, Vol. 11. pp. 94-123. The MS. however contains · Cap. 38. Collij Jesu statutum de numero et victu sociorum et Discipulorum per Visitatores Dnæ Reginæ Eliz.' and Cap. 39, which is a copy of a royal Letter from Charles I., dated Westininster, 22 December, 1635, ‘To our trusty and wellbeloved the Master and Fellowes of Jesus College at Cambridge.'

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A folio, on paper, containing about 110 pages, written apparently in the middle of the x virth century.


This MS. is stated to have supplied the text of the Edition given in ‘Statutes of the Colleges of Oxford, &c.' 8° London, 1853. Vol. 11. pp. 11– 136.

On 3 leaves before the final ‘Index omnium statutorum' is 'Index rerum omnium memorabilium, quæ statutis nostri Collegii continentur summa cum diligentia congestus. A. A. The short abstracts of the statutes in the margin are also preceded and followed by A.

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A small folio, on paper, 68 pages of writing, in good preservation.

A MISCELLANEOUS COLLECTION OF EXTRACTS from the public records, concerning the lands belonging to the Duchy of Lancaster in different counties.

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A quarto, partly on paper and partly on parchment, 102 leaves, about 35 lines in each page: damaged and disfigured here and there. It is written in v slovenly hand of the xvth century. Imperfect at the end.

ROMANCE OF Jason, in ENGLISH PROSE, At fol. 68, Medea instructs Jason ‘how to conquere the noble moton or ffleese off golde.' This tale of chivalry is said to have been embellished by

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Raoul le Feure, chaplain to the duke of Burgundy, who instituted the Order
of the Golden Fleece' in 1468. (See Warton, Engl. Poetry, 1. 140, ed. 1840).
An English translation was made by Caxton about 1485.
Begins (fol. 1):

Auncyentlye the kynges and prynces of hygh felycyte were attend-
aunts and awayted whan theyr seed...
Ends :

Wyth that medea began stronglye to weepe and syne (forthwith] kneeled doune on booth her knees with greete humylite toffor Jason requiryng and cryeing...

A few indistinct traces of ownership survive in the margin of fol. 35, 68, 92, the first of these being a fragment of a deed which bears the name William Wytynge......of the county of Norfolk.'

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A middle-sized folio, on paper, 232 leaves, fairly written in a running hand.


Solonque le purport, intent, et fine meaneing a Indenture & est.
The Reports are of the following terms: Mich. 4. Car. 1. Hil. 4. Car. 1.
Pas. 5. Car. 1. Trin. 5. Car. Mich. 5. Car. Hill. 5. Car. Trin. 6. Car.
Mich. 6. Car. Hil. 6. Car. Pasc. 7. Car. Trin. 7. Car.

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A small folio, on parchment, 256 leaves (the last two imperfect), double columns, about 40 lines in each, except f. 248 6 to end, where the page is not divided; date xvth century.

1. ff. 1–184. Liber de regimine principum editus a fratri
Egidio Romano ordinis fratrum heremitarum S. Augustini.'
Begins :

Ex regiâ ac sanctissimâ prosapiâ oriundo suo Domino...
Ends :

...promisit fidelibus, qui est benedictus in secula seculorum. Amen.

2. ff. 185–224. Francisci de Maronis, De virtutibus Moralibus.'



Auditu auris audivi te, nunc autem oculus meus videt te. Job. ult. quint vs. Ends:

non potuerunt crucifigerc dominum meum Jesum Christum, cui est honor in secula seculorum. Amen. Amen.


3. ff. 225—237. Questiones de virtutibus moralibus. By

· the same author. Begins :

Utrum principi terrenorum sit necessaria peritia literarum. Ends :

...sine resistendo, sine desistendo.

4. ff. 238–244. 'De modo quo Apostoli habuerunt dominia in communi cum aliis.' By the same author. Begins :

Utrum apostoli habuerunt dominia in communi.... Ends:

.non debet intelligi de apostolis sed de discipulis ut fine declarat. Immediately following this is the title:

'Hic incipit Franciscus de Maronis super unam decretalem que intitulatur de Trinitate et fide Catholica.' This treatise is not in the MS.

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5. ff. 245, 246. Quædam quæstio bene disputata.' Begins :

Utrum tendenti ad perfectionem necessaria sit abdicatio temporalium quæritur articulus 19... Ends :

... quia sic ad usum possessa non retinent ut iis de desiderio succumbant. Explicit quædam quæstio bene disputata ab memorato.

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6. ff. 246—256. Doctor subtilis [Joh. Duns Scotus] de perfectione Statuum:' imperfect. Begins :

Quod status Prelatorum videlicet pastorum ecclesie presupponat statum alium probatur sic... Ends :

... aliis indigere alimentis nec possibile est.... A perfect copy of this unpublished treatise exists in the Library of C. C. C. Cambridge, No. cvil. $ 8.


Dd. III. 48. A small irregular folio, of 232 leaves, in different hands, containing

VARIOUS LAW COLLECTIONS. After 7 leaves of Index, follow 34 leaves of a transcript of Judge Doddridge's work on Law, The Lawyer's Light. Then follow notes under various heads, of the xviith century, arranged, not alphabetically, and roughly written. A large part of the book is blank.

On the back of the last leaf is a letter written to a lady, signed R. T. son or daughter-in-law of Sir Thos. Myddleton.


Dd. III. 49. A small folio, on paper, written in the year 1594, damaged by damp.


There are many elevations of the coast, with the castles and other landmarks, and directions for sailing thereby. At the end are drawings of the Astrolabe and Mariner's Compass, with tables and directions for their use.


Dd. III. 50. A quarto, on parchment, 160 leaves, 25 lines in each page, written about the xirth century, imperfect.


1. ff. 1–132. Kiuaš sive Scala Paradisi. Begins (Grad. viii.):

περί αοργασίας και πραότητος

και εκ βοθύνου εις κρημνών πεσόντας. (p. 173. Ed. Ρar. 1633.) After ó péyas you uúorns éproev, f. 131 a (p. 457), follows a list of the steps,' then f. 131 6 (p. 458), avaßalvete kvapalvete. Ends:

εις αορίστους αιώνας. φώς. αμήν. νυνί δε μένει τα τρία ταύτα πίστις ελπίς αγάπη μείζων δε πάντων η αγάπη-τέλος των τριάκοντα βαθμών.

From old marks of paging, 44 leaves appear to have been lost at beginning; a leaf is also missing between 23 and 24, where there is a hiatus from πταίομαι εκδιδόναι πάλιν ου το επ' άλλης αμαρτίας γίνεσθαι. (Οpp. pp. 223, 224.)


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